How To Get Septoplasty Covered By Insurance?

The surgical operation to repair a misaligned nasal septum is called a septoplasty. Many people decide to get a septoplasty for cosmetic reasons, while some people are forced to. The deviated septum affects respiration and other bodily functions in a large number of people.

Your health insurance will not pay for the cost of therapy if you want to get a septoplasty for cosmetic reasons. However, if you get a septoplasty for medical reasons, your insurance company will accept your claim and pay for the full procedure.

Today, we’ll talk about how much a septoplasty might cost if you use your health insurance and what parts of the procedure are covered by insurance.

To fix a deviated septum, enhance nasal breathing, or enhance the look of the nose, a septorhinoplasty may be performed.


Excessive bleeding, infection, temporary numbness in the jaw, nose, or upper teeth, changed sense of smell, a hole in the septum, a blood clot in the nose, and disappointing outcomes are just a few of the risks that could occur. Your surgeon can discuss with you the dangers involved and the likely outcomes.


An outpatient septorhinoplasty takes one to three hours to complete.

Your nose may take up to a year to fully recover and require several weeks of recovery time.


If you can demonstrate that your surgery has a functional component, the operation is frequently covered by insurance.

Out-of-pocket expenses when you pay can be anywhere between a few thousand and over $30,000.


  • Your symptoms might not get better after the surgery.
  • To achieve the outcomes you desire, you could require a second surgery.
  • The adjustments made to your deviated septum will last forever.

A septorhinoplasty is what?

A septorhinoplasty is a treatment that alters the nose’s outward appearance while also enhancing breathing. In a septorhinoplasty, two operations are combined:

Septoplasty. The cartilage in the middle of your nose, between your nostrils, is known as your septum. In the event that this cartilage is wavy or out of place, you have a deviated septum. In addition to making it difficult to breathe properly, a deviated septum can also cause dry mouth, snoring, and other issues.

This issue can be resolved with a septorhinoplasty by realigning and straightening your septum.
Rhinoplasty. This is a surgical treatment that modifies the nose’s outer shape. Part of the nose’s bones and cartilage must be removed and reshaped during a rhinoplasty.

How much does a septorhinoplasty cost?

The price of a septorhinoplasty might vary significantly. If septorhinoplasty is required to help your breathing, your insurance company might pay for the medical operation. Depending on your plan, your insurance costs could include:

  • a copayment or coinsurance, any deductible balance that is still owed, or other fees for treatments that are not covered by insurance
  • Most insurance policies won’t pay for a septorhinoplasty performed merely for aesthetic reasons. Where you get your operation done and what the surgery entails will determine your price. Finding a surgeon in your neighborhood may cost as little as $6,000 or as much as $30,000.

How does a septorhinoplasty work?

By removing or modifying the deviated portions of your septum, septorhinoplasty enhances the function of your nose. Depending on your surgeon and what needs to be fixed or rectified, your septorhinoplasty will be performed using a specific approach.

What’s the procedure for a septorhinoplasty?

You are completely drugged and asleep during the septorhinoplasty. The septum’s cartilage and bone are gently lifted by the surgeon after making a cut from the interior of the nose.

Any cartilage that creates a deviation is removed or reshaped, and any other breathing-related structures, including the nasal turbinates, may also be treated. The remaining tissue and bone are repositioned so that they are straight.

The surgeon may do the following while the incision is still open:

  • the cartilage at the tip of the nose should be reshaped.
  • To rectify any deviation and enhance the appearance of the nose, shave sections of bone to remove a hump break and realign the nasal bones.
  • After packing the nose with gauze to help halt bleeding, the surgeon stitches up the wound.
  • For your septum to heal straight, you may have cracks or soft plastic sheets inserted within your nose. Most of the time, after the anesthetic wears off, you can return home. Following surgery, the surgeon will schedule a time to remove any splints or packing in the office.

Exist any dangers or negative effects?

Every surgery entails some risks. The following are potential hazards of a septorhinoplasty:

  • overbreeding and infection
  • a modification to the way your nose looks
  • you have a septal hole
  • A blood clot in your nose made you less able to smell things
  • a negative response to anesthesia
  • a brief numbness of the nose, teeth, or gums
  • Any medical issues you have should be disclosed to your surgeon in order to lower your chance of complications. Poor wound healing can be made more likely by rheumatologic disorders like lupus or osteoarthritis, smoking, and some drugs.
  • Additionally, some people discover that their symptoms remain unchanged following a septorhinoplasty. Additional surgery might be required to treat their symptoms.

What to expect after a septorhinoplasty

In the initial weeks following your operation, you might need to take some precautions to prevent bleeding and swelling. Your surgeon will inform you about the quantity and duration of these procedures. Following-surgery instructions frequently include:

  • While you sleep, keep your head raised.
  • Do not blow your nose.
  • Avoid wearing clothing that you have to pull over your head to put on.
  • avoiding vigorous cardiovascular exercise such as jogging.
  • Your nose will stabilize in around 3 to 6 months. You can notice changes in your breathing and the appearance of your nose as your septum stabilizes. Some patients see alterations a year after surgery.


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