i7 Laptops vs i3 & i5 Laptops (What is better in i7 than i3 and i5)

i7 Laptops

What is the Difference between i7, i5 & i3 Laptops?

In this article, which laptop is best and high-performance and high-speed. Also, we tell you, why i7 is best than i5 and i3 laptops. Let’s start!

Intel is currently selling the i7 8500Y dual core for laptops with ultra-thin effects. They also sell the i3 8100H, which is a four-core, considerably more strongly integrated graphics processor than the i7 8500Y.

The i3 8100H is also less expensive than that of the i7 8500Y, making a laptop less expensive. Why is that, then? Well, let me explain: let me explain

You only look at letters and numbers i3, i5, i7, and i9 when looking at an Intel processor but also look at the rest of the Intel processor with its numbers and letters.

Are i7 laptops better than i5 and i3?

Usually yes, but it depends on which i3, i5 and i7 you compare.

Here is how an Intel Core processor model name is established. The generation indicator and product line suffix are the most important things to look at here.

In the case of the i3 8100H the generation indicator is 8, and in the case of i7 8500Y the same is the case.

Now, let’s look at the suffix of the product line, which either cannot contain one, two letters or sometimes. Some cases include one letter and one number. There are also cases. The most common Intel laptop processor suffixes are given here.

As can be seen, “H” shows high-performance graphics for the processor. They sometimes throw the “H” to simply show that the processor draws more power than a processor in the “U” series. The HQ is sporadic and for some reason, only Intel is aware of “Q” in certain quad-core processors.

Alpha SuffixDescription
HHigh-Performance Graphics
HKHigh-Performance Graphics, Unlocked
HQHigh-Performance Graphics, Quad-Core
UUltra-low Power
YExtremely-low Power

As you can see from the Y-series belonging to the i7 8500Y is the mobile processor series “Extremely small power.” This series has been very powerful dual cores with hyperthreading capability up to and including the 8th Gen., This means much greater battery life so that the processor can run in an ultrathin chassis without a fan. 10th gene brings about four core CPUs to the Y series for the first time.

The U series was also maxed of 2 cores up to 7th genes, but now they reach up to 4 cores, and we even talk about 6 cores next year. The TDP of the U range usually is 15W, a little more than the Y range but still quite efficient in terms of power.

The i3 8100H is a more sophisticated 45W TDP processor. This means it is intended for stronger, but thicker laptops. In large and thicker workstation laptops or laptops, the H and particular HK suffixes i3, i5, i7, and i9 processors usually are found.

Hope that helps. Naming systems in Intel can be very confusing so it’s easy to understand that it’s not sometimes difficult to choose the right laptop. A higher number generally means better, but not always.

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