M&P becomes the official distributor of Jazz Digit 4G smart feature phones

M&P becomes official distributor of Jazz Digit 4G smart feature phones:

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (Reuters) – Muller & Phipps (M&P) Pakistan has been appointed as the official distributor of Jazz Digit 4G smart mobile phones by Jazz, Pakistan’s number one 4G operator, and largest internet & broadband service provider.

These smart feature phones, which start at Rs 4,099, are among the most affordable internet-enabled handsets. The Jazz Digit 4G Elite and Defender models will be available in various mobile markets across the country with the aid of M&P.

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“As a leading distribution centre, we plan to deliver as many solutions to the customer base as we can,” said Kamran Nishat, Managing Director and CEO of Muller & Phipps Pakistan. Our partnership with Jazz is special in that we can hit several customer touchpoints to ensure that the two Jazz Digit 4G models meet the masses.”

Jazz Digit 4G smart feature phones run on KaiOS, a light operating system that allows users to access famous apps like WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Jazz TV, Google Assistant, and more. Users can also access an ever-expanding range of applications and other exclusive local content through the KaiStore.

Asif Aziz, Jazz’s Chief Commercial Officer, commented on the development, “While we consistently work toward providing quality services, optimising accessibility to affordable phones remains a priority.” Our partnership with M&P to make Jazz Digit 4G smart feature phones widely available would help increase low and middle-income consumers’ access to mobile internet and, as a result, promote digital connectivity across all socioeconomic segments.”

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“Digit is the brand of every Pakistani,” said Abdul Rehman Mahmood, CEO of Digit4G. Our goal is to digitalize Pakistani people in order to improve their quality of life and take advantage of globalization’s opportunities. These digit smart feature phones are low-cost and high-quality. Our partnership with Jazz will ensure that the phones have access to the Super 4G network, and our partnership with M&P will ensure that they are available in the United States. Furthermore, this collaboration will usher in a digital revolution in Pakistan’s urban and rural areas.”

It comes with a Jazz link and provides a number of exclusive features, including some of the most competitive voice and data tariff rates in the industry.

Furthermore, these phones can run over 400 different mobile applications, each with its own set of features.

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