Excuses for Not Adopting A Success Mentality

The ‘Success Mindset’ Is A Choice

Crafting a successful mindset is all about discipline. It doesn’t matter what you’re pursuing: you’ve got to have the right attitude and perspective. Often we use things or feelings as markers for our success.

Like, Success is being able to buy a new car in cash, without worry” or “I’ll know I’ve hit a certain level of success when I finally feel happy.”

It doesn’t really work like that. Successes are what we experience on our ongoing journeys toward fulfillment. Achieving success rarely means you’re at the end of your road. In fact, it’s a signal that you’ve just begun!

That’s why maintaining a success mindset throughout your journey is so important. Yet time and again, our minds find ways to create roadblocks.


Mental barriers.

Justifications that make it easier to give up than pursue your full potential.

Unpacking Mental Blocks

Whether that pursuit is a new promotion, a degree, starting a business, kicking a vice, exploring a new passion, or something in between, your mind has a way of testing your endurance.

Remember, success is all about your mindset and discipline. Part of self-discipline involves casting aside old thoughts or beliefs that hold you back. 

When you train yourself to ignore common excuses that hold you back, you can recommit to an intentional life and slay your goals!

21 Excuses That Prevent You From Embracing a Success Mindset

1. “I don’t have the time”

You do. Cut back on social media. TV. Wake up earlier. Stay up later. Put in work for fifteen-minute intervals throughout the day. There’s always time!

2. “I don’t have the money”

You might not, but someone does. Do whatever you can that doesn’t involve the cost until you can convince someone – or yourself – it’s worth investing in.

3. “Nothing goes my way”

This will remain true until you challenge yourself to believe otherwise. Until then, you’ll look for evidence in everything to support this failure belief.

4. “I’m just not feeling it right now”

Do it anyway! Following feelings alone isn’t an act of discipline. Create a mindset that sets you up for success with a routine that relies on accountability and forming productive habits. 

5. “Some people are made for this, maybe I’m not one of them”

That’s exactly what someone who experiences a lot of success thought once, too. They ignored that belief and pushed on past it to start the hard work. 

6. “Some people just have an easier path to success”

Comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone started somewhere and everyone has their shortcomings. Turn self-defeating thoughts into motivation to chase what you want. 

7. “I’m just not cut out for this”

In other words, you don’t have the skills or success mindset right now, and that’s preventing you from seeing what you’re capable of in the future. Prove yourself wrong.

8. “It will take too long to reach my goals”

You can spend the next five years believing that it will take too long to reach your goal. Or you can look back in five years and think “damn, I’m glad I did that!”

9. “I’m not smart or talented enough”

There are many forms of intelligence and success does not discriminate against any of them. Find your niche, and work hard. Hard work always outweighs lazy talent. 

10. “It’s too late for me”

If you think that now, imagine how you’ll feel ten years from now. ’Tis the season of life to pursue your dreams with reckless abandon!

11. “I’ll just stick to what feels safe”

What feels safe and comfortable now isn’t necessarily what’s best for you long-term. Stick with what feels safe if you can give up on all of your dreams today without looking back. 

12. “I don’t have the confidence to pull this off”

You might not have it right now. Keep putting in work and doing the next right thing. Grow into your goal and make the mission more important than your ego.

13. “Someone else has already beaten me to the punch”

Maybe someone has already done what you want to do. But have you done this before? If not, the world hasn’t seen enough. Don’t underestimate how your unique contribution has the power to change something that has been done a million times.

14. “I’m not seeing the big results now – time to give up”

Don’t let the desire for a big win right out of the gate prevent you from even starting the journey. This will take time. You must make a commitment to the process even if it deviates from your expectations.

15. “There are a million people more qualified than me”

So what! There are also millions of people you’re more qualified than. That isn’t going to stop them from pursuing their dreams, so don’t let it stop you. You can admit defeat now or dare yourself to show off your own unique skill set. 

16. “I don’t even know where to start”

That’s okay. Just make sure you start. One day at a time, focus on the next right thing. Be flexible so that your journey can reveal more to you as you move toward committing. 

17. “If it were meant to be, it would have happened by now”

That’s instant gratification talking. The journey to fulfillment is littered with highs and lows. Restore your discipline by choosing to believe that consistent, hard work produces rewarding results. 

18. “No one thinks that I can actually do this”

What a great opportunity to prove them all wrong. Avoid internalizing other peoples’ thoughts or assumptions. Challenge yourself to believe that only you have any authority on how capable you are. 

19. “I’m not ready to make the commitment” 

What are you waiting for? If you’re thinking about moving forward with a goal but haven’t brought yourself to commit, consider why. Often, there is self-doubt looming

in the background. There’s no time like the present to change your future.

20. “What will people think of me if I pursue this?” 

Well, they might think a lot of things about you, both good and bad. Either way, it doesn’t matter. Get used to moving thru opinions like a gentle breeze. If you don’t pursue fulfillment, they won’t have to live with it – you will. 

21. “If it’s meant to be, it will just happen”

Hardly, but isn’t it nice to slip into this delusion? Success requires discipline and hard work. If you’ve not yet reached what you’re in pursuit of, you won’t get any further by believing that it will manifest all on its own. 

Protect Your Success Mindset

How often do these excuses show up in your life?

It’s not easy to let go of old thinking, but if you want to move forward, you have to be up for the challenge. You’re worth it! A healthy mindset is a key to unlocking success in your life, no matter what you’re in pursuit of.

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