10th Class Result 2024

BISE Punjab All Boards 10th Class Result Check Online

10th Class Result 2024 Check Online

BISE Punjab All Boards 10th Class Result Check Online by Roll Number

BoardBISE Punjab All Boards
ClassMatric/SSC Result
Exams Date1st to 17th April 2024
Result Date Expected31 July 2024
Result Declare Time10:00 AM
Result Type1st Annual

10th Class Annual Result Latest Updates: Matric 10th Class Result 2024 will be announced on July 31, 2024.

  • The 10th class result 2024 check by roll number, whenever released by authorities.
  • The Boards announces the 10th class result 2024 date officially.
  • The 10th class result 2024 Punjab board will be released on 31st July at 10:00 AM.
  • You can check Matric result 2024 on our website. Wishing you good luck.

The Punjab province houses nine distinct Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education, namely Faisalabad, Federal, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, and others. Each of these boards operates independently and is responsible for conducting the Matriculation and Intermediate examinations.

Check Online 10th Class Result

These responsibilities encompass the entire examination process, including scheduling, administration, and result declaration. As the academic year progresses, students and stakeholders can access essential information such as examination schedules, result announcements, and date sheets through the respective board websites. Presently, the 10th Class Result for the year 2024 is eagerly awaited, and students are particularly interested in knowing the precise date of its release in Pakistan. The BISE 10th Class Result 2024 is highly anticipated among students and educators alike.

The 10th class exams are scheduled to commence on April 1st, 2024, and will continue until April 17th, 2024. The date sheet has been provided to the students one month prior to the annual exams to facilitate their preparation. Students who are eagerly waiting for the 10th class result 2024 should note that it will be declared approximately 2-3 months after the conclusion of the exams. However, there is no official announcement of the result date yet. It is recommended that students keep visiting the relevant page to stay updated on the 10th class result 2024.

Punjab Board Result By SMS

To check results by SMS the following is the detail of the SMS codes for all Punjab boards of education:

Boards Of EducationSMS Codes
Lahore Board80029
Gujranwala Board800299
Rawalpindi Board800296
Sahiwal Board800292
Sargodha Board800290
Multan Board800293
Gera Ghazi Khan Board800295
Faisalabad Board800240
Bahawalpur Board800298
Federal Board5050

Choose your board to check online 10th Class Result 2024

Lahore BoardBISE Rawalpindi
BISE SargodhaBISE Sahiwal
BISE MultanBISE Gujranwala
BISE FaisalabadDG Khan Board
BISE Bahawalpur

Matric 10th Class Result 2024

It’s great news for students as the examinations for the 10th class result 2024 have begun. However, it’s also a bit frightening, especially for those who are fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. Students are under immense pressure to perform well in their exams while also observing the religious obligations of fasting. But don’t worry, with the right mindset and strategies, students can excel in their exams and achieve their desired results.

Here are some tips to help students prepare for their 10th class result 2024 during Ramadan:

  • Set a Study Schedule: Planning is the key to success. Students should set a study schedule that accommodates their fasting routine. Make sure to allocate enough time for each subject and stick to the schedule strictly.
  • Stay Hydrated: Hydration is essential during Ramadan, especially when studying for exams. Students should drink plenty of water and other fluids during non-fasting hours to avoid dehydration and exhaustion.
  • Optimize Your Nutrition: Students should ensure that their meals during iftar and suhoor are well-balanced and nutritious. Avoid eating too much fried and oily food and opt for healthy options like fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods.
  • Focus on Compulsory Subjects: As most of the compulsory subject papers will be conducted before the elective subjects, students should prioritize studying for them first. This will ensure that they are well-prepared for the exams that carry more weight.
  • Take Breaks: It’s important to take breaks during study sessions to avoid burnout and exhaustion. Students should take short breaks in between study sessions to refresh their minds and increase productivity.
  • Practice Past Papers: Practicing past papers is an effective way to prepare for exams. Students can familiarize themselves with the exam pattern and get an idea of the types of questions that may be asked.
  • Seek Help: Don’t hesitate to seek help from teachers, friends, or family members if you are facing difficulty in understanding a particular topic. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

With proper planning, hydration, nutrition, and the right mindset, students can excel in their exams and achieve their desired results. Remember, Ramadan is a month of blessings, and with faith and hard work, students can accomplish their academic goals while also observing their religious obligations.

They have done everything they can and now they commonly check the website to find the results. In the month of July, the result for the 10th class is announced every year.

10th Class Result 2024 Quick Facts

Result StatusPosition Holders are announced 1 day before the result Declaration by all educational Boards.
Commencement of ExamsPosition Holders are announced 1 day before the result Declaration by all educational Boards.
Total Number of Students270000+ 
Participating Boards9 Boards in Punjab, 4 from KPK, 1 from Balochistan, 1 from AJK 5 from Sindh.
Position HoldersPosition Holders announced 1 day before the result Declaration by all educational Boards.
Result AvailabilityPosition Holders are announced 1 day before the result Declaration by all educational Boards.
Official AuthorityOnline, via SMS, and sent to prospective students through institutions.
Weightage in Merit ListRespective Bise with which students have registered for SSC exams.

The typical process of the resulting cycle consists of:

  1. Date sheet announcement
  2. Roll number slips issuance for exam
  3. Written exams at designated centers
  4. Practical exams for science students
  5. Papers are then marked at Board by the teacher
  6. Each subject result compilation
  7. The finalization of result 2024 marks an addition to the result gazette
  8. 10th class online result announcement by BISEs

The board has released the date sheet for the 10th class exams and students will soon be appearing for their chosen subjects. The results for the 10th class exams in 2024 will include the marks obtained by students in both compulsory and elective subjects, as well as in practical exams. It is essential for students to perform well in all these components in order to qualify for the 10th class result in 2024. Therefore, it is crucial that students prepare thoroughly for all their subjects, including practical exams, to achieve their desired results.

The students would like to know the exact announcement date. On the same date, almost all provincial boards announce the results. If the result declaration process doesn’t change most of the time, the result will be announced at the same time.

In this meeting that all educational boards of Punjab would announce the 10th result on the same date.

The practical qualifications of the students will be given under the intelligence program on the basis of their overall subjects. Tenth-year pupils throughout Punjab hope that they will have justice with regard to their practical aspects.

The candidates are expected for the 10th class result, as soon as BISE boards officially release the results. For ten students from all the BISE Boards in Pakistan, we have organized an online gazette. In order to get an easy access markup, the students would need to enter their roll number.

Punjab Board Result By Roll Number

As a student, you may recall that your roll number is more significant than your name during the entire examination process. Your roll number serves as your identity and must be written on all your answer sheets. Therefore, it is logical that you would check your 10th class result using your roll number. Students can check the Punjab board 10th class result by entering their roll number on the official website. This process ensures that students can quickly and easily access their results and avoid any confusion regarding their identity.

Punjab Board Matric 1st Annual Result 2024

We are well aware that students have been quite anxious about their matric results, but now is essential to evaluate your 10th-class results.

The results will usually be declared by boards of education in Pakistan in July but in September this year. We are very hopeful that, due to the new education reforms in schools of Pakistan by the Tehreek and Insaf governments, the pass rate will be considerably higher than in the past year.

All major tv channels and news websites in Pakistan have listed students with positions on various 10th-class BISE boards. We have also uploaded a list of all results positions that can be easily found by students.

Punjab Boards Matric Class Position Holders 2024

Before the final announcement of the 10th class result, all education boards will reveal the names of the position holders. The complete list of position holders will be published on various platforms, including our website. To honor the achievement of the position holders, educational boards arrange a special ceremony. In 2024, individual boards of education will also celebrate the success of their position holders. Students who secure the top positions are a source of pride for their nation. We extend our best wishes to all students and encourage them to strive for excellence in the 10th class result 2024.

Subject Groups & Marking Scheme

Students may decide on science, science, or computer science groups during their matric exams. Total marks for matric examinations are 1100 in all these disciplines. The matriculation tests in part 1 and part 2 are divided between all boards of middle and high school.

The examinations in part 1 or 9 of the class aim to achieve a total of 550 marks and a maximum of 595 marks for the 10th class. For students of science groups, below is a quick summary of the results of the 10th class.

SubjectMax Marks in 10th Class
Islamiyat Compulsory50
Biology / Computer Science60 + 30  /50 + 50

10th Class Result 2024 Announced Date

10th Result 2024 for all Punjab boards will be declared on 31 July 2024 at 10:10 AM.

On July 31, 2024, the results for the Matric are announced. The results will be received for the candidates who have appeared on the Board of BISE Lahore, the Gujranwala Board, the Multan Board, the Faisalabad Board, the Sargodha Board, the Rawalpindi Board, the Dera Ghazi Khan Board, and the Federal Council. In the month of July, the results of the matriculation are announced each year by the Karachi Board, Hyderabad Board, Mirpurkhas Board, and Larkana Board.

All Boards 10th Class Result 2024

Quickly just after the official statement of results of class 10 in 2024, the acceptance rate for intermediate classes will begin. Regular and private candidates shall be sent a week’s time to their addresses with written mark sheets of matriculation results.

BISE Boards can register any complaints about errors or check mistakes following the results. Some of Pakistan’s BISE Boards have even provided an option for registering a complaint to check matriculation documents online.

Class 10 Result 2024

On 311st July 2024, all Punjab Intermediate and Secondary Boards will be advised of the SSC Part 2 Result 2024. ( BISE Lahore, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Multan, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Sargodha, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Bahawalpur, BISE DG Khan, BISE Sahiwal)

The outcome will also be announced in July 2024 by Sindh Educational Boards’ 10th class (like Bise Karachi, Sukkur, Hyderabad, Larkana, and Mirpurkhas).

Bise Quetta, Bise Azad Kashmir & Bise Federal’s 10th class results are different so they are updated when they are announced.

You will be able to check class 10 results on a roll no, 10th result by father name, and 10th results, 2024 by school code. If you browse our website on the 10th result day, go to first and fill in the details.

10 Class Result 2024

As we tried to tell you fairly earlier, in the bise Punjab boards, our sources have confirmed that the date of 10 class 2024, 31st July has been set, that your 10th class results can be viewed, printed, and downloaded.

When you visit our website prior to the official 10th class announcement, you do not need to worry, the other results will be published on the Bise board’s official website to check the results on this website.

Therefore, the Pakistan Education Minister directs all BISE Boards to conduct fair and transparent reviews and results systems. The results of the enrolment will play a decisive role in the building of a future student. In June, matriculation reviews occur in all of Pakistan, and nearly two and a half months are required for the BISE Boards to carefully prepare the results.

The results of the SSC judge shall conclude the performance and development made each year by the BISE Boards in their areas of competence and shall be fully responsible on the basis of the results. Additional changes are made to ensure better results in the next year.

Also visit our site every day, because our website is full of students who are seeking their results once the announcement is made, and we want you to get the 10th outcome before anyone else.

Matric 1st Annual Result 2024

Please be aware that teachers preparing the matriculation result for 2024 first take the student enrollment examinations in May in a very difficult three-shift period.

The papers are then sent to the result control staff who check first and then check the exams for any mistakes that may result in the student’s outcome, which will be uploaded on the website of the board in September.

We will also leave special links on this page for educational boards so that students can easily check their registration results.

The 10th class results are generally better than the 9th because students tend to be very nervous in 9th grade since board training is a very new thing for them, and students have been used to examine their teachers, while foreign students in matrics conduct and inspect tests, so for a nine student, this is very new.

Check Online 10th Class Result 2024

We have known a few students who have achieved good marks in grades 9 but have been very good at the matriculation exams because of unknown pressure from the teacher and they are now preparing under the secondary school board rules and models.

Every matric student gives his best in education because the result of part 2 of the SSC shapes his future, and the school in which he/she is admitted decides.

If he or she receives good marks they can qualify for a bursary which provides great relief for the parents, so class ten exams are seen as one of the most essential tests in the life of the student.

If the subject numbers don’t live up to their expectations but could do that after the official announcement and the secondary board charges a fee for re-checking its 10th-grade documents, students who are confident about their preparations can always file for a re-check. No guarantee exists whether their 10th-grade numbers will be raised.

Class 10th Result 2024 Check Online

In every province, there are multiple councils. BISE Bahawalpur, BISE DG Khan, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Lahore, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Sahiwal, and BISE Lahore are all members of the Province of Punjab.

The province of Sindh has the Karachi Board of Trust, Hyderabad Board of Trust, Mirpur Khas Board of Trustees, and Sukkur Board of Trustees.

KPK Province has the Board of Abbottabad, Bannu Council, Peshawar Council, and Swat Board. And there is a single Board, the Quetta Board, in the province of Baluchistan. BISE Islamabad and BISE Gilgit Baltistan are the boards for Islamabad.

All of the boards of all provinces start their examinations in accordance with their rules and paper patterns. Their conductance of the exam is therefore also distinct from the statement of results.

Do not worry about the students’ findings. Now it’s time to pray as they did with examinations, so it’s time to pray now. Students must remain calm and participate in some short courses after exercises to improve their skills.

Continue to visit this website for other updates to get an alert to the results. We wish the students everything they could possibly do for the best and best future.

The boards of Punjab and other provinces are essentially responsible for the affiliation of schools and colleges, for managing annual examinations of different levels, the registration of candidates, for issuing roll-cover flights on applicants, for trying to manage exam halls for examinations, and for reporting on results following examinations.

Matric Result 2024

The process of preparing the results began when the testing process was completed. Usually, after the three-month examinations, the results have been declared. Most of the Punjab boards conduct tests and report on the results simultaneously.

In a fair and unambiguous environment for improving youth and for advancing the country, nine exceptional panel boards for Punjab are responsible for conducting examinations of different levels, including 9th, 10th, Inter Part I, and II.

All the councils in four provinces work towards improving the country’s literacy rate. In addition, boards work efficiently so that students can fulfill their dreams from the best sources.

The 10th class tests are carried out and results are communicated simultaneously by all Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Balochistan educational boards. In four provinces, educational boards are responsible for conducting the examinations of those students that are inscribed on these boards.

However, the date for conducting such tests is announced one month prior to starting the tests is generally 10th class exams of all boards in Punjab and other provinces. After three months, the results are usually declared mainly in July.

Registration of children is very important for taking part in examinations. Nobody can be included in the board tests without registration.

For SSC part 2 we publish results but for SSC part 1 and intermediate-grade 11 and 12, which can be viewed via our website.

BISEs Boards Result 2024 for Class 10th

The result of this class is a moment that changes my life. 10th class marks have a weight of 50 percent for the total matric outcome. That is why they value students significantly.

Not only this but the results of the 10th class also contain practical documents for the 9th and 10th categories.

In this respect, students assume that in the 10th year, they receive more marks comparatively. It is also the class, at each level of the academic career, to get more attention.

Class 10 admission begins with a single fee payment in November. When someone is late he may be admitted to his/her desired BISE by paying the double-entry fee for late entry within the given time limit.

The date sheet for the examination is shown online at the beginning of June at times. The examinations will be started in June afterward. However, until May, practical tests are carried out.

Class 10 Result

Well after long exams, students are released from the intermediate and secondary education boards and wait for results. There is consequently a failure of students who cannot pass their tests. These students should struggle to prepare better.

You can take additional examinations. These tests are conducted following the announcement of the results. The resulting certificate mentions examinations for the students who cleared their 10th grade in compartment tests, instead of annual exams.

All the BISE boards of Pakistan hold a ceremony at their headquarters each year after the announcement of registration results for their deserving candidates and position holders to appreciate and reward them.

Tenth Result 2024 Announce Date

Many bursaries and exemptions from fees are offered to highly qualified students. The BISE Boards have been designed to ensure that standardized education quality is achieved and to monitor secondary and middle school students scrutinized.

These replacement branches of the education ministry in Pakistan ensure that reviews and results are conducted as required and that Pakistan’s education system develops and improves year after year.

The result of the yearly matriculation shows Pakistan’s highly talented young people and intellectuals. Many students in all of Pakistan achieve high levels of enrollment that make admissions to the middle classes more than worthwhile.

Result of 10th Class

Every ten-class annual examination, conducted under Punjab boards and other boards, brought thousands of candidates.

All Punjab boards, including the Lahore Board, Sahiwal Board, and Gujranwala Board are normally examined in the month of June, including the Multan Board, Bahawalpur Board, DG Khan, Rawalpindi Board, and Faisalabad Board.

The date sheet for exams, however, was mainly announced at the start of June some days ago examinations began.

The exams began, the results were prepared and the results were mainly declared in the last of July. Soon after the results were stated, the award ceremony was also organized for the deserving students.

As each year, many applicants were invited to the annual matric examinations conducted by all educational boards this year in the month of June.

SSC Result 2024

The students now waiting for their results in an annual matric examination in 2024. For those students here is good news their 10th class result in 2024 is to be announced soon. There is, however, no confirmation of the results reporting date, but the results are expected to be stated at the beginning of July.

The results of registration are an enormous amount in a student’s educational career. Students waiting for the 2024 results will receive their results right after the official BISE Board announcement.

The best thing about 10th-grade results we have seen in recent years is that the Matrix 1 results are usually announced almost in time on all boards involved without delays or lack of access to the servers.

There are 9 medium and high school boards in Punjab and other provinces have their own boards for the result in the 10th class.

Pakoption is proud to be part of the announcement and as soon as it is stated by the respective board, we will immediately make the tenth results available. We believe that it is time to reward students for whom they have tried incredibly hard for years.

The 10th-grade students have largely decided on their plans. They chose their future objectives, either medicine or engineering. They choose their future goals. Either business or journalism they want to go.

You’ve set your objectives. They select topics in the 10th class on this basis. In their course, they choose science, arts, sciences, biology, or computer.

10 Class Result 2024

Once a confirmation date for the statement of results is announced by the school boards, we will update it here. Students can check their results on their respective board’s official websites.

Shortly after the announcement, we also present 10th Class Result 2024 on our pakoption website. We wish all students every success and recommend that they remain in contact with us for details regarding their results.

For the 10th class result, 2024 updates keep in touch with pakoption.org. On the corresponding result pages, the 10th class result 2024 can be seen.

10th Class Results 2024: General Guidelines

Congratulations on receiving your 10th class result of 2024! Whether your marks exceeded your expectations or were lower than anticipated, it can be a challenging situation to navigate. It’s important to remember that you are not alone, and there are many students in similar situations.

If you received better marks, then it’s time to celebrate your hard work and dedication. Keep up the good work and continue striving for excellence in your academic and personal pursuits.

If you received lower marks than expected, don’t worry. Take some time to let the situation settle down and then think about your options. There are many paths to success, and your 10th class result is just one step in your academic journey. You can explore other options such as vocational training or alternative educational paths. It’s important to stay positive and not let this setback discourage you.

Remember, this is just the beginning of your academic journey, and many opportunities are waiting for you in the future. Keep a positive attitude, work hard, and you will achieve your goals. Good luck in your future endeavors, and may you find success in all your endeavors!

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is the result date of the 10th class of 2024?

The official date for the 10th class result 2024 has not been announced yet. However, it is expected to be declared approximately 2-3 months after the conclusion of the exams, which are scheduled to be held from April 1st to April 17th, 2024. Students are advised to keep visiting the relevant page to stay updated on the announcement of the result date.

What is the exam date of the 10th class for 2024?

The 10th class exams for the year 2024 are scheduled to commence on April 1st, 2024, and will continue until April 17th, 2024. Students are advised to prepare well and utilize this time to improve their understanding of the subjects to perform their best in the exams.

How can I check my result via SMS?

Checking your 10th class result via SMS is a quick and convenient way for students to obtain their results. The process is straightforward; students need to send an SMS to the specified code and receive their results within seconds. Detailed instructions for checking the result via SMS can be found on the official website of the relevant educational board. Typically, students are required to send an SMS in a specific format that includes their roll number, board code, and other relevant details. Upon successful submission, students will receive their results via SMS. It is important to note that standard SMS charges may apply, so students should ensure that they have sufficient balance in their mobile phones before attempting to check their results via SMS.

How can I check my 10th class result by name?

  1. To check your 10th class result by name, you need to follow the steps below:
  2. Visit the official website of the education board that conducted the 10th class exam.
  3. Look for the “Results” or “Result Check” option on the homepage of the website and click on it.
  4. On the result page, select the option for checking results by name.
  5. Enter your name and other required details like roll number, date of birth, etc. in the given fields.
  6. Click on the “Submit” button to view your result.
  7. Your 10th class result will be displayed on the screen. You can also take a printout of the result for future reference.

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