What Does an Owner of an Insurance Agency Make?

How much do insurance coverage firm proprietors earn? The average yearly wage for a business owner in the United States is $103,144. Others claim that the average compensation for a business owner in the United States is $115,299 per year, plus a fee of $74,500.

Anyone starting with $50,000 should think about the difficulties of starting a business. To build a customer base, the owner needs to make a significant personal investment. Starting from the ground up necessitates perseverance as well as a long-term innovative and clairvoyant mindset.

If you’re thinking about becoming an insurance agent, you’re putting yourself in a position to have a financially rewarding and stable profession. Not only is there a huge need for insurance agents, but even the typical insurance agent can make enough money to live comfortably.

How much an insurance agent can make depends on a number of different factors, but making the right choices for your specific situation could lead to making over six figures. 

What is the salary of an insurance agency owner?

In the United States, the median yearly compensation for an insurance coverage firm owner is $72,499 year.

The hourly wage is approximately $34.86. This works out to $1,394 a week or $6,042 per month.

Most insurance coverage business homeowners in the United States make between $43,000 (twenty-fifth percentile) and $100,000 (seventy-fifth percentile), with the highest earners (ninth percentile) earning $110,000 per year.

The typical income range for an insurance coverage firm owner is extremely wide (up to $57,000), showing that there may be numerous opportunities for advancement and better remuneration depending on skill level, region, and years of knowledge.

In your location, an insurance coverage company proprietor earns a mean of $72,499 per 12 months, equivalent to the nationwide median annual wage of $72,499. Insurance company proprietor salaries are the best in all 50 states.

Best Cities to Work in as an Insurance Agency Owner

We found eleven cities where the median salary for insurance company homeowners is significantly higher than the national average. The Great Lakes, Alaska, is at the top of the list, followed by San Francisco, California, and Santa Clara, California.

Santa Clara, CA, outperforms the national average by $10,530 (14.5%), and Lakes, AK, outperforms the national average by another $11,846. (16.3 percent ).

In particular, the job market for insurance coverage company homeowners in Lakes, AK is moderately active, with only a few companies employing for this position.

With median salaries in these ten cities exceeding the national average, the chances of financial success as an insurance company owner appear to be very appealing.

Finally, the median wage in these high ten cities differs little or no, 5%, between Lakes, Alaska, and San Jose, California, reinforcing the restricted alternatives for wage development.

Reducing the price of residing might be one side to contemplate when deciding on location and paying for a profession as an insurance coverage company proprietor.

How Much Do Insurance Agents Make in 2022?

According to the United States Department of State, According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2018, an insurance agent earned an average of $50,600 a year. The salary ranges from $27,500 to $125,610, with the lowest 10% getting less than $27,500 and the wealthiest 10% earning more than $125,610.

The manner in which an insurance agent receives a yearly pay varies based on the company for which they work and the sort of insurance they sell. They can be paid on a salary-only basis, a salary-and-commission basis, or a salary-plus-bonus basis.

Part of the reason why an insurance agent’s profits can vary so much is because of the commission issue. The majority of independent insurance agents rely only on commission to make a living.

Insurance brokers earn their annual earnings in varied methods, relying on the corporate they work for and the kind of insurance coverage they provide. They could also be compensated with a wage solely, a wage and fee, or a wage plus a bonus.

What Factors Determine an Insurance Agent’s Salary?

The average insurance agent salary is not what all individuals in this occupation make. Insurance agents can make anywhere from below the nation’s average salary to six figures. Here are a variety of different factors that can determine their salary.

Type of Agent

Whether you’re a captive agent or an independent agent, your earning potential varies. Captive agents are only allowed to sell the products of one insurance provider.

Captive agents benefit from having the insurance business generate leads for them, as well as working in a formal office setting with other agents. A captive agent, on the other hand, is constrained to selling only one insurance company’s policies, making it more difficult to close a deal.

Commissions are common for captive agents, although they may also be paid a salary by their insurance firm. Many people rely on a holiday bonus to supplement their yearly income.

Independent agents are self-employed. While they do not benefit from having an insurance company market their products for them, they do have limitless opportunities to expand their business and the option to sell a variety of policies from numerous insurance companies.

Captive agents can provide significant benefits to less experienced insurance agents, whilst independent agents can provide greater benefits to those with more expertise. The type of insurance agent you wish to be is determined by your personal circumstances and career objectives.

Type of Insurance

The sort of insurance you sell has an impact on how much money you make. Each sort of insurance has its own set of chances for recruiting new clients and increasing profits by upselling existing ones.

An insurance agent can expect to make a percentage of the policy’s premium as well as a percentage of the policy renewal while selling house and auto insurance. This means that having a growing customer base can potentially increase your earnings dramatically.

The compensation structure for life and health insurance policies differs slightly. The agent earns a big share of the sale when a consumer first signs up for a policy. The agent earns money from policy renewals as well, albeit at a much lower rate. Many people give up after the third year.


Location is another huge variable in your salary. The cost of living, crime rates, public health status, accident rates, and other local statistics can have a great influence on insurance rates. Ultimately, these local factors affect the size of premiums and thus the insurance agent’s commission. 

An area with a large population may offer more opportunities to find new customers, but it may also provide a higher concentration of agents, making it a more competitive market.

It is important to consider your desired salary and lifestyle before deciding where you want to work as an insurance agent.

Commission Structure

The percentage and volume of commissions that you receive can influence your earnings as an insurance agent. If you are an independent agent, you can generally earn a much higher percentage of your commission. 

If you are a captive agent, you will receive a smaller percentage of the policy price. The average insurance carrier gives captive agents a 5-10% commission of any policy sold, while the average independent agent makes around 15% commission.

Capital Needed to Start

Capital necessities vary from $5,000 to $50,000, with the costliest insurance coverage firms charging between $100,000 and $1,000,000.

This is determined by many circumstances, such as location and mode of operation. Of course, you may apply for an enterprise mortgage. However, you have to have a stable credit score history, work experience, and a well-written marketing strategy.

Another chance is to analyze grants or crowdsourcing.

Rent, bond, first month’s hire, workplace tools, company administration system, licensing and authorized charges, and insurance coverage are thought of start-up prices.


To become an insurance agent, education matters less than formal training. While a bachelor’s degree can be helpful, the position only requires a high school diploma.

As for training, insurance agents must learn from other agents. Many new agents beginning their careers will shadow other agents to better understand the position and its requirements.

Continuing education is also important, as laws and regulations that influence how insurance policies are structured and sold are constantly changing.

Insurance agents must be licensed by the state that they practice in. Agents may also need to get different licenses to sell different types of insurance. Agents obtain a license by taking and passing state exams around insurance law and ethics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Join a Cluster, or Do I Stay Solo?

A cluster group is a group of unbiased insurance coverage brokers working collectively. One of the explanations some insurance coverage brokers be part of a bunch quite than proceed on their very own is to satisfy gross sales objectives. Some insurers won’t can help you provide their merchandise except you meet a selected minimal or quota.

When did Will My Insurance Agency begin to See a Profit?

It is tough to predict when your insurance coverage firm will make a revenue. Instead, profitability can come from gross sales projections, gross revenue estimates, and the price of offering providers and different bills.

How a lot does it value to purchase an Allstate company?

A minimal funding of $100,000 is required to acquire an Allstate insurance coverage franchise. Allstate doesn’t require you to surrender fairness. Allstate brokers are compensated on a fee foundation, and their advantages aren’t capped.

What are the minimal necessities for an appointment as an company proprietor?

  • Property and casualty, life, and medical health insurance licenses.
  • Series 6 and 63 licenses or the potential to acquire them.
  • Satisfactory background checks outcomes.
  • A marketing strategy and a observe document of success are fascinating.

Can I construct my company or purchase an present one?

Farmers® are looking for the best and brightest to change into company homeowners. The Seed Program permits an eligible person to open a farmers’ company while retaining service and fee rights to the present enterprise.

What is the Agency Owner’s wage at State Farm Insurance?

State Farm Insurance pays an company proprietor $250,000 per 12 months.

Payment Outlook

Insurance agents have favorable income and employment prospects compared to many other occupations in the United States. By 2028, the role is predicted to rise by 10%.

Because insurance businesses will always need a mechanism to find and acquire new clients, position demand is predicted to remain stable.

This is especially true for independent insurance agents, who are increasingly being used by insurance firms to save expenses. For the time being, the position is likewise immune to automation. In reality, technology has aided insurance brokers in increasing their productivity.

New technologies, such as market automation software, have made it easier for insurance agents to acquire new clients, develop long-term connections with them, and, as a result, sell more insurance and renew policy renewals.

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