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Prize Bond List 200

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Check the RS. 200 Prize Bond Result online, which was held in Peshawar. provides a link to a list of all 200 Prize Bond outcomes from the past. This prize bond has the lowest value of all the denominations in Pakistan.

In plain words, this is also known as a tiny welfare Prize bond. This prize bond also offers a substantial prize sum of lakhs. Only one number receives the first prize, which is worth Rs.750,000. The second reward is worth Rs.250,000 and is split among three numbers. The third prize is made up of 2394 prizes with a total value of Rs.1,250.

Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw Result Lists

Every three months, the State Bank of Pakistan hosts an Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draw. One prize of Rs. 750,000, five prizes of Rs. 250,000 each, and 2394 prizes of Rs. 1,250 each is available in the draw. This page contains the results of all prior Rs. 200 Prize Bond Draws.

You can also use our free premium tool Power Search to look up your prize bond numbers in the lists and see whether you’ve won anything. The schedule for the 200 Prize Bond Draws in 2022 may be found here. Check the 200 Prize Bond list 2022 on a frequent basis to see if you’ve won any money.

Rs. 200 Prize Bond List Online Check

All of the Rs. 200 draws are shown here in chronological order, with the most recent first. The first and second prize lists for Rs. 200 can be found on this page, but for the third prize list, you must go to the corresponding draw’s Full List of Rs. 200 buttons.

You may also use our search option to look up your prize bond number in one or more Rs 200 prize bond listings in a matter of seconds. We now offer a Power Search function that allows you to search your Prize Bond numbers by entering the first and last digits in the series if you have them.

How to claim the prize for winning the Rs. 200 Prize Bond?

You have six years from the date of the draw to claim a winning prize bond. To claim the reward, go to the National Saving Center or the State Bank of Pakistan and provide the original prize bond and a copy of your CNIC. Depending on whether you are a filer or a non-filer, some tax amounts will be taken from the reward money.

First Prize of Rs.750,000/-


Second Prize of Rs.250,000/-


The third list will be uploaded soon…

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