Best Podcasts for Kids to Enjoy While Learning

I’m a big fan of podcasts. True crime programs are my personal favorite podcasts to listen to. Some of my favorite true crime podcasts include Crime Junkie, Dirty John, Doctor Death, and The Drop Out.

I like listening to shows while gardening and doing other household chores since it allows me to watch a show while still being productive.

True crime is obviously not acceptable listening for young children. My children are seven years old, seven years old, and nine years old.

The podcasts we’ve chosen for family listening are all shows that the kids love, are age-appropriate, and teach us all something new at the same time.

It’s not always simple to find decent podcasts for kids. I put considerable effort into finding podcasts that my family would appreciate. The top ten podcasts I suggest for kids and families are listed below.

1. Brains On

American Public Media produces the podcast “Brains On.” This podcast is for youngsters who are interested in learning new things. It’s a science-based podcast that answers the questions that inquisitive children frequently ask.

On this show, they interview scientists in order to investigate each issue. They add to the show’s appeal by using expressive voices and personalities, as well as outstanding sound effects. This show keeps youngsters interested in science by presenting it in a fun and engaging way.

The show “Brains On” has won several awards. The fact that each week a different youngster co-hosts the show adds to its appeal.

What Causes Wildfires, Why Do Mosquitos Bite, and Do Dogs Know They’re Dogs are some of the program subjects that could be of interest to your family. These and other episodes may be found at Brains On.

Ages: This session is suitable for people of all ages. It is aimed towards tweens and older elementary school students.

2. Wow in the World

Did you know that Antarctica has only one bug species? No? If that’s the case, you should tune in to Wow in the World. This award-winning NPR podcast explores science, technology, and innovation in a lighthearted manner.

Because it is aimed at children, it employs engaging voices, music, and noises to interest and entertain them. They contain quizzes to engage the audience and encourage them to think critically. The quizzes are presented in a game show manner, which is adorable!

This program is well-produced and is sure to delight your kids while also teaching them new facts about the globe. This presentation will make them exclaim “wow,” and you will as well! Check out Wow in the World’s over 400 episodes.

Wow in the World: The How and Wow of the Human Body is a book written by the show’s creators.

Wow in the World is suitable for children of all ages. It was developed and created with children aged 5 to 12 in mind.

3. KidNuz

Do you want your children to be aware of current events and news around the globe, but in an age-appropriate manner? Kidz is a podcast that delivers five-minute news updates tailored to children five days a week.

They offer current news in a non-partisan manner and cover current events. Parents, The New York Times, and Good Housekeeping, to mention a few, have all covered this podcast. Check out KidNuz episodes.

Kidz is suitable for children of all ages. The podcast is aimed at children aged 6 to 13.

4. The Past and The Curious

The Past and the Curious is a children’s history podcast. Every episode features historical facts. It’s told in a story-telling and funny style that appeals to people of all ages. The well-researched tales will undoubtedly inspire and pique your children’s interest in history.

The show is well-produced and enjoyable for the entire family to listen to. The Past and the Curious is now available to listen to.

The Past and the Curious is suitable for people of all ages. It was designed to be enjoyed by both children and their families.

5. Smash Boom Best

Smash Boom Best is a debate show on the podcast Smash Boom Best. This show compares and contrasts two topics to determine which is the greatest.

This program will teach your youngsters how to defend their points of view and beliefs. Mermaids vs. Bigfoot, Sugar vs. Salt, and Moon vs. Sun are just a few of the topics covered in this episode. Smash Boom Best episodes are now available to listen to.

Smash Boom Best is suitable for players of all ages.

6. Short & Curly

Short and Curly is a podcast series that tackles philosophical issues from the perspective of children. Is it, for instance, immoral to love killing people in computer games? The show delves into ethical issues that encourage kids to think critically.

The show doesn’t just inquire if something is correct or incorrect. Rather, they go into the more fundamental issue of how we regard one another.

The show’s fundamental, yet profound ethical issues are useful in raising tiny beings who are kinder, more thinking, and compassionate individuals.

The show is made much more enjoyable by the charming Australian accents. You may now listen to the “Short and Curly” episodes.

Ages: This program is suitable for school-aged children and teenagers.

7. Dream Big Podcast

Eva Karpman, ten years old, and her mother present the Dream Big Podcast. They conduct interviews with celebrities, entertainers, and successful individuals from all around the world. The goal of this podcast is to encourage youngsters to follow their goals.

How to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, pushing outside your comfort zone, being the creator of your own life, proof that you can learn anything, and much more are among the themes discussed in the episode.

The Big Dream Podcast has more than 200 episodes. The Dream Big Podcast is an award-winning show that has been ranked first in the children and family category. Episodes of the Dream Big Podcast are now available to listen to.

Ages: The Dream Big Podcast is appropriate for all ages.

8. Story Pirates

Story Pirates is one of the most popular podcasts for kids and families across the world. The show has won several accolades, including the iHeartRadio award for best kids and family podcast in 2012.

The show adapts children’s stories into engaging podcast story-telling episodes, replete with music, sound effects, and a variety of amusing voices.

This podcast’s episodes are amusing, engaging, and appropriate for young children. They are sure to stimulate your child’s interest and creativity.

Ages: Story Pirates is suitable for children of all ages. It is aimed towards youngsters in preschool and elementary school.

9. 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter

The BBC has a podcast called 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter. The episode looks at the lessons we’ve learned from animals. Each episode showcases a groundbreaking scientific or technical achievement that resulted from our research on a certain animal or species.

Consider how bullet train designers incorporated knowledge on the kingfisher into their work. 30 Animals That Made Us Smarter is now available to listen to.

30 years old Animals That Made Us Smarter was developed and produced for kids in the upper elementary grades.

10. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

“But why?” is a question that my own children frequently ask. If you spend any time with inquisitive children, you will notice that they are curious about how things operate in the world. As a result, “but why” is a popular statement in families with children.

They want to know why cactuses are prickly, how rocks are formed, and how words are added to the dictionary, among other things. The podcast “But Why” is ideal for these inquisitive children. This sort of inquiry is addressed in the show.

Each episode of “But Why” delves into a new area of interest. The show frequently conducts interviews with experts on the subject at hand.

In the episode “Why Do Baby Teeth Fall Out,” for example, a friendly dentist is interviewed to explain some of the questions that children have about this topic.

The dentist conveys the facts in a way that children may grasp while being scientifically and medically correct.

Vermont Public Radio produces But Why. Each episode’s themes are based on genuine questions submitted to the show by listeners. Maybe your inquisitive youngster has a query that needs to be answered. At But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids, they may listen to episodes or submit their inquiry.

But Why is acceptable for people of all ages. It is aimed towards youngsters in elementary school.

Final Thoughts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to help your children learn while also keeping them engaged. It’s especially helpful for long car rides or road trips.

During a recent summer road trip with our family, we listened to a lot of podcasts. Listening to a range of informative and kid-friendly podcasts sparked a slew of intriguing and useful talks.

Educational podcasts may help your child learn more about history, science, technology, ethics, and other topics by listening to them.

Their critical thinking talents will be tested, while their language and vocabulary skills will be enhanced. It’s also a good method to cut down on their video screen time.

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