How to Enable, Configure & Disable Push to Talk in Discord for PC & Mobile [Step by Step Full Guide]

In this article, we will discuss about:

  1. What is Discord?
  2. How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord?
  3. How to Configure Push to Talk in Discord?
  4. How to Disable Push to Talk in Discord?
  5. How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord for smartphone?

Let’s start!

Do not know who uses the Discord push-to-talk function because the professional gamers’ application invented by VOIP to communicate seamlessly throughout the game. I have a Discord server and I communicate frequently with the members of my team. Discord makes seamless voice calls with high quality without problems. I must say.

What is Discord?

Discord rapidly grew into one of the world’s most frequented chat services. The VOIP service emphasizes gaming and has been built on many Slack principles. While the group chat is super easy, you can do more advanced things, such as organizing custom channels and configuring your own texts.

Already you know that things can get hectic if you play multiplayer games with friends via Discord. My main issue is that a friend with the low-cost headset ruins it for everyone else when playing games with a voice chat. Mediocre headsets collect a lot of background noise which interferes with the communication of the team. This also applies to people using their computer or laptop’s internal microphone.

What is Push to Talk in Discord?

I will break down this in simpler words for beginners who confused about PTT and regular communication. In the gaming sector, the PTT function is a popular term where players need to press a button on the keyboard to speak chat.

You have to manually configure or activate the Discord Push to Talk by default. You can join the voice channel and expect a straightforward line of communication.

But I’m a happy player now. I convinced all of my friends to use Discord’s Push to Talk feature in our sessions successfully. Since then, no background noise has caused discussions or conflicts. The chat is also quieter, so we can concentrate more and rank as ever.

You need to try Push to Talk as soon as possible if you want to convince a friend, or if you affect the gameplay of your chat buddy.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand how to do something, with each step you have to take, we have two comprehensive guides. On the web version of Discord, on Windows, Linux, and macOS, the following guides can be used.

Note: The web version feature Push to Talk is severely restricted. It only works if the browser tab of Discord is focused. I urge you to use a desktop version if you want to have a streamlined Discord experience.

How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord?

Background noise and busy environments can overwhelm the speakers of your friends when you use one of the most popular VoIP apps in gaming! Allow Discord push-to-talk to automatically mute your mic until you are prepared to hit the key and speak.

Step 1: Start the Discord application launch. Open the ‘Settings’ menu on the lower left side of the Discord interface, by clicking the gear icon.

How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord

Step 2: Select the “Voice & Video” list on the left side of the window under the “App Settings” section. Select the box next to “Push To Talk” under “Input Mode.”

How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord

Step 3: Assign a key in the box “Shortcut” to activate your microphone and press your desired button.

How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord

Step 4: Click on the “Stop Recording” button. We recommend the tilde (~) key because it can be easily accessed during the game and seldom interferes with the play itself, for your push to speak key.

How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord

Step 5: The slider on the right can also increase or reduce the delay between releasing the button and disabling your mic.

Step 6: To set several push-to-talk keys, select the “keybinds” tab on the right of the Settings menu. Select “Keybinds” Open the “Action” drop-down menu and select either “Push to Talk (Normal)” or “Push to Talk (Priority).” The later mode reduces the volume of other speakers whereas the push to talk key is pressed (unless they have also enabled this setting).

How to Enable Push to Talk in Discord

Once you are done, close the Settings window and the game, always activating the microphone without that distressing background noise. The Voice & Video menu always allows you to adjust additional audio settings to improve your voice, such as echo cancellation, noise cancellation, and automatic gain control (all of which are enabled by default).

How to Configure Push to Talk in Discord?

You now activated Push to Talk successfully. But you can’t immediately use it. We need to set a key for Push to Talk function to make it function correctly. What you have to do here:

Step 1: To Settings, go to the Keybinds section and scroll down. Note that you can set multiple shortcuts for the same functionality with Discord. If you are playing several games with different checks, this is really helpful. Find yourself free to add as many.

How to Configure Push to Talk in Discord

Note: Discord Web version has no Keybind tab. Note: If this is no option, go to Settings > Voice & Video. I strongly recommend the desktop version (under App Settings). From here, you can press and add a shortcut. Edit Keyblind.

How to Configure Push to Talk in Discord

Step 2: Tap Add a Keybind once you’re there (top-right corner).

How to Configure Push to Talk in Discord

Step 3: Now ensure that you choose the action Push to Talk. Once this is implemented, press Record Keybind and tap the key you want to use to toggle the Push to Talk button. To save your choice, hit Stop Recording.

How to Configure Push to Talk in Discord

Step 4: Return to Settings > Voice ( Voice & Video). You should see that a little slider called Push to Talk Release Delay directly underneath you previously switched on to Talk. This slider changes the time Discord takes to reduce your voice signal after the keybind is released. The lowest value is 20 ms, but I suggest that you do not mistake yourself by cranking a little higher.

How to Configure Push to Talk in Discord

How to Disable Push-to-Talk?

  1. Launch Discord and click the User Settings icon.
  2. Open the Voice and Video tab.
  3. Choose the Voice Activity option to disable Push to Talk.
Disable Push to Talk in Discord

Click Let’s Check to check your newly-activated Keybind Push. If you display the volume indicators, it means that the microphone works.

You can access the Discord web application if you want to use Push to Talk Discord in your Chromebook and browser. The Talk Push feature is however only limited online and works only if your browser tab is focused.

The Push-to-talk feature can help in many ways, particularly if you don’t want to listen to everything that’s happening behind the stream of your friend. You and your friends will only listen to what is needed by allowing Push to talk.

Wrap Up

There’s no reason why you don’t want to spare your background noise friends if you do lots of online gambling. Push to Talk is a must with all microphones, a combination of internal speaker/microphone, or any other type of headset that has no good noise cancellation. Sure, you’ll take some time for yourself to keep the key Push to Talk pressed, but do this for your team.

I advise you to move closer to the movement keys for the keybind (WASD). This will have no impact on your gameplay.

Benefites Push to Talk in Discord?

Well, it is pretty helpful to push to talk, especially when you have a media microphone that gets a lot of background noise and echoes. It’s also useful when using your desktop or laptop with the internal speaker/microphone combo. With Push to Talk you will completely disconnect the voice signal as long as the key is not pressed. Users need only press the key once they want something to be transmitted so the other users on the voice channel are not affected very much by the background noise and the mic echoes.

Enable PTT in Discord on Smartphone

I can’t disregard mobile Discord users as 70% of my audience is on mobile devices today. I can’t deny that most of the members of my Discord communicate with a mobile phone. Mobile communicators would be unfair to put them behind, focusing only on desktop consumers. Let me show you how Discord can be pushed to speak on Android, iOS, and other devices.

Push to Talk Discord on Smartphone
  • Swipe left on the screen and start the application to see additional options. Tap the icon on the bottom of the gear and I’m talking about user configuration.
  • Scroll down until you find the settings Voice & Video, and tap on it.
  • The first function is Input Mode, and then click on “Push to Talk.”

How to configure Push To Talk on iOS Device

Many authorized members are unfamiliar as PTT is no popular choice. To set up the Push-To-Talk on iPhone and iPad, I want to show iOS device owners.

Step 1: Join any Discord server voice channel.

Push to Talk Discord on Smartphone

Step 2: Now, tap on the gear icon located top-right corner of the section to start the process.

Push to Talk Discord on Smartphone

Step 3: Tap on “Input Mode” to change the mode.

Push to Talk Discord on Smartphone

Step 4: Now, select Push-To-Talk from the options and tap on the selection to confirm changes.

Push to Talk Discord on Smartphone

Step 5: Double-check “Input Mode” for Push-To-Talk option, and then tap “Close” to end the process.

Push to Talk Discord on Smartphone

Step 6: To speak to team members, click on the Push-To-Talk button at the bottom of the section.

Push to Talk Discord on Smartphone

You do not need to universally apply the settings in Discord and change the settings as required. However, I want to remind the users that to use this function, they must keep the screen backlight. Only if you press the button on the screen will your voice pass through.

How to change Push to Talk Key in Discord

I mentioned earlier that AAA title games offer a PTT function and default setup of one key. When you play in the intensive match, you do not want to create problems. Players usually set T or K that collision with games such as the Global Offensive in counter-strike or Unknown Battle Ground in players. The constant keybinding is crucial and it is important to ensure that Apex Legends or other games do not collide.

  • Click on the icon at the bottom of the user settings equipment. According to the above solution, I have always shown you.
  • Click on Voice & Video, and then select Push to Talk in the input mode.
  • Below, you can find the option “Record Keybind.”
  • Click on the record keybind, and carefully select a key on the keyboard.
  • You can always reset it by clicking on the same option, and re-entering a new key from the keyboard.

Change the Battle Royale keybind also, because it can interfere in your match at a given point. Because I’d like to play Apex Legends, PUBG, Counter-Strike, and more, I recommend that I set the key based on multiple games. I suggest taking into account several games on the safe side and setting the PTT key.

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