Reasons Why You Should Listen To Top Podcasts

In today’s marketing environment, podcast adoption is rapidly increasing. As listeners continue to look for feasible multitasking solutions, adoption rates have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

It enables people to participate in an interesting conversation, story, or narrative while traveling, completing home chores, and other activities.

Listeners tune in to a variety of podcasts in order to broaden their knowledge and expand their perspectives. Podcasts are abundant in today’s online environment.

Podcasting is rapidly gaining traction as the future of storytelling, and this sector of the media is drawing significant investment. As a result, the podcasting network is becoming more visible and bold than ever before. The new networking is podcasting. 

It aids in the development of brand-customer relationships and aids in the expansion of brand awareness. As the medium’s talent pool expands, the podcast market is getting more complicated.

Listeners can now experience extensive, high-quality, and dependable podcast content while also delving deeper into a certain area to listen to what they desire.

They now have a variety of options for learning more about a certain field and listening to high-quality podcasts on the go. You may listen to popular Indian podcasts and choose the ideal one for you from a variety of categories, including true crime, comedy, history, pop culture, news, cookery, and more.

With increasing investment in podcasting, it continues to expand in scope and ambition. Following the great success of shows like the murder mystery Serial and the introspective interview series WTF with Marc Maron, which recently hosted former President Barack Obama, it’s about time they get their due.

So, why podcasts?

For these reasons, podcasts have moved to the very top of my list of the best life hacks of recent years. Whenever and wherever I have my phone, earbuds, and a little time, I listen to programs that can broaden my perspective and grow my understanding of my job, my life, and the world. Podcasts are entertainment and education rolled into one and tailor-made for my multi-tasking life.

Podcasts are also evolving; they’ve come a long way since their humble beginnings in 2003. Technological advances and the ubiquity of broadband connections have enabled mobile apps to easily integrate players and stream podcasts almost anywhere.

With smartphones ranked as the top medium for podcast consumption, 44 percent of Americans, or approximately 143 million people, have now listened to at least one podcast, according to Edison Research. Here are the top four reasons why you should join them — if you haven’t already.

Thousands of high-quality top podcasts are frequently recorded that either inform or entertain their audiences, and they can all be listened to in virtually any setting. Discover ten major reasons why podcasts are a terrific addition to your life…

1. They’re free entertainment

The majority of podcasts are available for free. Audiobooks normally cost around $15 and provide between eight and twenty hours of listening time.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that programs like Fresh Air or The Nerdist can provide hundreds of hours of enjoyment, podcasts are free. If you want to support the shows you like, you can donate to Patreon crowdfunding efforts, but you virtually always have the option of listening to podcasts for free.

2. You can listen to them anywhere

You probably won’t be able to watch TV while biking. You can’t even look at groceries while playing a video game. However, you can take a listening device and some earbuds with you everywhere you go.

It’s as simple as putting on your headphones and listening to the latest episodes of your favorite podcast whether you’re at home, on a stroll, in your car, in a store, or anywhere else.

3. You’ll get less bored with your music library

Even the most extensive music libraries on MP3 players and cellphones can get exhausting after a while. You can take a break from music while listening to podcasts. When you return to your music after a pause, you’ll be enthralled all over again.

4. They’re usually conversations instead of stories

Driving to work and cleaning the house are two examples of jobs that do not necessitate a lot of mental effort. Podcasts are a terrific way to pass the time while cleaning toilets or washing sinks since they allow you to immerse yourself in an interesting conversation over the radio.

5. They’re perfect for mindless chores

Unlike audiobooks, which have an author narrating a story, podcast episodes typically feature two or more people conversing. Compared to the conventional one-person narration found in books on tape, this back-and-forth has a lot of advantages.

When compared to someone telling you a narrative, a discussion feels more natural. You get to hear folks bounce ideas off of one another and build on one another’s ideas. Because a podcast isn’t as structured as a book, it allows for more interesting tangents and divergences, making the listening experience more surprising.

The ability to tune in and out of a podcast is maybe the best feature. When listening to an audiobook, on the other hand, you can easily become disoriented if you lose your place.

6. You can learn about a subject, an industry, etc.

Podcasts are not only entertaining, but they may also be educational. You can use the time you’d spend on useless housework or exercising to help you prepare for the next stage of your career.

There are numerous shows that teach you about various disciplines of study and job prospects. Many people reading this would probably be interested in the productivity and technology-focused podcasts Supercharged and Back to Work, both on the 5by5 network; about any topic you can think of is well-covered.

Whether you want to learn about the entertainment industry, applied sciences, theme parks, or any other topic, there’s a podcast for you.

7. Easy Access

You can listen to podcasts on the go using a listening device that can tune in to the podcast channel and headphones. Whether you’re strolling, at home, or in your car, plug in your headphones and you’re ready to go.

Podcasts are simple to use, and you can even download episodes of a podcast feed to listen to at your leisure. Podcasts are portable, so you may listen to them whenever and wherever you choose once they’ve been downloaded to your own media player.

While accomplishing your tasks, listen to your favorite podcasts to make the effort feel much lighter. It allows you to multitask more readily, and you can simply fit it into your schedule without making any sacrifices.

They’re wonderful for pointless activities since they allow you to lose yourself in interesting stories or insightful talks while you work. It is a time-saving mode of communication that also serves as an on-demand service.

They are considerably easier to obtain than other tangible kinds of communication because they are provided digitally. They’re simple to archive and update.

8. Cut Down Screen Time

One of the most important advantages of podcasts is that they allow users to reduce their screen time. People nowadays are addicted to their phone screens, causing headaches and eye fatigue.

Podcasts are a popular alternative to visual media that can assist in decreasing eyestrain. It reduces the negative effects of computer vision syndrome (CVS).

9. Stimulate Your Mind

Podcasts make it simple to learn from skilled individuals. They are not only enjoyable to see, but also educational. Podcasts have delved into a wide range of topics that can assist you in quickly learning what you want to know.

The fascinating tangents and divergences in the conversational podcasts expand the listener’s experience, allowing them to grasp more efficiently.

Engaging your mind also helps decrease the risk of cognitive decline, which leads to confusion or memory loss with age.

10. Learn From Experts

Podcasting is a fantastic way to learn new things. The majority of podcast listeners use them to learn. When people listen, they might take in more information and discover new things.

Podcasts are produced by a variety of thought leaders, experts, and professionals, and you may learn a lot from them. It helps you to get more involved and learn more about different topics that interest you. Podcasts are available in a variety of lengths, and if you don’t finish an episode in one sitting, you can always return to it later.

To Conclude

You can easily make podcasts a part of your everyday lifestyle. It allows you to learn a new skill, track news, know about tips for better financing or tune in to a pep talk on the go. You can explore various podcasts in the field that interests you, and listen to them, anytime, anywhere.

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