Amazon Alexa Like a Smart Clock is Unveiled by Lenovo

Some smart items, in particular all-round wearable devices, including Google Home Mini and Amazon’s Alexa, can also be used as fully customizable alarm clock.

Lenovo Smart Clock

Even so, Lenovo recently launched its Smart Clock Essential aimed at providing users with a fully-functional mechanical device solely to protect their timeline under control.

It really does, even so, have some made an enormous contribution. The side table specified frequency speech recognition with microphones. There are four buttons and one play / pause button. It can also be turned on or off via voice recognition with a light coming on its back being used as bedside lamp.

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It’s between an analogue clock and a clever speaker, the intelligent watch. It is equipped with a simple LED display in black and white, to display the current weather conditions, time, day and alarms. The display adjusts its light automatically depending on the light levels of the room, such as Smartphone displays. Therefore, if you wake up midnight to tell the weather, it’s not blinding. Since Lenovo wishes to maintain the simplicity of a clock alarm, there is no touchscreen available and no photos or videos are displayed.

Almost all of the smart speaker’s features and functionality include multiple alarms, playing songs, checking the weather conditions via voice commands, etc. However, the quality of the speaker is not great so that you may not like the sound.

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