Best Children’s Websites for Teaching Responsibility and Life Skills

Allowing your children to surf the internet on their own is akin to dumping them into the Wild West and expecting them to survive. If children visit incorrect websites, the internet can be a harmful place for them.

We all want to keep our children safe, so understanding which websites are appropriate for them is crucial. Websites that educate our children on life skills and responsibilities are also something we want as parents.

There are several fantastic websites for kids that will keep your youngster entertained while also teaching them something new. The best 15 websites for teaching kids life skills and responsibility are listed below.

Common Sense Media, a non-profit organization whose mission is to “empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all children’s lives,” has vetted and approved all of the sites.

Always keep an eye on your kids when they’re on the internet. When your child utilizes any of the websites listed below, parental guidance for age appropriateness is encouraged. What is appropriate for an eight-year-old is not always suitable for a four-year-old.

These 15 websites will keep your kids occupied, interested, and learning new skills. The majority of them are designed to interest kids of all ages, so look for content that is appropriate for your child’s age and ability level on each site.

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1. PBS Kids

This website has a variety of games, educational exercises, and films that will appeal to both children and adults.

Children can participate in activities and watch videos that teach them about citizenship, diverse cultures, geography, global awareness, hypothesis testing, exploring, self-reflection, personal growth, empathy, respect for others, labeling feelings, and more.

The Webonauts Internet Academy, for example, teaches children how to stay safe online, while Wild Kratts teaches children about various environments across the world.

2. Curious World

This website is designed for children aged 2 to 7. Curious George is the main character who takes children on an educational journey. If your youngster likes books or cartoons, you should take a look at this site.

This website covers eight essential areas of learning, including arithmetic, reading, and science. With games and age-appropriate online exercises, this website makes learning entertaining. It also contains hands-on activities for parents and their children to complete together.

Parents can interact with their children to learn vital life skills by participating in activities such as crafting, cooking, and art projects with thorough instructions.

3. News-O-Matic

This is a children’s news website. In a website designed for children, the content helps them learn about the world and its events.

Every day, new articles on a variety of issues and topics are published in the daily editions. The pieces are crafted in such a way that they will capture the attention of a young reader. Even the most hesitant readers will find this site entertaining.

If you enjoy reading the news and keeping up with current events, you may instill this interest in your children by introducing them to the News-O-Matic website.

Some of the skills that kids can learn while utilizing this site include reading comprehension, increased vocabulary, geography recognition, critical thinking, perspective-taking, reasoning, and cultural awareness.

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4. National Geographic Kids

Animals, space, the natural world, dinosaurs, insects, and other topics are covered on the National Geographic Kids website. They engage children in learning about our natural environment through games, films, and internet activities.

The online activities reinforce important skills such as reasoning, memory, information application, inquiry, problem-solving, and imagination.

There is a lot of free stuff on our website that you may access even if you aren’t a paid subscriber.

5. ABC Mouse

This website is designed for kids ages 2 to 7. This is a learning website that covers reading, math, social studies, science, health, writing, art, and music, among other things.

Following directions, letter recognition, word recognition, phonics, reading comprehension, speaking, memorizing, solving puzzles, measurement, goal attainment, rhythm, and more are some of the abilities taught on this site through website activities.

This website advertises that it has an extensive curriculum with over 8,500 learning exercises. It’s a fantastic resource for preschoolers getting ready for kindergarten.

Beyond kindergarten, there are classes and activities that are more advanced.

This is software that requires a subscription. Because of its broad character and outstanding curriculum, it has received numerous honors.

6. FunBrain

This educational website offers a lot of free content, so your child can participate in hundreds of activities without having to pay anything.

There are games and activities that children can participate in while learning at the same time.
While playing on this website, kids will employ problem-solving, puzzle-solving, reading, vocabulary, math, and reasoning skills.

This site is unique in that it has online copies of popular children’s novels, such as the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series.

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7. Nourish Interactive

This website is dedicated to children’s nutrition. It is a completely free website. On this site, children may learn about nutrition through games, printable activities, recipes, and tools.

The site’s purpose is to help youngsters learn to make good eating choices at a young age so that they can carry this ability with them for the rest of their lives. Cooking is also taught on the site, with many healthy recipes available for free. 

8. Arthur Family Health

Arthur is a favorite cartoon character on PBS. The Arthur Family Health website is for kids to learn about resilience, fitness, peanut allergies, asthma, and more.

Health is not an easy topic to address with children, but this website does a great job by utilizing games, videos, and activities that are age-appropriate and fun.

9. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger, a popular PBS cartoon character, is featured on this page. Younger children will enjoy the games, activities, and videos on this website.

This website teaches skills such as how to express emotions effectively, how to eat healthily, how to make friends, how to brush one’s teeth, how to deal with disappointment, and how to potty train.

There are narrated stories for children to listen to, simple games to do, videos to watch, and songs to sing to keep younger children entertained.

It’s a fun website for younger children, and the topics offer important life lessons! This is a completely free website.

10. BrainPop

This website is designed for kids in fourth grade and up. It is a subscription-based website. On this site, however, some games and videos are offered for free.

This website provides academic assistance to children. On the site, there are also life skills and lessons addressed. Even the most delicate and difficult issues, such as war, terrorism, sexual development, and alcoholism, are addressed.

According to site users, this website is beneficial for children from elementary school to high school.

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11. Arcademic Skill Builder

This website is designed to assist young pupils in learning arithmetic, language arts, English, and critical thinking. This website is chock-full of games and activities to keep kids occupied as they study.

Math concepts such as addition, subtraction, counting, division, fractions, money, multiplication, ratios, and shapes are heavily emphasized on this website.

If your youngster is having trouble with math, this site can be really beneficial. Many of the games and activities are available for no cost.

12. Cyberchase

Cyberchase is a PBS show that inspired this website. It is aimed at children who are able to read or who are learning to read. It aids in the development of critical thinking and reading skills in children. 

The site is chock-full of free games, films, and activities that keep kids occupied as they learn.

Some of the games encourage children to consider real-life scenarios in order to improve their problem-solving abilities. Another skill that is used on this site is brainstorming. It is a completely free website. 

13. Fact Monster

This website was developed in collaboration with educational experts. It’s a terrific site for kids who need help with their homework. On this site, they can access facts on a variety of topics as well as a dictionary and atlas.

The material is more than just information and browsing. On the site, there are games and activities to keep kids entertained while they study. It’s worth noting that the site has over 30,000 short bios!

This service is a game-changer when it comes to doing homework at home. Problem-solving, thinking, reasoning, and self-direction are some of the abilities that children use on this site.

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14. Maggie’s Earth Adventures

This website encourages children to think about the planet and its diverse ecosystems. It’s a free website that teaches children about the environment. 

In short videos, real-life scenarios are shown. The youngsters then play games on animals, the environment, recycling, and injustice. 

Cultural awareness, global awareness, reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, exploration, prediction, and critical thinking are some of the abilities they can learn on this site.

15. PBS Lab

PBS Lab is supported by a US Department of Education grant. This award asks them to investigate the games and their usefulness in assisting children in the acquisition of real-world skills. As a result, children can study while having fun on a website. 

This website teaches students the abilities they’ll need to succeed in school. The website is appropriate for children aged three and up.

Math, reading, spelling, word identification, measuring, and pattern recognition are just a few of the abilities that children acquire on this site. This website is completely free!

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