Google Search Redesigns Music Queries on Desktop

The results were improved by Google last month to Android, iOS and mobile search. Now, Google has launched a redesign of the desktop quest for music. If you attempt to search for music on the left side, there is a navigation drawer displaying both the name and the question summary of the information screen. It indicates that it’s an album song with the cover art. In the following, sub-categories are available on the left side, such as description, hear, videos and song choices. On the left hand, you have also pushed the sharing button.

Google Search Redesigns Music Queries on Desktop
Google Search Redesigns Music Queries on Desktop

On the right of the web results of Google a Listen Card offers an alternative to listen to the single, album on other popular music sites, including Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music. The results of ‘About’ display the song or album in Wikipedia.

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In addition, some songs contain other choices such as ‘Other recordings’ and ‘Research.’ Apparently Google aims to make more choices and save you time by typing a new results in a simple, usable format, so that Google provides more information.

The report further claimed that the update is only applicable to Google Search search results for music. The results of the search are in the old style for additional information, people and news. The re-design will allow you to find more specific results based on your quest so that you can quickly see what you want.

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According to the study, the music searcher redesign of Google has long been tested, but now Google’s music search redesign is widely developed.

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