Do You Want To Raise Good Children? Here are 5 films that will assist you

Choosing a film to take your children to see can be difficult. The sheer number of blockbuster movies, cartoons, and animations available can make any parent question which is the best film to watch with their children.

Because children are susceptible, exposing them to negative lessons may result in them developing poor behaviors at a young age.

Do you think that’s a stretch? It has been scientifically shown that what youngsters watch, particularly films and television, has a significant impact on their minds.

“Stories work so well to persuade us because, if they’re well-told, we get swept up in them, and we’re transported within them,” Dr. Jeremy Dean said in an essay about the power of persuasion.

This can have both positive and bad effects. Children will be more open to learning, grasping, and making positive connections if parents can be strategic in what movies they choose for their children and then use the impressionable window of time after the film has concluded to discuss the plot line and valuable character attributes.

With that in mind, here are five films that will assist you in teaching essential life lessons to children.

1. Frozen (2013)

Frozen tells the narrative of Anna, a fearless optimist who embarks on an epic adventure to discover Anna’s sister alongside rough mountain man Kristoff and his devoted reindeer Sven.

Characters face Everest-like circumstances, mysterious trolls, and a humorous snowman named Olaf in this kid-friendly comedy. 

Rather than the typical “guy rescues the day” film, this is a great narrative of sibling love. It emphasizes the value of strong family relationships, as well as the importance of strong character, attributes like kindness, love, and self-worth. 

2. Brave (2012)

Princess Merida is engaged to a prince, but she has no desire to be a “princess.” Instead, she wants to be free, to climb her favorite mountain, and to practice her archery.

She tries to run away and be “herself,” and she learns some valuable lessons in the process. 
This is the narrative of a young woman who is determined to forge her own path in life and defy the stereotype of the princess.

Her disobedience of tradition necessitates her using her bravery and archery skills to overcome a terrible curse. This film is a fantastic example for both males and girls, demonstrating self-love, boldness, and grit. 

3. Charlotte’s Webb (2006)

A pig named Wilbur and a spider named Charlotte form an unusual friendship in this video. Wilbur’s life is threatened, and Charlotte assists in devising a strategy to save him.

This film provides a complex example of friendship and self-love, with the characters demonstrating a strong feeling of kindness, self-worth, and love from which youngsters can learn.

4. Moana (2016)

This cartoon portrays the narrative of Moana Waialiki, based on Polynesian mythology. Moana Island, the daughter of a sea chief and adept navigator, has failed crops and local fishermen are no longer able to capture seafood.

She discovers that the goddess Te Fiti’s heart was stolen by the demigod Maui and that the only way to repair the island is to persuade Maui to return Te Fiti’s heart. After that, Moana embarks on an epic trip across the Pacific.

This is a story of a girl who defies all odds and discovers herself in the process. It instills in children the necessity of knowing their own individuality as well as the benefits of perseverance.

This is particularly beneficial for female empowerment, as well as courage, curiosity, and sticking to one’s goals.

5. Finding Nemo (2003)

Despite his father, Marlin’s warnings about the dangers of the water, Nemo, a clownfish, goes missing one day. Nemo is then kidnapped by a boat and caught in a net before being delivered to a Sydney office fish tank.

Marlin begins his search for Nemo, encountering a variety of characters along the way, including Dory, a forgetful blue tang fish. In their pursuit of Nemo, the two travel a long distance, experiencing frightening conditions.

Meanwhile, Nemo and the other trapped sea critters in the fish tank devise a plan to return to Sydney Harbour and resume their lives as free individuals.

This is a story about survival, but it is ultimately about love. The characters set an excellent example of endurance, compassion, and bravery, teaching children the value of love and the importance of never giving up.

So, the next time you sit down with your kids to watch a movie, pick one that teaches them a valuable life lesson.

Use this time to have a discussion with the kids about what they’ve been viewing and how they can apply it to their own lives. It is possible to make watching movies both entertaining and educative!

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