Galaxy Z Fold 3 Might Arrive With A Smaller Outer Display

Galaxy Z Fold 3 Might Arrive With A Smaller Outer Display

Samsung had previously stated that the Galaxy Z Flip 2, a phone that looks like a clamshell with a foldable screen, will be unveiled in July

The recent Galaxy Z fold 3 smartphone from the South Korean tech giant may have a smaller outer display than its predecessor.

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According to rumours, Samsung’s next-generation foldable smartphone would have a smaller 5.4-inch secondary display on the outside with a resolution of 2260x816px. Despite having the same resolution as the previous foldable, the current device’s outer display is significantly smaller than the Galaxy Z Fold2’s 6.23-inch display. However, it’s possible that this is a typo, and the leak was attempting to mean 6.4 inches.

According to news, the Galaxy Z Flip2 has a dual-cell battery and the model number SM-F711. The device has also been certified by the SafetyKorea certification platform.

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The EB-BF711ABY battery, as seen in the tweet, has a rated capacity of 2,300mAh. When we zoom in on the battery picture, we can see that its typical capacity is 2,370mAh. The other battery, with the model number EB-BF712ABY, has a capacity of 903mAh. Its typical value is unknown at this time.

Batteries certifications were also certified by China’s 3C and DEKRA, respectively. The Galaxy Z Flip2 is estimated to have a total capacity of 3,300mAh thanks to its two batteries. As a result, it appears that the Galaxy Z Flip2’s battery capacity would be similar to that of its predecessor.

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