Life Beyond We Transfer: 5 File Sharing Websites

File sharing

Our seniors continue to print photos and keep them in a large, dusty leather album. Bless them! We keep our files on the megabytes of our laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other pricey and electrical devices. It’s almost as antiquated as the albums themselves.

Uploading them to a large Internet entity is preferable. You will be able to get them at any time there. We also share files online through cloud-connected platforms that adhere to our slogan “Sharing is Living.”

Nowadays, websites that provide storage space for your files have sprouted like mushrooms all over the enormous Internet.

They grow with the promise of preserving and protecting your belongings from physical harm, forgetfulness, and loss. Your loved ones can comfortably graze in the world of file-sharing websites.

There are many different types of online file-sharing systems. What’s good, what’s awful, what’s free, what’s not free, what’s pricey… Even in certain cases, you will be able to save your information up to a certain point before having to pay for more.

These platforms are useful not only for keeping your data safe and secure but also for sharing it. Professionals and businesses of all kinds enjoy working with them because it is ideal for working in groups and over long distances.

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It’s not a file-sharing platform; it’s a kind of private cloud. But we can cheat because, like other websites like this one, Mega lets you create a private link to share your saved files.

Mega’s pretty fast. Its upload and download speed is well known on the site. Their speed is such that Drive and Dropbox bend their heads in shame on certain occasions.

For greater taste offers 50GB of free storage and allows you to generate passwords to make you feel more secure.


Yes, there are websites that allow you to share files without using the cloud. It’s the case of the Makefile. So you don’t need to rely on the cloud to upload and download files; all you have to do is transfer the files directly. It makes no difference how far the shipment is: it will be direct.

Takeafile claims to be “up to 10 times faster than the traditional cloud” when it comes to sharing files. This is due to the fact that the files are not uploaded to your servers and instead are sent directly to the receiver. The only stumbling block is the network connection.

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Not all file-sharing platforms are so similar. There are some that have certain characteristics that make them stand out.

Filesharing24 has the superpower to resume a download where it left off if it is interrupted for any reason. It’s also true that the maximum number of files you can share is around 5GB, which is not bad at all.

The service is free and also gives you the opportunity to create a private link to email or copy to the clipboard.

Although you can only use it from your website (it does not have a mobile application), the URL used to download the files expires 24 hours after it is created, thus providing it with greater security.


Some features of this great platform are: 1) You can send files for free up to 250 MB. 2) It is totally suitable to share pdf, jpeg, MP3 files, etc. 3) In its form of payment, it allows users to share files of up to 8 GB, only showing our address for mail and the one of the addressee. 4) It won’t get too complicated. You don’t need to install any software. 5) Fast, simple, and safe.

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There are some files that have accumulated so much weight that sending them by regular ways is impossible.

PlusTransfer, a free tool that requires no registration or forms and can help us send files of enormous size to all of our contacts, is available for all of them. Multiple files of up to 2.1 GB can be transmitted fast and effortlessly.

To use PlusTransfer, all we have to do is select the files we want to transmit, input the email address of the person who will deliver it, as well as the person who will get it or those who will receive it. It allows us to attach a possible text message, such as “Hello, here’s all the material I promised you, I found this tool, meet you after work on Friday.”

The loading speed is impressive. It could compete with Flash and Superman in one of their races for the title of “The fastest thing in the world”.

All these file-sharing tools are wonderful. There’s no doubt about it. But among all these geniuses of technology…

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