How Much Does Ferrari Car Insurance Cost?

Ferrari is an Italian premium racing car manufacturer, founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari.

Ferraris are some of the most coveted sports vehicles available. If you possess one, though, normal car insurance may be difficult to obtain. Some automobile insurance companies will not cover exotic vehicles like Ferraris, so you may need to obtain specialized coverage to be adequately protected financially.

The typical cost of Ferrari insurance is likely to be quite high, as prices are determined by the vehicle’s value and associated safety risks, among other considerations.

Ferraris are extremely rare and can cost upwards of $200,000. Their typical insurance premium is likely to be significantly higher than the national average. The average motorist in the United States pays $1,674 per year for a full coverage policy.

Ferrari car insurance

So, how much is insurance on a Ferrari? Before buying a Ferrari car, you always wondered about its insurance. You’re prompted to choose the financial level of exposure you want for your automobile whenever you buy insurance coverage.

To substantiate the fixed price, insurance companies frequently request an estimate from a trained car inspector. This is usually the case with used automobiles as well.

The required level of coverage will be higher due to the high cost of owning a Ferrari. Have you considered the expense of Ferrari insurance? Ferraris are now selling for far over $200,000, therefore you may need to pay a hefty monthly insurance premium to cover such a costly vehicle.

Buying a Ferrari is a significant financial commitment. In addition to the car’s purchase and maintenance costs, the insurance implications of this sort of vehicle must be considered.

Car insurance, or proof of another kind of financial responsibility, is a legal requirement in the United States, regardless of the type of vehicle or how frequently you drive.

Traditional car insurance companies frequently refuse to provide policies for Ferraris due to the high repair and replacement expenses connected with such a vehicle. If your vehicle is totaled or severely damaged in a covered occurrence, the insurance company will have to pay a large amount of money to repair it.

Furthermore, the hazards connected with a high-speed vehicle can influence an insurer’s willingness to give coverage. In the end, the risk may be too great for an insurer, leaving you with few options for coverage.

The cost of insurance varies depending on the type of Ferrari. Monthly insurance expenses for a Ferrari, for example, range from $204 to $373. Ferrari automobile insurance costs roughly $3,456 per year. When you buy a house, it means you’re buying a piece of property.

There are lots of foreign insurers who will not even cover Ferraris due to their excessive expense. Acquiring a Ferrari coverage estimate involves hiring a unique insurance coverage expert. A Ferrari auto insurance company isn’t for everyone.

Key Takeaway

  • Although most regular car insurance companies will not cover Ferraris, your vehicle may be eligible for sports car, luxury car, or historic car insurance.
  • The cost of Ferrari insurance is determined by the vehicle’s size, model, condition, and, most importantly, the driver.
  • Ferrari is an Italian premium racing car manufacturer founded in 1939 by Enzo Ferrari.
  • Keep in mind that the rules of the road apply to all automobiles, regardless of their manufacturer.

As a result, when you own a Ferrari, you must purchase vehicle insurance coverage to protect it in the event of a crash or tragedy.

Furthermore, due to the high cost, it is advisable to get separate individual damage or concise insurance cover to secure it from unforeseen events such as accidents, fire, theft, burglary, weather events, and teenage boy disasters.

Why are the insurance rates of Ferrari high?

The insurance rate on car Ferrari is very high because their prices and policies are based on data, insurers’ offers are cautious. Nevertheless, these numbers suggest that the Ferrari, built as a racing car and had the same kind of setups, can indeed be deployed in race cars.

Numerous people may find it difficult to avoid the desire to drive at high rates of speed, which is a reason for worry. Ferrari cars are also used as racing cars, which makes them more difficult to insure.

Insurance companies also take charges to replace and repair your Ferrari car. So how much insurance does Ferrari 458 cost? The entry-level model costs $240,000. As a result, the insurance cost for a Ferrari 458 will be greater than a Ferraris vehicle.

Ferrari Insurance Coverage

How Much Does Insurance Cost for a Ferrari?

The price of Ferrari insurance is mostly determined by the worth and cost of the model you own. Insuring a $2 million LaFerrari, for example, will cost far more than insuring an older, used Ferrari F430.

Aside from the vehicle’s price, your personal information will also be considered. For example, if you have a spotless driving record and have never been in an accident, you may be eligible for a discount. On the other hand, if you’ve been in multiple accidents (or any at-fault accidents), your Ferrari car insurance premiums will almost certainly rise.

Another factor that comes into play will be your age. It doesn’t take an expert to know that a 20 – year-old with a supercar is going to take more risks than somebody who’s 50-years-old would. Until you hit the 25–30 range, car insurance companies are going to charge a hefty premium for younger drivers.

So how much is car insurance for a Ferrari? Let’s take a look at the average costs for insuring some of the most famous and popular Ferraris ever made!

F430 Insurance Cost

The F430 is a modern classic. It was engineered in the early 2000s and became an icon. It has a low-key appearance compared to the Ferraris of today.

However, its super-reliable engine and sporty, natural driving feel have made it popular among collectors. The Ferrari F430 insurance cost is around $13,000 per year!

Ferrari 458 Insurance Cost

First produced in 2009, the 458 was the successor to the F430. Wondering how much is insurance on a Ferrari 458? The cost is about $17,000 per year for this beautiful baby! Not cheap!

Ferrari 488 Insurance Cost

The Ferrari 488 is the 458’s older, more powerful brother. It features more aggressive styling, a more powerful engine, and is available in a Pista (racing) version and a Spider (standard) version.

So how much is it to ensure a Ferrari 488? Well, Ferrari 488 insurance costs around $15,500 per year to insure!

Ferrari California Insurance Cost

The Ferrari California is the company’s version of a touring vehicle and isn’t quite as sporty as the other models. There’s a lot more legroom and a larger trunk.

So how much is insurance on a Ferrari California, you ask? Well, since it’s not geared so much towards racing, its car insurance quotes are a good bit cheaper, costing “only” around $8,000 per year to insure.

How Can You Save Monthly Insurance Bills On Ferrari?

Whether you own a Ferrari, you can still save money on your monthly or annual vehicle insurance costs by acquiring comparable coverage. If you want a complete insurance policy for your automobile, you must acquire a Ferrari instead of a Ferrariport.

Since the Ferrari powertrain is thought to be less hazardous than a standard four-wheel-drive car, your underwriter will pay by providing you with a reduced rate.

Keep in mind that adding a Ferrari to existing full insurance coverage will raise your total insurance costs. If I were you know the Ferrari monthly payment calculator. 

Maintenance Insurance Cost On Ferrari

Maintenance expenses for the Ferrari are, predictably, more significant due to higher insurance premiums. Ferraris are lightweight because of their racing background, offering total power for speed. Aluminum, strong steel, and plastic composites make up the majority of a Ferrari car.

It means that with a Ferrari, you’re more likely to get a cracked panel than just a parking-lot ding. So instead of the automobile, safety gear is set up to protect the driver’s life and liberty.

Ferraris may not even qualify for special types of car insurance, depending on the company’s requirements.

Sports car insurance

Comprehensive and collision coverage (often referred to as “full coverage”) are typically included in sports car insurance policies, with substantially higher limits to reflect the value of your vehicle.

If the insurer agrees to cover your Ferrari, your insurance prices will almost certainly be far higher than those of a more typical sports car (such as a Chevrolet Corvette) simply due to the cost difference.

For example, a full coverage insurance policy for a 2019 Chevrolet Corvette with an MSRP of $56,590 costs an average of $2,220 each year. A 2019 Ferrari 488 Spider, on the other hand, has an MSRP of around $280,900 and a far more powerful engine (496hp vs. 660hp, respectively).

The value of the vehicle, repair costs, and risks associated with the engine capabilities would have a high impact on the cost of insurance, compared to a common sports car.

Classic car insurance

Classic car insurance is another type of coverage that is used to financially protect specialty collector vehicles or antique cars. This also includes cars that are expected to increase in value rather than depreciate over time.

Many traditional car insurance companies offer classic car insurance policies, but to get a policy, your vehicle must meet a series of criteria.

First, the vehicle must be a certain age (i.e. at least 20 years old) in order to be considered “classic.” Mileage restrictions may also apply, so if you drive a classic car as your daily commuter, you may not qualify for this type of insurance. Additionally, some insurers have restrictions on how the vehicle is stored.

Unless you own an early Ferrari model that meets these qualifications, like a 1985 Ferrari Testarossa, you likely may not be able to get classic car insurance.

Exotic and luxury car insurance

You may be able to find an insurance provider to insure your Ferrari if they offer exotic or luxury car insurance policies.

You may be able to gauge the potential cost of Ferrari insurance, you may be able to gauge based on average rates for the most expensive cars to insure, although even these have a lower MSRP compared to newer Ferrari models.

For example, the average insurance cost for a Porsche Panamera, with an MSRP of about $87,300, is $3,302 per year for full coverage. A Tesla Model X, which costs just under $100,000 for the base model, costs an average of $3,324 per year to insure.

Most new Ferrari models cost significantly more than both of these vehicles, which means the cost of insurance will likely be much higher.

Like classic cars and sports cars, your Ferrari may need to meet certain requirements to be considered a luxury vehicle. Depending on the insurer, your car may need to have a certain value and must meet various specs in terms of performance and speed to be classified as a luxury model.

Why don’t insurance companies cover Ferraris?

There are several reasons why most insurance companies will not provide insurance for Ferraris, but they primarily boil down to the risk of a costly claim.

Ferraris are incredibly expensive to fix, and many replacement parts need to be shipped from overseas. Additionally, qualified mechanics are harder to find.

The insurance company would be responsible for a sizable claim payout in the event of a qualifying loss. The financial risk with a Ferrari is even greater if the vehicle is totaled and the insurer’s payout is based on the replacement cost.

Also, because Ferraris are performance vehicles that are designed for racing, insurance companies may feel that drivers who choose vehicles like this are more likely to get into an accident involving high speeds.

In fact, insurers will not cover vehicles used for professional racing or — for obvious reasons — illegal racing. On top of that, insurance providers may be extra hesitant to insure high-risk drivers with a history of collisions or speeding tickets.

While many car insurance companies may not insure Ferraris, some companies specialize in coverage for higher-value vehicles. Your best option is to shop around and look for providers that offer coverage for your specific Ferrari make and model, which will likely involve speaking to agents directly to discuss options and obtain a quote.

Here are a few insurance providers that advertise insurance for exotic, performance, and high-value vehicles:

  • Grundy Insurance
  • Hagerty
  • Chubb
  • AIG Private Client

It is critical to have the appropriate coverage when insuring a Ferrari. You’ll need enough insurance to meet your state’s minimal requirements, which will likely include liability insurance, as well as uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage and personal injury protection (in no-fault states).

If you’re financing the vehicle, you’ll almost certainly be obliged to have full coverage, which includes collision and comprehensive insurance. These coverages may be in your best interest regardless of whether the vehicle is financed or not, depending on the worth of the vehicle.

If you lease or finance your Ferrari, gap insurance may be handy if your Ferrari is totaled and the payout is less than the outstanding loan sum.

If you want additional liability insurance, you could also consider a personal umbrella policy. However, keep in mind that this type of coverage only applies if you hit another driver and cause injuries or property damage. It will not offer more coverage for your losses if you get into an accident.

Insurance companies

The internet is the best place to start if you want to learn more about insurance. Several insurance companies specialize in Ferrari and racing vehicle insurance. The internet provides you with access to a wide range of resources for finding out how much Ferrari insurance costs.

You might also use the internet to see how much other insurance for a car like yours and a Ferrari Grandcabrio costs. Insurance companies can assist you in evaluating the many options available and selecting the one that best matches your needs and budget. Read more about how insurance companies work to learn more.

Contact with an insurance agent

The next step is to speak with a sports car insurance expert who can estimate how much Ferrari insurance will cost you based on your age and driving abilities. Finally, you must discuss how you intend to ensure your new vehicle and how much it will cost.

Factors that impact car insurance rates for sports cars

Although the cost of Ferrari insurance is generally expected to be expensive, the actual rate will vary between individuals. Car insurance rates for sports cars, like Ferraris, are based on the value of the vehicle, the driver’s claim history, and driving history, among other factors.

In addition, the insurance company and coverage limits and types will also result in varied insurance rates.

The risk of a claim can also contribute to insurance premiums. People who drive high-performance sports cars may be considered more likely to get into an accident because of their affinity for driving at high speeds.

On the other hand, a Honda Accord is mechanically incapable of the same speeds as a Ferrari and is, therefore, less likely to represent the same risk of a costly claim or loss.

Frequently asked questions

Can I get Ferraris insurance quotes online?

You might be able to get a Ferrari insurance quote online, but it depends on the insurance provider. While most companies have online quotes for standard vehicles, it is likely that you will need to contact an agent to get a quote for a Ferrari.

It is likely you will be asked specific questions about your vehicle that are not included on a generic auto insurance quote application, such as inquiries about the vehicle’s horsepower, engine size, and how the vehicle is stored.

What affects the average cost of Ferraris car insurance?

There are a variety of factors that impact the cost of Ferrari insurance. The total age and value of the vehicle are likely to be the biggest contributing factors, but details specific to your own driving and claim history will likely have a big impact as well.

Do I need insurance for a leased Ferraris?

Insurance is required for all vehicles you drive regularly, whether leased, financed, or owned outright. Depending on the arrangement, coverage limits and types required may vary from the minimum required by the state in which you live.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how much insurance is on a Ferrari, you’ll have to decide if the cost of purchasing, owning, and ensuring it is the right financial decision for you.

There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for Ferrari insurance. First, remember that the more expensive and valuable your Ferrari is, the more it will cost to replace or fix damaged parts

Next, depending on your own personal driving history and other factors, you may be able to find ways to lower insurance costs

And finally, keeping your driving record clean and limiting how you use your vehicle both play a part in helping keep insurance rates down

Additionally, insurance companies that do offer coverage for Ferraris may require an appraisal of your vehicle to provide you with an exact rate for your policy.

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