How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance In Pennsylvania?

Riders must have motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania, but it need not be expensive. After gathering hundreds of quotations from businesses all around Pennsylvania, we discovered that Progressive had the most affordable motorbike insurance, with an annual cost of $434.

We examined some of Pennsylvania’s top carriers in order to help you pick the motorbike insurance company that best suits your needs. In addition to comparing pricing, we looked at the features and reputations of their policies.

Pennsylvania’s most affordable motorcycle insurance

Progressive often provides the most affordable motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania, charging an average of $434 a year for coverage. This price is 35% less than the state’s average cost.

In Pennsylvania, the average cost of motorbike insurance is $672 annually or $56 monthly.

In general, Pennsylvania is a more affordable place to purchase motorcycle insurance than other states in the union, where the average cost of coverage is $702.

For the majority of consumers in Pennsylvania, Progressive offers the best motorbike insurance. While a Progressive baseline policy includes replacement cost protection and $3,000 in parts coverage, you may also increase your coverage by adding one of the various endorsements offered by the company:

Towing service

  • Coverage for accessories or bespoke parts up to an extra $27,000
  • protection for the original equipment manufacturer
  • Total loss protection (up to two years)
  • protected the contents

Progressive offers motorbike insurance for an average annual cost of $434, more than 35% less than what it typically costs in Pennsylvania. This company provided the state’s cheapest motorbike insurance quotation in the poll. By utilizing Progressive’s discounts, you could be able to lower your premiums. If you switch insurers, have automatic payments set up, have a motorbike license, or both, you can also see lower pricing.

The majority of Progressive’s policyholders are happy with their claims handling procedures. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index, Progressive receives about a third as many complaints as a provider of comparable size: Progressive’s complaint index is 0.50, while the industry average is 1.0.

The rider might be a good fit for your needs if you enjoy touring on your motorcycle and live in Pennsylvania. Accessories coverage is included with an Assurance Plus Policy from Rider, and it includes extra protection for your helmet, and safety gear, and $600 for trip interruption.

Using Rider’s handy web interface or by getting in touch with a representative, you can also modify your policy to boost your protection for lengthy journeys.

You could reduce the cost of your policy if you are eligible for one of the various discounts Rider provides. If your bike has safety or anti-theft devices mounted on it, or if you’re:

  • Over 26 and no moving violations
  • A homeowner switching to another service
  • a recurring client
  • in the armed forces
  • a rider in a qualified riding group
  • No claims for at least three years.

Someone with at least 3 years of riding experience

This provider’s below-average customer service rating is one drawback. The NAIC median receives around 62% fewer complaints than Rider, which has a complaint index of 1.62. Nevertheless, this business is nevertheless worthwhile to take into account due to its services and price.

Pennsylvania’s Lowest Rates on Full-Coverage Motorcycle Insurance

Getting a full coverage policy is essential if you want to be completely protected when driving. This necessitates obtaining both collision and comprehensive insurance. The former protects against damage to the motorcycle that does not result from an accident, while the latter protects against damage sustained in an accident. You can totally protect your valuables with one of these.

According to MoneyGeek’s data, these firms typically provide the most affordable full coverage insurance for a rider with a clean driving record seeking 50/100/25 coverage with a $500 deductible:

  • Increasing: $181 annually
  • Dairy: $233 annually
  • On the other side, Nationwide is the insurer that charges the highest premiums for full coverage insurance, charging $523 a year. Progressive is 65.4% less expensive, demonstrating that it pays to compare prices.

The necessity for full coverage insurance is more likely to exist for riders who are still paying off their bike, so keep that in mind.

What Does Pennsylvania’s Average Motorcycle Insurance Cost?

The model of the motorcycle, the rider’s history, the coverage limitations, and other variables all affect how much motorcycle insurance generally costs in Pennsylvania. As a result, MoneyGeek obtained information for various rider profiles from a variety of carriers in Pennsylvania.

Full coverage policies typically cost $284 per year or $24 monthly, which is 22% or $80 less than the national average of $364 annually.

Riders in Pennsylvania pay an average of $100 per year, or $8 per month, for liability-only coverage. Compared to the $141 national average, this is $41 less.

Although this is far less expensive than a full coverage policy, keep in mind that it still lacks full protection and may put you at risk if you are involved in an accident.

The bodily injury coverage of $50,000/$100,000, the property damage coverage of $25,000, and the $500 deductible for full coverage insurance were the coverages utilized to calculate the average policy rates in Pennsylvania. Additionally, $5,000 in personal injury insurance is included (PIP).

How to Get a Motorcycle Insurance Quote in Pennsylvania

In order for insurers to provide you with an exact estimate of annual premiums, it is vital to compile a list of information before requesting motorbike insurance quotes in Pennsylvania. This comprises:

  • Pennsylvania address and ZIP code
  • details pertaining to the rider
  • Year, Make, and Model of the Car
  • Elections relating to insurance coverage and riding history

Is motorcycle insurance required in Pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, you must have insurance if you ride a motorcycle on a public road. In Pennsylvania, there is a lot of competition for the business of providing motorbike insurance.

What protective clothing must I don?

By law, anyone operating or riding a motorcycle (including an autocycle) in Pennsylvania is required to wear protective headgear, unless they are at least 21 years old, have two years of riding experience, or have successfully completed a motorcycle safety course recognized by PennDOT or the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Additionally, a helmet is not required for the driver or passenger of a three-wheeled motorbike or autocycle with an enclosed cab. In response to this law, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation created regulations for the minimum performance standards for helmets intended for use by motorcyclists.

To make it easier to distinguish a helmet that complies with both the Pennsylvania laws (Title 67, Chapter 107) and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 218), the regulations further prescribe how the helmet shall be branded.

Are discounts available for motorcycle insurance?

Motorcycle riders who have passed safety courses obtained membership in particular organizations or maintained a clean driving record may qualify for savings from several insurers. Some insurance companies provide discounts for motorbikes with factory-installed anti-lock braking systems, which help maintain control during abrupt stops.

Insurance companies frequently give savings for “bundling,” or purchasing many policies from the same provider, such as auto, motorcycle, and homeowner’s insurance. Customers should ask their insurer if any of these savings are available.


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