Galaxy Note 20 Fan Edition Samsung Suddenly Leaks

Initially announced this year, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE offers more or less the same flagship but a cheaper option to the major Galaxy S20 lineup. The Galaxy Note 20 fan question has already appeared upon this website of Samsung, suggesting the Korean phonemaker wants to extend the lineup.

Mostly on official Samsung Brazil website the Galaxy Note 20 Fan Edition was announced with certain descriptions which correspond to just the actual device.

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Shortly after it has been found, the official listing was deleted, but perhaps the computer is 6.5-inch displayed. This was listed on the same page where specifics of the night vision of the unit were previously disclosed.

Samsung is expected to unveil Note 20 FE shortly and it will reach the stocks next year. This official listing may imply However, if something is sold next year, it will trouble Samsung ‘s market, as sources also suggest the next S series phones will arrive in January, possibly in early next year.

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