Finding a Coffee Shop Routine and Perspective is the New Standard.

 Breakfast consists of hardy sandwiches. Caffeine exploding out of control. It was great small talk. Tinder dates take happening all over the place.

These variables, when combined, can create a slew of distractions, which doesn’t sound like the ideal working environment. They make up the sounds and views of coffee shops all around America, from bright basic corporate chains to the pretentious hipster utopia. 

They’ve been my not-so-personal offices for most of the last eight years as an independent author.

It all started with an attempt to shake things up at the start of my career when I was writing labeled papers and attempting to persuade editors to make them available. But it went from habit, routine, to full-blown dependence like anything you repeat enough times.

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For the better part of my twenties, I spent six days a week, on average, at a coffee shop for more than four hours.

If I pondered long and hard enough, I might be able to tell you where I wrote over the years. As the door closes, the nearly suffocating aroma of coffee beans hits my nose, sharpening my focus like a bell clinging to Pavlov’s cup. Over fifteen baristas I know by name. 

I could tell you what a handful of them was studying in school. I could tell you the gist of his book concept. My only problem with discussing how much money I wasted on coffee is the amount of free coffee I received as a result of reporting to the same baristas. 

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When the epidemic hit, this type of working day was unthinkable. In some ways, I was fortunate in that my work could be done anywhere. It was not rendered obsolete by shutting down physical space. However, I chose to work in such coffee shops at the same time.

Without a mental health challenge, I don’t think anyone will be able to achieve it by 2020. Nonetheless, they show that, despite the epidemic’s very real health and financial consequences, unusual events tend to overshadow problems that we’ve previously established a strategy for dealing with.

Routines can be powerful elixirs for a variety of issues. I would recommend anyone to anyone. However, when you find something that works, you usually don’t question why it works, and you don’t always want to understand that the problem is more complicated and difficult than you imagined.

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I’ve completed all of my tasks. However, I continued to work and write on my laptop. Writing is written regardless of where you are. My editor doesn’t care where I was when I wrote this. Perhaps you couldn’t.

When I was vaccinated, I felt like I was at a fork in the path. I was curious if returning to coffee shops would reawaken my commitment to my work, and if, after such a lengthy period of isolation, I could handle being in the company of strangers.

So, in a three-day experiment, I dipped my toe back into the water in three different coffee shops. I didn’t want writing to be easy again; I didn’t want it to be that way. I merely wanted to figure out which part of my body I was putting on a band-aid before the coffee shops were removed.

On the first day, I was completely immersed in the event. I had been going to the coffee shop to get coffee to go for a few months. I went to work with a plan and worked hard.

Nothing too difficult to think about; you can write something while listening to music you enjoy. By being present and attentive, the goal was to achieve a level of comfort.

I tried to settle in, but it was impractical to keep an eye on my folks. I found myself staring at and disliking people for no apparent reason. Each of them was met by two companions who conversed about diverse topics, both of whom clearly did not hear what the other said.

For 45 minutes, another customer spoke loosely and not platonically to the barista. To me, these individuals were intriguing and simply amusing. I’m sure everyone has a story to tell.

In the 84-degree heat, some guy sat across from me, wearing a unique, stylish beanie. Why does he wear the hat, I wondered. Or who believes he’s Is it okay if I pull out a hat like this? Or where would you get such a hat? Or would it be weird if I asked him where he got his hat?

I, on the other hand, stayed. I’ve also been snapping. They then left, and others took their place. And I was less irritated. And I discovered that looking at people is not the same as observing them. It’s not a good idea to live with just one individual. You are present at a point in their lives and capture small random photos.

Later, I believed it was fine that the two companions didn’t really listen to each other. They had someone to sell to at least once in their lives. And, as you know, I used to be a little unplatonic when it came to romance.

And I need no more hat. And I need no hat.

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Realistically, I hadn’t done much work that day. But I got a lot done, and it was enough to distract me from the existential terror that the self-sufficiency of a vocation generates on a regular basis.

The next day, I went to a coffee shop that doubled as a bar at night. By lunchtime, a few people had shifted their attention away from the coffee and onto the bar. But I’ve been prepared. People can be loud, but they can’t be louder than Fleetwood Mac on my headphones.

This day was less about making folks feel at ease. It had to be reinstalled physically. There was a concern about being absent. You may have control over the elements in your home, but it doesn’t make it any easier to concentrate. Sometimes going to work is the only way to get the job done.

I met my boyfriend early in the outbreak and we moved in together in January, despite the fact that we spent most of our time outside of quarantine. The trip was enjoyable, spectacular, rewarding, and nearly faultless.

But she’s also a writer, and because of that, we’ve become colleagues, despite the fact that we write for different stores. It’s possible that the frustration is contagious.

Procrastination is definitely contagious. Being in the company of someone you enjoy speaking with is undoubtedly a diversion. Even if she didn’t admit it, I suspected that having me out of the house during peak hours would be beneficial to her.

This coffee shop was designed to be a 25-minute walk from our flat. If the weather is nice, going to a coffee shop is the best option. I prepare myself for the voyage. The stroll back, though, saves my night.

Workplace anxiety is difficult to shake, and nothing clears your system faster than a 5-foot journey to the couch after a lengthy walk.

I performed some serious work at the coffee shop bar. I even pitched a complicated story to an editor. I was anxious that it might not be good enough or that the editor wouldn’t want it (it didn’t; I had to modify a lot of it the following week), but as soon as I finished telling the story, I went home, and the worries faded away. When I returned, I felt alienated from my work for a short time. We had a great time last night. We had a fantastic time.

On the third day, I went to a coffee shop full of folks like me. That is people who are potentially unsustainable and wish to inform you of their situation. This is not an option.

On these coffee cups, the phonetic characterization of his name helps to convey the prevailing atmosphere in this particular location.

I’ve been working on it for a while now. I wasn’t sure if I was feeling overwhelmed. I didn’t think I’d be able to finish the work I had, and I didn’t know how I’d be able to get more work once I was finished. These are not uncommon concepts in my freelancing business.

Routines are beneficial because they provide consistency. But there are times when you need to pack a framework into your day; you have amazing thoughts that aren’t worth the incorrect thoughts, and the quickest way to get away from them is to pack a framework into your day.

Finding love during the epidemic provided me with an incredible bright spot large enough to allow me to face the parts of myself that I didn’t want to face (to an extent that I wouldn’t dare to measure, it likely rescued me in the dark when my routine was eliminated).

The imposter syndrome is a psychological condition in which a person believes he or she is Clinics’ apprehension. Some obsessive-compulsive habits and moderate signs of sadness. The inconspicuous realization that the people I love are no longer in my life. They’re all right somewhere in my head.

Some people have it much worse than others, but everyone suffers from something or a combination of things. Work will not be able to resolve these issues. It is evidence, though, that you fill your days with more than the things that terrify you.

I’ve written some of what I needed up until that point. Not all of it. Not all of it.

It felt good to share that space with the others around me who were all doing their own thing. A website designer received assistance from a graphic designer. A lunch break was shared by two buddies. Two substitute teachers compared the election strategies.

At the end of the day, I knew why I was going to coffee shops. It’s been anything but routine. Your art was remembered outside of the four walls in which you performed it. You all do, and after a year of isolation, it’s probably easy to forget.

Otherwise, you are not required to be compensated for your efforts. The most important thing is to be proud of yourself, but not valuable. Everyone tries to play a role that is similar to their own.

I walked home that day knowing I had worked, but most importantly, I was back. I always come back. I always come back. Because I’d like to.

But, if you’re curious, I figured I’d let you know. You probably don’t care where I was when I was writing this, as I indicated. It’s safe to travel again; I’m on an aircraft, and I expected to enjoy it. And I can write from wherever.

These days, all I’m trying to do is pile up good work and nice decisions, and that’s enough. You could see me in a coffee shop one day. I may appear to be very focused, but I will be completely honest with you.

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