How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance For A 19 Year Old?

Particularly many parents worry about whether their teenagers will be covered by insurance as well as whether they will be safe while riding a motorcycle. If so, will insurance for 19-year-olds also be reasonably priced?

These are crucial inquiries, especially if your adolescent is prepared to leave home and will be using a bike as their mode of transportation. This is the spot to apply for free fast quotations and learn more about motorcycle coverage if you are 19 or younger.

Is Motorcycle Insurance for Teenagers?

Yes, there is motorbike insurance available to those under the age of 19. However, such coverage would typically cost more than it would for someone aged 26 and over. Teenagers pay a larger premium than adults do for a variety of reasons. Because of this, having such coverage shouldn’t be taken for granted.

It is not personal against your 19-year-old; insurance premiums are calculated based on statistics. According to the data, a male 19-year-old is more likely to be in an accident than an adult who is 10 years older. The smaller the chance a person has of experiencing an accident, the cheaper the premium will be because insurance is all about risk.

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance for a 19-Year-Old?

The exact cost for a 19-year-old will vary depending on a number of variables. In general, motorcycle insurance quotations for 19-year-olds maybe 25% to 30% higher or more than those for an adult 26 years of age or older.

For parents, you might have questioned why your insurance prices sharply decreased once you turned 26. This is due to studies showing that people aged 26 to 65 experience far fewer accidents than people of other ages.

Bike insurance for guys aged 19 and under will be more expensive than for females due to statistics, one of the numerous factors that affect premiums. Despite the fact that there are more male motorcyclists than female riders, men still account for the majority of accidents that happen to people throughout this period of their lives.

How to Get a Lower Premium?

There are several ways you can save money for your adolescent.

Proper Coverage: The cost of your premiums will primarily depend on the extent of your coverage. Damage to your bike is typically covered by a comprehensive plan, although it is significantly more expensive. If you take out a loan to pay for the insurance, you can be forced to obtain comprehensive coverage.

In order to receive the best coverage for your needs, you’ll essentially need to weigh the costs of your policy’s numerous perks. Simply put, your premiums will be lower the fewer advantages your insurance offers.

Honesty: Although bike insurers will give lower rates for a variety of reasons, you must still be open and honest about your riding experience, abilities, and protective gear. Be truthful about how you ride because it only takes one accident or report to prove that you didn’t do what you said, which will increase your rates or, in some situations, result in the cancellation of your coverage.

Join a Club: “Rider clubs” provide instruction to enhance riding and response abilities on the road. Depending on the insurance provider, your adolescent may receive a lower cost or a significant discount if they join one of these clubs and successfully complete the numerous training activities. Before joining such a club, make sure to check with your provider first. Two organizations that provide training sessions are the BMW Motorcycle Club and Harley Owners.

Low Mileage: A frequent reduction that also applies to cars. You can be eligible for a sizable discount if you only ride on the weekends and maintain your mileage below a particular amount.

Get Free Quotes and Lower Motorcycle Insurance at 19 Safety & Security: Since motorcycles are a popular target for thieves, installing a security system like an immobilizer will reduce your premiums. Additionally, putting your motorcycles in a garage or other secure area will be beneficial. Wearing the appropriate riding gear and a helmet will also serve to protect you in the event of an accident, which could result in lower insurance premiums.

Pay in Full: Just like with vehicle insurance, you will frequently receive a discount if you are able to pay for the entire term of your policy at once. In order to convince you to pay for the remaining months of the contract, several providers will actually shave off one month. Therefore, pay it all at once if you can.

Who Provides Motorcycle Insurance?

There are many businesses that offer motorcycle insurance for drivers under the age of 19. In order to select the best, you must carefully consider each company’s policies, costs, and coverage. Companies that offer a good plan include some of the following;

  • Allstate
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • State Farm

These insurance providers all have long-standing reputations that date back many years. They are the ones who give some of the lowest rates when their sheer magnitude is taken into account.

For individuals who wish to continue with the same service for a while, the size and reputation of these providers as well as the likelihood that they’ll be around for a while to come will add a little security.

In general, it won’t be simple to find the best motorbike insurance price for a 19-year-old. However, if you spend the time to shop and locate the finest coverage at the lowest cost, you could end up saving a sizable sum of money over time.


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