Did one of the old Fruit of the Loom logos include a cornucopia?

fruit of the loom cornucopia

Fruit of The Loom had never cornucopia in it. However, people whose fathers or friends worked in this brand always remember that cornucopia when they were little.

Fruit of the Loom is an American underwear and clothing manufacturer which was established in 1851. They are marked with red apples, leaves, green grapes, cassava, and purple grapes. Many people, however, clearly remember that the logo had behind the fruits an iconic cornucopia but was never there.

“Never before had cornucopia behind the logo of the Fruit of the Loom. This is another Mandela Effect that’s bending. The “real” logo simply feels wrong for me,”

In my mind, it’s one of the strongest Mandela Effects due to the leftover residual evidence of its existence, combined with the huge number of people, including company workers, who are sure it was there!

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