How Much Is Renters Insurance In Michigan?

How much is renters insurance?

Renters’ insurance is typically affordable for those who rent an apartment or a house.

According to a poll by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), renters insurance costs roughly $15 per month for coverage limits of about $35,000. Nearly as much as a lunch at a fast food restaurant.

With the help of a Michigan renters insurance policy, you may satisfy your landlord’s requirement for liability insurance while also being safeguarded in case any of your personal property is harmed.

The This Old House Reviews Team put together this information on the top three renters insurance companies in Michigan and buying advice to assist you in your search for coverage.

Finding cheap renters insurance in Michigan

Renters in Michigan can get the most affordable rates with Travelers, where average insurance costs $182 per year or $15 per month. The annual savings over the state average is $134.

In Michigan, renters insurance typically costs $26 a month or $316 a year.

Renters in Michigan might also think about requesting a quote from State Farm; the average insurance is 33% less expensive than the state average at $18 per month or $212 annually.

Renters insurance in Michigan: Cost by city

Renters in Wyoming pay the lowest rates among the state’s major cities, while those in Detroit pay the highest premiums for renters insurance.

In Michigan’s 25 major cities, renters’ insurance costs differ greatly from one another. Renters in Detroit may anticipate paying $824 a year on average for insurance. On the other hand, Wyoming residents spend on average $258 annually for the same coverage. That represents a $566 annual difference.

Residents of places with higher rates of crime or extreme weather may pay extra for coverage because insurers think they’ll file a claim more frequently.

Best renters insurance for most people: State Farm

State Farm, which has competitive prices and top-notch customer service, is the best renters insurance provider for the majority of renters in Michigan. At an average cost of $18 per month, State Farm’s offer for renters insurance is relatively affordable for Michigan. As compared to the statewide average, that is $8 less each month.

Additionally, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners reports that State Farm receives fewer complaints than other insurers of comparable size (NAIC). This indicates that consumers are frequently happy with the services they obtain. Additionally, it received a second-place ranking from J.D. Power in its poll of renters insurance customers.

The fact that State Farm doesn’t provide many other coverage options is its only flaw. State Farm, for instance, does not provide replacement cost protection for renters insurance. Those who are renting may need to hunt elsewhere for the correct coverage if they have specific coverage requirements.

Take an inventory to determine the need

You typically get a renters policy primarily for personal property coverage. You must be cautious to enter the correct monetary amount because the coverage will only pay for covered damage, loss, or theft of your personal belongings up to that amount.

How much property coverage you require can be determined by carrying out a home inventory. To make an inventory of your personal property, follow this step-by-step checklist:

  • List each item along with the date it was purchased and its current worth.
  • To get a ballpark estimate of the value of your property, add up the quantities of these items.
  • Once this is finished, store your merchandise in a secure location outside of your home, such as a bank safe deposit box.
  • If you have a claim, you might want to add images to your inventory.

Best Renters Insurance Companies in Michigan

The cost is not the only aspect to take into account when choosing the finest affordable renters insurance in Michigan. Renters should feel secure knowing that their insurance company will offer them with good assistance and services at reasonable costs in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

When comparing renters insurance providers in Michigan, MoneyGeek’s scoring system considers customer service ratings from J.D. Power and Associates, financial stability ratings from AM Best, and pricing. The results showed that USAA received a score of 100 out of 100. However, USAA only provides insurance to qualified family members of active duty and veteran military personnel.

Farmers win the top rank among the companies that have no limits on policyholders, with an overall score of 82. With a score of 71, State Farm is ranked third among state-based providers of renters insurance.

Largest Renters Insurance Companies in Michigan

According to data from MoneyGeek, State Farm has a 16% market share in Michigan, followed by Auto-Owners Group at 15%, Automobile Club Michigan at 14%, Hannover Insurance at 9%, and Allstate Insurance at 8%. In Michigan, these firms account for more than 61% of all renters insurance policies.

A larger insurer is a smart choice for your coverage if you want your claims paid out more quickly because they are typically more financially stable than smaller firms.

Renters’ Insurance in Michigan Costs an Average of $249

Renters’ insurance in Michigan costs $159 USD, which is 56.0% more than the national average.

Renters’ insurance in Michigan costs an average of $249 per year, which is $90 more expensive than the national average. That equals a typical monthly charge of around $21, which is $7 more than the average nationwide. These premiums are based on a policy with a $500 deductible, $100,000 in liability coverage, and $20,000 in personal property coverage.

Renters in Michigan who compare renters insurance rates before buying a policy might save a sizable sum of money. For instance, the MoneyGeek sample renter can save $218 by selecting the least expensive option—USAA—instead of the most expensive—State Farm. Savings of this magnitude would amount to about $18 per month. Renters who are ineligible for USAA may save $103 annually by switching to a Farmers’ coverage.


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