Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 (January to December)

Schedule 2021

Find out Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 complete detail of 100 Rs., 200 Rs., 750 Rs., 1,500 Rs., 7,500 Rs., 15,000 Rs., 25000 Rs.,  and 40,000 Rs. and each prize bond list can be check online at official website of National Saving or at here. You can see winning amount of this prize bond and all selling points. Also, You can check all the previous prize bond lists draw and latest draw results. Moreover, you can download these lists in pdf format.

Updated Prize Bond Draw Schedule with Day, Date & City

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021

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Prize BondDraw No.DateDayCity
Rs.15000/-8102 January, 2020ThursdayQuetta
Rs.750/-8115 January, 2020WednesdayKarachi
Rs.7500/-8103 February, 2020MondayHyderabad
Rs.25000/-3203 February, 2020MondayFaisalabad
Rs.1500/-8117 February, 2020MondayRawalpindi
Rs.100/-2917 February, 2020MondayPeshawar
Rs.40000/-1210 March, 2020TuesdayMultan
Rs.200/-8116 March, 2020MondayMuzaffarabad
Rs.15000/-8201 April, 2020WednesdayFaisalabad
Rs.750/-8215 April, 2020WednesdayHyderabad
Rs.7500/-8204 May, 2020MondayPeshawar
Rs.25000/-3304 May, 2020MondayRawalpindi
Rs.1500/-8215 May, 2020FridayMuzaffarabad
Rs.100/-3015 May, 2020FridayLahore
Rs.40000/-1301 June, 2020MondayKarachi
Rs.200/-8215 June, 2020MondayQuetta
Rs.15000/-8302 July, 2020ThursdayHyderabad
Rs.750/-8315 July, 2020WednesdayMuzaffarabad
Rs.7500/-8303 August, 2020MondayFaisalabad
Rs.25000/-3403 August, 2020MondayLahore
Rs.1500/-8317 August, 2020MondayMultan
Rs.100/-3117 August, 2020MondayQuetta
Rs.40000/-1410 September, 2020ThursdayRawalpindi
Rs.200/-8315 September, 2020TuesdayPeshawar
Rs.15000/-8401 October, 2020ThursdayMultan
Rs.750/-8415 October, 2020ThursdayLahore
Rs.7500/-8402 November, 2020MondayKarachi
Rs.25000/-3502 November, 2020MondayPeshawar
Rs.1500/-8416 November, 2020MondayQuetta
Rs.100/-3216 November, 2020MondayFaisalabad
Rs.40000/-1510 December, 2020ThursdayHyderabad
Rs.200/-8415 December, 2020TuesdayPeshawar

About Prize Bond of Pakistan

Pakistan Prize Bond .Com offered by National Savings Center is a reliable and authoritative origin of report regarded to Prize Bond lottery scheme. There is well-founded source for the investments whose requirement is expanding day by day just like Pakistan Savings Certificates.

Pakistan Prize Bond .Com by National Savings Center is gold investment. These are bearer kind of insurance available in the denominations of 100 Rs., 200 Rs., 750 Rs., 1,500 Rs., 7,500 Rs., 15,000 Rs., 25000 Rs.,  and 40,000 Rs. These Prize Bond are issued in series in which each series consist one less than 1,000,000 bonds. 

National Savings Center

The National Savings Center provide scheme not only investment of the amount but also conducted and can win the rewards of Prize Bond .Com. In the private schemes, people have the fear to invest their amount. They fear that there may lose. Thus they do not take interest in such schemes. They avoid to invest their amounts in such schemes. Therefore, they by Prize Bond and can draw. There amount cannot waste by buying prize bond.

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