Realme Named to hit 50 Million Product Sales by Counterpoint Research as the Fastest Smartphone Brand

In the Q3 2020 Smartphone Sending Study of Counterpoint, Realme was listed as the fast-growing brand with 50 million smartphone market milestones. This was done in just nine quarters by the company’s global rivals. Realme also reported the world’s fastest-growing brand in Q3 with 14.8 million deliveries per quarter.

The rate of increase in volume shipments in the realm is “the highest growth momentum among the big global operators” According to Counterpoint. “Analyst Abhilash Kumar, a Counterpoint research associate, said that Realme was among the Top 5 brands, or even Top 3 brand brands, in their key markets , including India, Indonesia , Bangladesh, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries.”

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“The realm has appeared as perhaps the most resilient brand both during the pandemic crisis with some of its commitment to deliver affordable, but quality goods to customers, including its ability to provide seamless digital shopping and post-sales experiences in multiple countries.”

“We live our ideology to dare to step into the vanguard of creativity, design and product value, a characteristic that can be identified by young people,’ said Sky Li, CEO of realme. “While young, Realme has won five big professional design awards and partnered with plan new through the Realme Design Studio on its products.”

Reality has grown rapidly to provide young consumers with a range of items such as intelligent audio , visual and lifestyle (AIoT) to support their increasingly digitally linked lives. To date, Realme launched more than 50 AIoT items in 2020, which is projected to almost double 2021.

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