How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance For A 16 Year Old?

The cost of motorcycle insurance for a 16-year-old varies depending on your location, the kind and model of your motorcycle, and your driving record. If you want to discover the lowest motorbike insurance for a 16-year-old, make sure to request quotes from at least three different insurance providers.

Young drivers can get a bike insurance quote from Nationwide for as little as $85 per month.

Insurance companies base motorcycle premiums, in addition to your age, on your driving record, where you live, and the make and model of your motorcycle. You might want to think about getting a policy with your parents as some large insurers don’t provide individual coverage to riders under the age of 16.

As you are surely aware, a significant element in deciding your insurance premiums is your age as well as your driving and riding experience. Even if you’ve been riding since you were a little child, you can encounter fees as a rider of 16 that seem astronomically high, if not prohibitive. The reason for this is that according to statistics used by insurance companies, the majority of accidents occur in the first few years after a rider or driver obtains their license.

Furthermore, in most states, having insurance is required, not just a luxury. Riding without insurance could result in serious legal ramifications, and in many communities, you won’t be able to maintain your bike’s registration without proof of insurance. Thankfully, many 16-year-olds are able to ride legally on public streets and do so.

Finding the coverage you require at a cost that won’t break the bank is the key, and we can assist.

You must have a minimum amount of liability coverage for your bike in the great majority of US states. These coverages are frequently stated as a series of three digits. as in $25,000, $50,000, and $20,000, respectively. This is what it indicates:

  • $25,000 in coverage for one person’s death or physical harm.
  • $50,000 in protection against death or physical harm to two or more people.
  • $20,000 in insurance coverage for property loss or damage.

Naturally, liability insurance only pays for harm or losses to other people or their property; it does not cover your bike. Choosing a liability-only policy, also referred to as “Basic Coverage,” is typically the least expensive type of insurance that complies with legal requirements.

However, you will almost probably need to have “Full Coverage” if you financed your motorcycle through a bank or dealer. This includes a further 1-2 categories of coverage:

  • Collision: Guards against damage to your bike in a traffic collision.
  • Comprehensive: Guards against vandalism, fire, wind, water, and theft, and most importantly, protects you in the event of bike theft.

Drivers that are uninsured or underinsured (UM/UIM): One to two out of every ten US drivers lack insurance, and nobody wants to foot the bill for any harm or losses brought on by another driver. Additionally, if the at-fault driver is from a state with lower minimum standards or your injuries or damage exceeds their coverage limits, the under-insured (UIM) portion of this policy serves to protect you.

Given the cheap cost, Basic Coverage may be alluring, but we strongly advise all teen and rookie riders to carry Full Coverage if it is financially feasible. Although riding a motorcycle is one of life’s greatest thrills, it can also be risky, particularly in a society where distracted driving is common.

Thankfully, we can assist you in locating the coverage you require at a price you can afford. To get started, enter your zip code.

What is the Expected Motorcycle Insurance Cost for A 16-Year-Old Biker?

Finding out the typical price of motorcycle insurance is crucial if you are 16 years old and want to experience the pleasure of riding around on two wheels after receiving your motorcycle license.

However, at such a young age, the idea of insurance could seem difficult to understand.

A Biker Falls Off the Motorcycle

Still, once the documentation has been signed, a tonne of extra costs and contradictory reports are frequently added. Misleading online rates frequently understate the true cost of motorbike insurance. Therefore, the easiest way to evaluate motorbike insurance is to calculate the market average.

Is Insurance Affordably Priced?

Yes, 16-year-olds can purchase motorcycle insurance, to put it simply. However, because studies suggest that minors are more likely to be involved in accidents than adults over 25, insurance is typically more expensive.

As a result, the additional risk translates into higher premiums, which partly rely on the kind of coverage chosen.

Are There Restrictions Over Getting Insured at 16?

The good news is that 16-year-olds can begin operating a motor vehicle since they are able to obtain insurance, even if they opt to purchase coverage that is outside of their parent’s policy. No state in the United States today prohibits 16-year-olds from purchasing their own insurance coverage. The straightforward explanation is that anyone who is allowed to operate a vehicle is likewise permitted to get insurance.

An entirely distinct issue is the cost of insurance for 16-year-olds. As long as they are at least 16 years old, insurance companies may refuse coverage based on a person’s driving history but not their age.

How Much Does Motorcycle Insurance Cost for 16-Year-Olds?

Although the price of motorcycle insurance for 16-year-old riders varies based on a number of variables, on average, it is nearly twice as expensive as the same coverage for an experienced 30-year-old rider.

Here is an excellent illustration of how much typical motorcycle insurance costs:

  • A 16- to 24-year-old with a clean driving record will pay between $1,600 and $2,400 per year for liability coverage for a cruising/sports motorcycle. For a cruising/sports motorcycle, full coverage for a 16- to 24-year-old driver with a poor driving record will cost between $1,600 and $3,200 per year.
  • Once a motorcyclist turns 20 years old, motorcycle insurance premiums begin to significantly decrease. As long as he or she keeps up a clean driving record, by the time he or she is 25, it will frequently have fallen below the national average.

Finding a Motorcycle Insurance Policy at a Reasonable Price for 16-Year-Olds

Finding affordable motorbike insurance for a 16-year-old may not seem likely to many people, but it is possible. Getting reasonable rates could be challenging, but thanks to supplier competition, it’s still feasible to find a solid bundle.

Here are five practical suggestions for locating a lower cost for 16-year-olds’ motorcycle insurance:

Young Drivers Aged 16 Can Obtain Insurance

Drive Safely: At this age, driving safely is the greatest method to receive the best rates. Although the reductions for safe driving won’t be given right now, the rate will probably be reduced the longer you go without filing a claim.

Accident rates will drastically increase if you are this young. With a bad driving record, obtaining adequate coverage is significantly more difficult. As a result, even a single accident can dramatically increase rates.

Deductibles are the sums that must be paid prior to filing a claim; they might be increased. The rates will decrease if the deductible is raised, but they will likely increase if the deductible is dropped.

Parents’ Policy: If 16-year-olds drive a car, they frequently receive coverage under their parents’ policy. The overall costs will be less when the coverage is bundled than if you purchase each policy separately.

This is so that the rates can be merged with the parents’ rates, which are typically much lower.

Good Grades: At this age, the majority of people are still in high school. Most insurance companies might provide additional discounts if you have a GPA above 3.0. It means that if you keep at least a “B” average, you can save some extra money.

Safety Classes: People of this age can often take safety classes. The lessons teach new riders how to improve their riding abilities and acquire proper road safety and etiquette. They make you a safer rider, and the insurance provider might lower your premium.


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