How Much Does Top Surgery Cost With Insurance?

How Much Does Top Surgery Cost?

Top Surgery is a highly personalized surgery that can significantly affect a patient’s self-esteem and confidence. We can assist you if you’re thinking about having a procedure done to make you feel more at ease in your own skin. In a friendly, welcoming setting, our team of experienced surgeons is prepared to respond to any inquiries you may have and provide discreet advice.

Top Surgery Types at LPS

Both FTM and MTF Top Surgery are available at Longwood Plastic Surgery. In essence, MTF top surgery results in a long-lasting feminization of the chest, whereas FTM top surgery results in a long-lasting masculinization of the chest.

Our team of skilled surgeons can design individualized treatment programs to assist you in safely achieving your aesthetic goals thanks to their combined experience of more than 40 years.

When it comes to reconstructive and gender-affirming surgery insurance coverage, Massachusetts is typically regarded as being more progressive. To find out if you qualify, speak to your insurance company.

Top Surgery for Male to Female (MTF)

Based on your body size, body shape, and desired breast size, the average cost for MTF Top Surgery might vary greatly. The price of these operations might range from $5,000 to $10,000. MTF Top Surgery options include placing medical-grade implants above or below the breast muscle or transferring autologous fat. Although they produce benefits that last for a very long time, implants may eventually need to be removed or replaced.

Top Surgery for Female to Male (FTM)

The cost of this highly customized operation might range from $3,000 to as much as $10,000. Your current physical state and your contouring goals will determine the cost of your FTM Top Surgery. A nipple-sparing subcutaneous mastectomy may be sufficient for smaller chests with little to no excess skin. In contrast, patients with larger bodies and chests may benefit more from a subcutaneous mastectomy with free nipple grafting, which can be more expensive.

What Goes Into the Cost of Top Surgery?

We take pleasure in offering transparent pricing without any additional costs.

Following your cosmetic consultation, we’ll provide you with an estimate that has all the information you’ll need to make your final choice. Cosmetic surgery costs at LPS include:

  • Surgical fee
  • Costs of operating rooms with anesthesia
  • Every before and postoperative office visit
  • bra or medical attire
  • scar lotion

Outside of LPS, not all surgeons offer all-inclusive prices. It is suggested that you enquire about what is included and what is excluded when requesting quotations from another practice. This enables you to have up-front knowledge of your overall cost for pre-, day-of-, and post-surgical charges.

Options for Financing at Longwood Plastic Surgery

When insurance does not cover Top Surgery, LPS is pleased to provide a number of financing options. You’ll have the chance to meet with one of our Patient Care Coordinators following your in-person appointment. They can help you with the application process and talk to you about your payment alternatives. We’re here to make the process as simple as possible because aesthetic intervention can be difficult and constricting.

The price for Dr. King’s FTM Top Surgery is provided below. After you have met with him and discussed the Top Surgery technique that would provide the best results for you, Dr. King will give you a precise pricing quote for the Top Surgery at your appointment.

The price includes Dr. King’s fees, anesthesia, facility costs, an overnight hospital stay*, a complication insurance policy, supply fees, pre-and postoperative appointments, and any necessary supplies.

*Remember that Dr. King keeps his patients overnight to manage their pain and blood pressure. This gives Dr. King the opportunity to check on you at the hospital if there are any concerns.

Cheapest FTM Top Surgery?

Top Surgery doesn’t have to be expensive! Contrary to popular belief, there are many skilled doctors who offer Top Surgery at lower prices. Additionally, you can save a tonne of money by having your operation close to home, which will save your travel and lodging expenses.

What does transmasculine top surgery cost?

The cost of a surgeon for transmasculine top surgery may vary depending on both his or her experience and location. Ask your plastic surgeon if they have any patient financing options available for transmasculine top surgery.

The price of a transmasculine top operation may include:

  • Surgical fee
  • Costs of a hospital or surgical institution
  • cost of anesthesia
  • Medication prescriptions
  • post-operative clothing
  • X-rays and medical examinations

Recall that the experience and your comfort level with the surgeon matter as much as the ultimate cost of the procedure when selecting a board-certified plastic surgeon for transmasculine top surgery.

Health insurance may pay for transmasculine top surgery because it is a reconstructive operation. Your coverage might only cover a small portion of the overall cost, though.


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