Laura Putty Stroud

Laura Putty Stroud

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Biography of Laura Putty Stroud

  • Laura Putty Stroud age is 38 years according to 2020
  • She stands on a height 5 feet and 7 inches
  • The weight of Laura Putty Stroud is about 58 KG.
  • Her body measurement is 34-24-35 inches
  • Her shoe size is 7″
  • She has gorgeous hazel eyes and has blonde hair

Birth in the United States The American citizen Laura Putty Stroud belongs to white ethnicities. But her parents are still under evaluation at early years and educational information.

Laura Putty Stroud is an agent of real estate and the former girlfriend of the country singer Reba McEntire, Narvel Blackstock. He started dating Laura Putty Stroud after Narvel Blackstock divorced Reba. After his old friend Narvel Blackstock dated, it became famous.

Net Worth of Laura Putty Stroud Ex-Boyfriend

The immobility investor is Laura Putty Stroud. In Nashville, she sells luxury homes. It is not known, besides that, if she does anything else. Laura and her life before fame are not detailed.

But after dating, Narvel Blackstock, his former friend, who is a renowned music video director, music manager, and television producer in America, came to the media spotlight. Let’s learn about the career of his former husband.

He played guitar with local bands during his early days but was unable to get a frame. Later, thanks to his talents, he won success in every step. Blackstock has managed renowned personalities and movies during his career.

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Blackstock has also earned enormous salaries as a manager.

Laura Putty Stroud’s Career

In addition to films like Malibu Country, Giving’s Secret, and Not So Family Novellas he has managed Reba McEntyre. The company was created and named Narvel and Reba, Starstruck Entertainment.

They separated after years of work. He nowadays is the director of singers such as Linda Davis, Blake Shelton, and Kelly Clarkson.

After Break Up Narvel Blackstock; Is Laura Putty Stroud still Dating or Married?

Laura Putty Stroud isn’t a woman married but dates. But Narvel Blackstock had previously been dating. In early January 2016, the couple started their work.

For many years she was a friend of Reba’s. The social media of Reba contains photos of Laura and a male colleague from her. The image was, clicked on a concert in Katy Perry and all three of them are shown with colored wigs. Laura had also accompanied Reba into the car racing competitions of her son Shelby Blackstock.

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Blackstock and Laura began relations with his ex-wife Reba McEntire in 2015, not long after he had divorced. Laura’s former wife, Reba, is also one of his closest friends.

Reba even called Laura for some artsy Instagram photos on her social media. There were also close friends with Reba and Laura. Its current relationship status is unique as it once and later collapses.

Laura Putty Stroud might have managed to earn her career a decent sum. On the other hand, the net value of his ex-boyfriend is about $5 million.

Laura Putty Stroud and Reba are still friends?

After Narval married Reba, his ex-best wife’s friend, friendship instability between two buddies went down. Reba and Laura were close friends, while her pictures were shown in the timeline of Reba.

At the concert of Katy Perry, they were observed sporting various colorful wigs. Laura also accompanied Reba in the motor racing competitions for her son Shelby Blackstock.

Since the failure, albeit not enemies, the two buddies enjoy their real lives. But their status as a buddy is not as it had been. Information about their current status is still being reviewed because both of them did not talk about it.

Laura Putty Stroud Divorce

Laura Putty was engaged with her best friend Reba McEntire’s husband Narvel Blackstone before. They began in 2016 after his wife, Reba McEntire, was divorced by Narvel Blackstone. Years later, Laura and Narvel were unable to sustain their differences which led to disruption.

Laura putty stroud Dating

Laura Putty Stroud is currently single. Single. After her relationship with her former friend Narvel Blackstone had struck the rock, she began a quiet life.

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