How to Keep Fighting When Things Get Difficult

Life can be difficult at times, but it is critical to keep battling for better times. Many more people will be coping with various issues right now as a result of Covid-19, whether it’s redundancy, illness, inability to travel freely, reduced contact with friends and family, or the death of a loved one.
Let’s a look at a few methods you can keep battling and get yourself through the tough times.

1. Meet Your Basic Needs

If you only manage to accomplish one thing, make sure your basic necessities are covered. Our bodies are typically quite tolerant of us on those few times when we mistreat them, but in the long run, some simple TLC will make them much happiness.

This isn’t about jogging a 5K every day. We’re discussing two issues:

  • Getting adequate rest
  • eating on a regular basis

If that’s all you manage, you’ll have laid the groundwork for when you’re ready to battle. When you’re physically exhausted, it’s difficult to keep fighting mentally. They are connected.

If all you did today was survive, that’s fine.

2. Change Any Expectations You Have of Yourself

It’s fine to take things slowly and decrease the number of items on your plate. In fact, expecting yourself to perform at your best when you’re going through a difficult moment is impractical.

Recognize and accept that you are going through a difficult time in your life, and give yourself time to adjust. If you do not comprehend and accept this, you will surely feel guilty or upset for not being able to function at your previous levels. As a result, your capacity to battle will be harmed.

You are unlikely to have the same level of productivity or energy as you did previously. As a result, raise the threshold for what constitutes “good.”

There was probably a point when leaving the house wasn’t even on your mind. Now? Well, the days you are able to leave the house may be a significant achievement. Get through each day one at a time by redefining success in terms of what you’re going through.

3. Tackle the Problem Head on

When you have a small burst of mental or physical energy, use it to attack your difficulties head-on.

If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one and finding it difficult to accept, start allowing yourself to think about them and feel whatever feelings arise.

Do this in small increments to allow your brain to digest what has occurred without becoming overwhelmed.

Then, once you’ve expended all of your energy, return to those fundamentals until you’re ready to try again.

Take little bursts of energy to start reaching out to other people for help if you’ve been laid off and feel stuck with no new chances: phone friends to see if they know of any opportunities at their company, or go for a walk around your neighborhood to see what’s available.

Change up your approach every now and again so you’re not doing the same thing every day, which may be quite demotivating.

You might not get lucky right first, but the objective is to get used to putting in tiny amounts of work overtime so you don’t burn out.

It’s better to apply for 100 jobs over the course of 3 months than to apply for 100 jobs in one day and then take your foot off the gas for the following month.

If this happens, the next time you are ready to apply for another 100 jobs, it will seem like a mountain of a task.

4. Be Kind to Yourself

Whatever it is that you are going through, make it a habit to do something that makes you happy every day. Don’t put too much emphasis on huge, unsustainable gestures like trips abroad, especially if you’re in financial trouble.

Concentrate on the small pleasures in life, such as a good cup of coffee or a relaxing bath. Every day, do something small and special for yourself. Also, keep reminding yourself of what you’re fighting for and why you’re fighting.

Being kind to oneself will provide you with the extra motivation to keep going[1]. Take care of yourself like you would a buddy going through a similar experience.

5. Remember That Life Is About ups and Downs

This is one of those sayings that has become so imprinted in our minds because it is so accurate. Hearing this when you’re on a downhill spiral may be counterproductive because hearing it doesn’t change anything. The viewpoint, on the other hand, is critical. 
You only know what it’s like to be “low” because you’ve already been “high.” The reason you keep battling when you’re down is so you can have the opposite sensation again. 

6. Reduce Your Exposure to Things That Trigger Negative Emotions

When you’re feeling down, the last thing you want to allow into your life are things that make you feel bad. Whether it’s the news, social media, or unhelpful people in your network, cut them all out.

This advice is applicable at any time in your life. It’s a good idea to get rid of as many of the things in your life that make you feel bad as possible, but this is especially true when circumstances get rougher because you’ll be less able to keep perspective on your life.

When you’re mentally strong, for example, you can be OK watching the news, which is continuously reporting on disasters, tragedies, and other terrible happenings, since you understand that life isn’t always like this.

However, if you’re mentally ill, you might convince yourself that life is bleak. The news hasn’t changed, but your attitude has.

As much as possible, surround yourself with positivity. It will have an impact.

7. Get Help

Finally, if you feel like you can’t keep battling, don’t be scared to ask for help. We’d all like to believe we’re capable and strong enough to handle anything, but the truth is that we all require assistance from time to time. It’s not something to feel embarrassed about.

Most people discover that when they are open and vulnerable with someone, they are open and vulnerable with that person as well. It’s also a humbling event that can help you let go of a lot of stress and pain.

Sharing is best done with people who understand what you’re going through, whether they’re going through it right now or have gone through it before.

Finding this person or people will be a challenge.

Consider how cautious you are about your emotions, and you may find that others are as guarded. We’ve been taught that displaying weakness is a bad thing, which is unfortunate because there’s certainly someone out there who might benefit from your ear.

Because they focus on the situation at hand, online forums are an excellent place to gather assistance because you’ll constantly discover people going through comparable problems.

It’s possible that you won’t find a solution to your problems, but sometimes simply being able to express yourself is enough.

Final Thoughts

When things go bad in life, it can be difficult to maintain the energy to keep fighting, but by following a few of the simple techniques above, you can reclaim your mental stamina and get back to fighting for a better life for yourself. Take care of yourself first, and then focus on what’s around you.


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