4 Great and Simple Ways to Keep Your Work Hydrated

Brilliant and Affordable Ways To Stay Hydrated At Work

We’re sure you’ve noticed how important water is for your body’s operations and that you should drink it frequently throughout the day. But how do you make this work?

How often do you drink the recommended half a liter of water every day? Once you’re at work, how frequently do you change your cup of coffee with an 8-ounce glass of water? According to the same study, dehydration is a serious enemy of office productivity, since being just 3-4 percent dehydrated can reduce overall productivity by 25-25 percent.

And indications are you’ve traveled down the rabbit hole yourself, desperately trying to cure your unproductive state with a cup of coffee that dehydrates you even more, and things only get worse from there. The less water you drink, the more you lose your mental ability to think clearly at work, as well as your physical performance.

It’s the soul that staying hydrated is important. It’s also become a part of meme culture, with thousands of relevant content all about pushing people to drink more water, which is actually really nice.

1. Feel the necessity to do it

Now is the time to commit if you insist on making a change. And, despite the fact that we’ve all heard that it only takes 28 days to become a habit — it seems so uncomplicated, but we all fail horribly. Tracking the intended behavior in a way that sees your progress is one strategy to creating new habits, such as drinking the recommended volume of moisture every day.

For example, if you can use our Don’t Break the Chain concept and cross out every day you meet your daily water intake goal, you’ll be more likely to keep up your hot streak.

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2. With a smart water bottle, anyone would take it to the next level

What if the app was… related to the bottle? Consider investing in a smart water bottle like DrinKup if you enjoy gadgets and structure to improve solutions. drink itself and the app are both beautiful in form and function, and can automatically track your daily water intake in real-time so you don’t have to.

What would be more, it’ll alert you if you need a drink by vibrating and lighting up the smart LED lid, or by sending a notification straight to your phone. The future has arrived, and it wishes for you to be immediate and delayed.

3. Keep track of what water you consume

Staying Hydrated with a Water Tracking App

We all question the logic of basing our decisions on pure guesses when it comes to taking care of ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to our everyday energy consumption. Although a nice glass of juice may quench your thirst, only a little portion of it adds to your daily water need.

Need an app like My Water Balance to measure what you’ve been drinking and determine the percentage of your water target that you’ve met. You’ll get closer to staying hydrated all day with ample data and friendly reminders, and also a little fun gamification.

4. Purchase a bottle of wate

One of the main reasons we forget to drink enough water throughout the day is the inconvenience of going to the water cooler, filled up the cup, drinking it, and repeat this process eight times (what a waste of time, right?!). While attaching a big fluid bag with a straw may be the most efficient approach, it may not be the wisest.

Simply keeping a gallon jug or a large carafe at your desk, or – even better – a stylish reusable water bottle that you can carry throughout, is an equally effective and less embarrassing answer. Plus, with so many options ranging from simple BPA-free plastic to sleek glass and bamboo design, a reusable water bottle can be evolved into not only a simple reminder to remain hydrated, but also a fashion statement.

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