Inspiring New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! It’s great to see you again! I’m checking my makeup in your reflection and parked you at the far edge of the parking lot so no one hits you with their door because you’re so shiny and new.

If you’re unhappy with your current situation, you may be considering starting again. While it would be ideal if life had a “reset” button, it is regrettably not possible! Thankfully, with a little effort and soul-searching on our part, we may actually start again and make a positive difference in our lives.

Did you make a lot of New Year’s resolutions this year? I’m far too Virgo to limit goal-setting to once a year (what.a.dork), but I do enjoy a fresh start.

‘Any ordinary day can be the starting day of the rest of your life,’ according to inspiring posters posted all over the place. Sure. Yes. But don’t you think the first day of a new decade is a little more fortunate than any other? Let’s make a new start this year! How is a human supposed to achieve that?

1. Get rid of the clothes you don’t love and don’t wear

You should now understand that getting rid of things? It’s probably my second favorite pastime. Cleaning out your closet and getting rid of the items that no longer fit, suit, or please you is a fantastic idea.
I promise you’ll feel so much better once you’ve cut down your wardrobe to only the items that flatter you and make you happy. At a consignment shop, you can even sell your old clothes for a profit!

2. Clean out your car

Goodbye, empty Cheetos bags, extra ice scrapers, and misplaced mitten. Vacuum away the sand from this summer, then treat yourself to an $8 automatic car wash with wax and a new air freshener.

I did this after a really difficult breakup, and it was strangely relieving. That, and getting rid of all of his old mix CDs still in the glove compartment.

3. Organize your email/photos/online profiles

Do you keep your emails in folders? You have to, dude. Even if the contents of those folders are limited to ‘friends,’ ‘work,” misc. important,’ and ‘cute photos of cats,’ When your inbox isn’t clogged with spam and emails offering Christmas gifts, I promise you’ll feel so much better.

Take some time to organize your numerous internet hangouts. Adjust your privacy settings, deactivate your Vine account, and print out your favorite Instagram photographs after weeding out a few Facebook friends you don’t remember. I promise you’ll feel clean and arrogant once more. 

4. Change up your fitness routine

I’m addressing you, myself. Sure, 30 minutes on the stair climber while listening to Beyonce is fantastic – and certainly better than nothing – but how about a ballet class? Or how about aqua aerobics?

What are kettlebells? yoga in the heat? You’ll work various muscles, meet new people, and most likely have a great time wearing that cool flowery swimming cap.

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5. Take stock of all the relationships in your life

This is something I believe we don’t do nearly enough of. Are you content with your current partner? Are you on the same track as me? Do you think to yourself, “How did I get the best one?” when you look at them?

Is everything fine, but a little dull? Examine what’s working and what isn’t. Consider how you can freshen things up and reconnect. Have a good time. Together, try something new. Hold large, important discussions.

What about your acquaintances? Do they motivate and encourage you? Are they vibrant and entertaining? Do you hold them in high regard and regard them? We’ve all met people that deplete us and sap the enthusiasm from every engagement.

Perhaps it’s time to let go of those friendships? I’m not recommending you have a big break-up talk with them, but you could limit yourself to hanging out with them in groups or let them make plans once in a while.

What about those people you’ve met and would like to get to know better? Make it a reality! I’m completely the kind of lady who will meet someone once, recognize a kindred spirit, and tell them we’re going to be friends. Really.

And you’d be surprised how frequently this works! Tell someone you like them if you meet someone you like. Friend them on Facebook and offer to go on an adventure with them! The worst that may happen is that they simply ignore you.

6. Clean out your cupboards and fridge

You almost certainly have items wallowing in the depths of your fridge and cupboards that will never see the light of day, just like you do in your closet. Anyone for canned beets?

Commit to eating them, throwing them away, or donating them to a food bank. Wipe everything down, and then fill up on your favorite tasty, nutritious meal – feta! Mandarins! Nutella!

And now is an excellent time to embark on a No Grocery Challenge. The amount of time and money you’ll save will astound you!

7. Update your resume

It’s easy to let your resume rot in the bowels of your hard drive once you get a job, but why not spend a few hours spicing it up? Update it with new abilities you’ve picked up at your present work, try out alternative fonts and layouts, and double-check that all of the dates, emails, and phone numbers are up to date. You never know when you’re going to need something!

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8. Clean out your bathroom cabinet

I won’t bore you with data about how makeup has a three-week shelf life or anything, but why not get rid of those outdated prescriptions, frosted lipstick, and that weird-smelling shampoo? Wipe down everything, wash your makeup brushes, and treat yourself to some new things you’ve been wanting to test.

10. Change out your ringtone/alarm/screen saver

Yes. Get something new and exciting to download. Why not start your day with the sounds of Josh Ritter or Rhye? Unsplash has a plethora of beautiful photos to choose from if you’re looking for a new screen saver.

11. Try a new scent

Aromatherapy is a real thing. Why not experiment with an entirely different aroma for your home? Or a perfume that is altogether different from what you usually wear?

 ‘Cougar smells,’ as I call them, are musky, spicy scents that make me smell like a 50-year-old woman who travels first class and drinks too many martinis. However, I’m going to try something light and floral!

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12. Switch up your surroundings

To acquire the feeling of a new room, you don’t need to conduct a whole-house renovation. Replace the shams on your pillow coverings and fill the frames with new photographs.

Replace the Venetian blinds with some thrifted drapes, and paint an accent wall in the color you want. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to notice a significant change.

13. Make a list of new things you want to try

I’m currently attempting to try 25 new things, but you can try as many as you want. They don’t have to be huge, expensive, or life-changing.

‘Cook with lemongrass,’ ‘Watch Citizen Kane,’ and ‘Try Hip Hop Karaoke’ are all good ideas. It’s simply necessary to try new things!

14. Spend 15 minutes thinking about your finances

Examine your credit score, determine how much money you owe on student loans, and consider increasing your automatic payment.

Over the course of ten years, even $30 more per month can make a significant difference! Make sure you’re using all of the monthly services you pay for, such as Hulu+, Netflix, and the gym.

Is it possible to live without them? Take a check at your 401(k) to see if you’ve maxed it out. Get a Roth IRA if you don’t have a 401k. It’s not nearly as daunting as you may assume! 

15. Try something new with your appearance

I don’t know about you, but when I know something works, I’m more likely to remain with it. Then do it for a million years, long after the expiration date has passed.

These days, it means NYX liquid liner, Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, and a pair of strange black boots I found on my birthday at an antique store.

Anyway! Let’s get out of this funk! There are new lipstick hues! I got a new eyeliner! Hairstyles that aren’t a top knot or have a lot of loose curls! (That last one is a mental reminder to myself.) What if you give it a shot and don’t like it? You can simply return to what worked previously.

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