Rs. 25000 Prize Bond List 2020 – Prize Bond Draw Result

Rs. 25000 Prize Bond List 2020 - Prize Bond Draw Result

Rs. 25000 Prize Bond List 2020

Check online and download latest Rs. 25000 prize bond list. Also, get latest information about 25000 Rs. Moreover, you can find out all the previous draw prize bond draw result of this prize bond and all other prize bond here. The prize bond 25000 has 1st prize of Rs. 50,000,000, 3 prizes each of 15,000,000 and 1696 prizes of Rs. 312,000. The customer can buy the prize bond from official website of National Savings. You can also purchase these prize bond from State Bank of Pakistan and get latest information from website of SBP. This prize draw four number of times in the year.

Upcoming 25000 Rs. Prize Bond Draw Schedule

  • 34th Draw of Rs. 25000 Prize Bond Held in Peshawar On 02-11-2020

The Govt of Pakistan has launched the prize bond scheme in 1960. The purpose of prize bonds is to get advantage of poor people in nation in Pakistan. The buy-able prize bond cannot waste your amount, because you can cash the prize bond at any bank or national saving bank and can get total amount of the bond. The customers who want to purchased and sell the prize bond can contact from any bank in Pakistan if the prize bond are available at there or visit any currency exchange shop in market. help you to get latest information about draw schedule, draw result list of previous and upcoming prize bond. You can also download all prize bond lists in pdf quickly. Whenever, the customer has need to find of complete Rs. 25000 Prize Bond List 2020 or any draw number, then they come at our website.

Prize Bond Pakistan

Several prize bonds are available such as Rs 100, Rs 200, Rs 750, Rs 1500, Rs 7500, Rs 15000, Rs 25000 and Rs 40000. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has taken to start the leadership to introduce the profitable and useful scheme for the poor people who want to start their own business to invest amount. The government of Pakistan has started the prize bond scheme for the people in several denominations. Those who have taken interest in lucky draw and think about that if they winner. They look like a rich man in family and friends.

The govt has use this amount of prize bond in national development in country and return to the public when they worth this prize. The people can get more information related to Rs. 25000 prize bonds on official website of national saving center or State Bank of Pakistan. Also, you can visit in Lahore SBP or National Savings.

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