Signs That You’re Attracting Negativity

Have you ever made a list of your close friends and family members? Do you have more negative individuals in your life than good people? For some people, attracting negativity comes naturally, yet it can have negative consequences.

If you’re in the company of a toxic person, you’ll notice that they make you feel awful about yourself or manipulate you in some manner.

Each interaction with this person appears to make you a little more gloomy and negatively impact your attitude. Did you realize that when you’re surrounded by negativity, some of your most important qualities might be jeopardized?

Your character could have a “dark side” or a grey region where his or her strengths become flaws. Have you ever been told that you’re a doormat for others because you’re continuously exploited and abused? Your talents may become disadvantaged when you invite negativity into your life, and you don’t need the bother.

The trick is to establish limits and to say no, even if you don’t want to. You may avoid bad connections by controlling who you let into your inner circle.

Establishing boundaries is good and part of developing your own identity, according to Joaquin Selva, Bc.S. of Psychology Today.


No one wants to stifle the joy that resides inside them. However, it would be beneficial to educate yourself on how to avoid drawing negativity, as this may be used against you by these people. Do these folks seem to be drawn to you like flies to honey?

There might be a few reasons why you attract these poisonous and destructive people. To put it another way, you could be a little too polite.

Others are profiting from your generosity. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons why negativity keeps knocking on your door.


In life, there are two types of people: those who settle and those who pursue great goals. If you’re one of those people who likes to dream big, you’ll be drawn to the negative right away.

Some others may perceive you as unrealistic, pushy, or even selfish if you are excessively open about your objectives or desires.

Because the negative is afraid that your success will outshine them, they will discourage you. They can assist you in getting off course by sowing small seeds of doubt and dread in your thoughts.

Some pessimistic people are unhappy, therefore they don’t want to see anyone else prosper.


These days, finding someone who will listen carefully is difficult. People who are too preoccupied with their phones to stop and converse properly are on the move. You could, on the other hand, be the kind to drop everything for someone who needs to be heard.

Because you’re a captive audience, the negative individual takes things to the next level. They will take your time if you listen.

They persist in revealing unwelcome and perhaps dangerous facts about their lives with you, no matter how much you despise it. Those who are good listeners are more likely to be the focus of the negative conversationalist.


Have you ever heard the expression “opposites attract” or “light attracts darkness”? When you have a positive view of life, you emit a glow of optimism. A person trapped in the darkness of negativity could regard you as a ray of hope, as they won’t light.

If you have a bright temperament, your contagious grin will light up a room and make you the person everyone wants to talk to.

While they are appealing traits, they also attract bad people. These toxic people are usually dissatisfied with themselves, therefore they need someone to help them feel better about themselves.

Attracting negativity is effortless because you give these folks the boost in the confidence they crave.


Are you a generous person who is always willing to help? The negative is attracted to the one who is helpful. They like those who are generous with their time, money, and advice.

These people cling to you because they know you will listen to them and sympathize with their plight. The trouble is that these people will begin to demand more and more of your time, and you will get resentful of them.


Some people are born with the ability to solve problems. You can construct bridges and create pathways where none appear to exist. You’ve probably always been like this because you can’t tolerate it when conflicts go unresolved.

You’ll go to great lengths to resolve a problem, especially if you’re involved. The fact that you’re a natural problem solver who enjoys fixing things is well-liked by most people.

However, remember that the negative has frequently burned more bridges than you can count, which can assist. They don’t care if you solve their problem; they simply want to occupy your time while someone else complains about how unfair life is to them.


Are you a laid-back someone who is patient and kind? When things go wrong, most easygoing people know how to be cool. Because you’re strong, you’ll be able to get through difficult conditions.

Your powerful nature will undoubtedly play a role in attracting negativity. You always seem to have a reassuring remark for someone, and you’re not going to belittle them. Instead, the patience and love with which you treat these people offer them inner serenity.

Despite the fact that they will not act on your advice, they will continue to bombard you with their problems. They also know that you are incapable of saying “no.” Because of your kind nature, you will say “yes” when you should actually be walking the other way.

They’ll wait for you to be vulnerable in order to drag you into doing things you don’t want to do.


You, like most others, believe that the world is filled with good people. However, you can’t ignore the reality that there are certain folks who are always predicting doom and gloom.

These people have undoubtedly gone through a lot of unpleasant things in their lives and don’t know how to come out of their current funk.

You may find it difficult to understand that human nature has a darker side, and you may cling to connections with individuals in the hopes that they will change.

When Illinois State University looked into individuals’ darker sides, they discovered that many people don’t know how to deal with the pain they’ve felt.

When these persons are confronted with unsettling or scary situations, they are unable to effectively comprehend them.

As a result, it alters their outlook on life and perhaps their personality. Because you’re such a kind person, you’re inclined to overlook a lot of problems.

Unfortunately, this involves a few snubs or cruel acts since you’re always seeking the silver lining in the gloomy clouds.

For some people, attracting negativity comes naturally, and when you appear to be surrounded by it, it can’t help but influence your mood.


Okay, now that you know what it is about you that attracts these people, you must correct it. Here are some suggestions for how to quit being such a negative magnet.

  • Set firm limits: One of the first things you should do is set firm boundaries. You have complete control over your life, including the things you will discuss and the people to whom you will devote your time. Allow no one to breach the lines you’ve drawn since they’re intended to protect you.
  • Accept that you will not be able to fix all of the world’s problems: You are a nice and compassionate person, but you will not be able to bring global peace. You must accept that you cannot solve every problem and that attempting to do so is tiring.
  • Stop being so accessible: Being accessible is one of the main reasons why people seek you out. Don’t go out of your way to attract negativity. Stop allowing others to draw you into a long phone or in-person talks that exhaust you emotionally.

You will have fewer interactions if you cease making yourself so available.


Negativity is a shadow that, if allowed, may infiltrate every fiber of your existence. What happens if a tomato picks up a speck of mold?

It won’t take long before the poisons have coated the entire veggie. Negative individuals are similar in that if you let them, they would overpower you with their pessimism.

If you want to stop attracting negativity, it’s necessary to build some metaphorical barriers around yourself to keep out the dread and gloom.

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