How To Get Insurance To Pay For Eyelid Surgery?

Making the decision to get eyelid surgery is difficult and time-consuming. However, those sagging, drooping eyelids might become too much to handle at some point, therefore you’re currently conducting research to find the answers to the key concerns. When is eyelid surgery an essential medical procedure? How much does surgery on the eyelids cost? Insurance-related queries, however, are among the most often asked ones regarding eyelid surgery.

But when is eyelid surgery covered by insurance, and what criteria must be met for it to qualify as a covered medical procedure?

Functional eyelid surgery, which improves vision for some patients, is performed on the eyelids. One type of operation that can fit into this category is an upper eyelid lift. This comprises blepharoplasty, ptosis correction for the eyelids, and brow lift surgery.

The operation, which is most frequently linked to cosmetic surgery and aesthetic-type procedures, aims to reduce extra skin covering the upper eyelids or to widen them. Some people may see better with their eyelids slightly wide, and most frequently, people raise their eyebrows frequently to open their eyes, which is an indication of a drooping eyelid.

When eyelid surgery is performed merely to eliminate under-eye bags, it is seen as an elective procedure and is not reimbursed by insurance.

If it is determined to be medically required, one may be eligible for eyelid surgery that is covered by health insurance. The main reason given is that excess upper eyelid skin can impede eyesight and make daily tasks like driving, reading, and using electronic gadgets significantly riskier. If your droopy eyelids are causing you any particular problems in your daily life, tell your doctor.

If your eyelashes are covering your pupil, functional eyelid surgery may involve removing the extra skin that hangs over it, elevating the level where they sit, or, if your insurance plan covers it, lifting your sagging brow.

The first step is to check up your insurance provider to determine if eyelid surgery is even a possibility before determining whether it is covered by insurance. Standardized photographs will be taken during your appointment so the doctor can assess whether the eyelid is obstructing your vision. You’ll need to take a visual field exam because many insurance providers demand confirmation of this in order to decide whether to cover eyelid surgery.

The patient’s insurance company will be asked to approve the images and visual field. Depending on the patient’s unique insurance plan, your insurance company may determine that you qualify for eyelid surgery through insurance for all or a portion of the treatment cost. It is vital to be aware that there are limitations that are outside of the doctor’s control and that your surgery may be deemed out-of-pocket and not reimbursed by your insurance. Many policies do not cover any type of brow surgery.

Additionally, Medicare and other insurance only cover one type of operation, not two, so if you have an excess of skin on top of a drooping eyelid, one of those procedures may have to be paid for out of pocket.

The best plastic surgery is the type that makes you feel better physically, right? While there is no shame in getting plastic surgery because you don’t like the way you look, obtaining the procedure because it has been advised for your health could give you the extra motivation you need.

Blepharoplasty is one surgical technique carried out at our Los Angeles facial plastic surgery clinic. This is the collective phrase for repositioning sagging eyelids. To give patients a youthful and alert appearance, this treatment can be performed on both the upper and lower lids.

When it comes to ageing, the eyes are frequently at the forefront. People who wish to seem younger can change their eyes to do so. Using blepharoplasty, one can:

  • Pull back and trim sagging upper eyelids.
  • the eyes’ drooping lids
  • Puffiness around the eyes that won’t go away should be reduced.
  • Fill up the large bags under the eyes.

People immediately feel more attractive once under-eye bags and wrinkles are erased, despite the fact that they are a common occurrence. These, however, are simply superficial problems. Your eyesight may become obstructed by sagging eyelids, putting you in risk when you drive or leave the house.

You can get blepharoplasty for both cosmetic and functional reasons, similar to septorhinoplasty.

Can Blepharoplasty Be Covered By Health Insurance?

It is well known that Californians cannot use their health insurance to pay for cosmetic surgery. Health insurance does, however, fully or partially cover procedures that support a body part’s structure or functionality.

Insurance companies will only cover surgery expenditures when the procedure is for reconstructive or functional issues, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Your sagging skin must restrict the upper vision field in a “visually substantial” way in order to be covered.

As previously noted, by removing extra skin and tightening it, our Los Angeles plastic surgeons can enhance the eye’s functionality. The skin of your top eyelid may be drooping so much that it is partially obstructing your vision.

Several conditions that affect the eyelid can cause vision disturbance, including:

  • ptosis (drooping due to muscle weakness or nerve damage)
  • blepharochalasis (eyelid swelling)
  • dermatochalasis (excess skin)
  • orbital fat herniation (excess fat)

Blockage of the visual field and floppy eyelid condition.

You must first see an optometrist, not a plastic surgeon, to begin the process of insurance-covered upper eyelid surgery. If droopy eyelid surgery in Los Angeles is deemed medically required after an optometrist evaluates your vision, they will provide you with written proof of their suggestion.

After receiving your optometrist’s approval, you can make an appointment with our blepharoplasty expert in our Los Angeles offices. After doing an eye test, one of our experts will outline their recommended course of action for improving your vision. Before surgery, we always take pictures of our patients, which your doctor can provide along with recommendations for you to send to your insurance provider.

Your blepharoplasty operation has a decent possibility of being reimbursed by insurance if two doctors recommend it.

Is Blepharoplasty Covered By Health Insurance or Vision Insurance?

When the sagging skin impairs vision, blepharoplasty is covered by health insurance. You don’t need vision insurance; your standard medical insurance should cover this treatment.

Blepharoplasty for Cosmetic Purposes

While improving your vision by raising sagging skin around your eyelids, we cannot promise that your insurance will pay for the procedure.

You can still have sagging eyelid surgery in Los Angeles even if you don’t need a blepharoplasty for a medical condition but want to look younger. One of our plastic surgeons will provide recommendations depending on your concerns about your appearance when you visit with them.

Our specialists also conduct facelifts, wrinkle relaxers like Botox, injectable fillers, and other anti-aging procedures.

But despite everything, our surgeons have a history of satisfied clients who look and feel decades younger after leaving our practise. If maintaining your privacy during cosmetic surgery is crucial to you, it’s often the case that your peers won’t even realise that you had work done.

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With our cosmetic procedures, we also hope to enhance functionality, whether it be breathing problems or visual impairment. You’ll not only look better because to our highly skilled surgery, but you’ll also feel better.


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