How Much Does Hemorrhoid Surgery Cost With Insurance?

Although hemorrhoids can make life difficult, they are not usually inexpensive to treat. You can try to ignore the issue and hope it goes away on its own in an effort to save money. Sadly, it’s not always the best course of action.

It is more logical to deal with your hemorrhoids in a way that is both efficient and economical. Your best choice might be hemorrhoid banding. What is the price of hemorrhoid banding? Find out by reading on.

How Much Does a Hemorrhoidectomy Cost?

Hemorrhoids are often removed by a procedure called a hemorrhoidectomy. The hemorrhoid is removed from the body during this treatment. Hemorrhoidectomies are frequently carried out in clinics for outpatient surgery.

You’ll be given a dose of anesthetic before a hemorrhoidectomy so that you won’t feel the process. The doctor will use a knife, a laser, or another instrument to cut out hemorrhoids after the anesthesia has had time to take effect. You might then require sutures.

Anesthesia, removal, sutures, and the cost of the surgical facility can quickly add up. The average price of a hemorrhoidectomy in the US is $9,592, according to MDsave. Some patients may have to spend as much as $12,000, according to CostHelper.

How Much Does Hemorrhoid Banding Cost?

When compared to standard hemorrhoidectomy surgeries, hemorrhoid ligation is less complicated and intrusive. A little rubber band is wrapped around hemorrhoid during this treatment to cause it to stop receiving blood, dry up, and fall off. Frequently, it can be completed in the doctor’s office using only a few straightforward tools.

For hemorrhoid banding, neither intestinal preparation nor anesthetic are typically necessary. In less than 10 minutes, the doctor may typically insert the ligator and apply the band. No sutures are necessary.

This treatment is speedier and easier, thus it frequently costs less than conventional hemorrhoidectomies. A surgical facility or a dose of anesthetic won’t cost you anything. Most clinics charge between $500 and $1,500 for ligation, according to CostHelper.

Your cost might be closer to the lower end of that range if you only need one hemorrhoid treated at a time. Having several areas treated simultaneously could raise your overall score.

Hemorrhoid Surgery Cost

It is difficult to overstate how crucial it is for you to choose the strategy you wish to employ to get rid of your hemorrhoids. This is because, in most cases, it may be something that is simply out of your price range. For instance, most people who are aware of the cost of hemorrhoid surgery typically choose to employ other safe and efficient treatment options instead since they can’t afford it.

Are you having trouble finding accurate information on how much hemorrhoid surgery will cost? Do you realize that you can end up spending more than you had anticipated if you didn’t receive firsthand knowledge about this treatment method?

What you are about to learn about the cost of treating hemorrhoids when you choose the surgical surgery option are trustworthy bits of information.

The Cost of Removing Average Hemorrhoids

It is crucial to understand that there is no set price for hemorrhoid surgery. Instead, there are always factors that can have a significant impact. One of these elements is insurance. You can be sure that your cost will be decreased if your insurance does cover this type of treatment. Hemorrhoids can be removed surgically using a variety of techniques, each with a different price tag. Among them are:


People with internal hemorrhoids have this surgery. In this instance, a very tight band will be used to cut off the heaps. The minimum and maximum costs for this surgery are $500 and $1500, respectively (maximum).


This will be a much better choice for individuals who use blood thinners. When treating piles, it can be highly effective. It costs between $700 and $2500.

Clotting Therapy

In this instance, infrared light will be used to shrink hemorrhoids. This procedure will make use of an anoscopy. This one typically costs between $400 and $500 (minimum) (maximum).

You should be aware that these are treatments you must get, thus the cost will probably go even further. Additionally, you should be aware that the consultation fee will add to the ultimate cost of hemorrhoid surgery. Some of these deposits for reservations might be as much as $200. It differs depending on the therapy facility you must have selected.

When Is Hemorrhoid Treatment Most Affordable?

If you have rectal bleeding or other hemorrhoid symptoms, you could feel ashamed. Even so, you should let your doctor know about it straight soon. It is best to research hemorrhoid therapy as soon as possible.

Depending on how severe they are, hemorrhoids are categorized. Grade I students are the least advanced, and Grade IV students are the most advanced. To learn more about the various hemorrhoid classification levels, view the following video:

  • Medical professionals typically advise ligation for hemorrhoids up to Grade III. Even though Grade IV sites can sometimes benefit from the procedure, a conventional hemorrhoidectomy may be a superior choice at that stage.
  • Early treatment can be a cost-effective option because a full hemorrhoidectomy is so much more expensive than a banding technique. Dealing with your hemorrhoids before they become painful could save you hundreds of dollars.
  • In addition, recuperation time following a rubber band ligation is typically much less than that following a hemorrhoidectomy. You might miss a few weeks of work following a hemorrhoidectomy. That translates for many people into lost pay. Contrarily, if your band is, you might quickly return to work and receive payment.


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