Social Media Optimization (SMO) Techniques

With over 4 billion individuals on social media and even more utilizing it to sell their businesses, now is the moment to devote a significant portion of your marketing budget to digital marketing.

Without a doubt, the most effective approach to market your company is through social networking. Unfortunately, due to increased competition and continuous changes in social media algorithms, putting your business out there on social media is getting increasingly challenging.

Today, you must publish relevant content and implement a solid social media optimization strategy.

When it comes to developing social media marketing strategies, most businesses make major errors. Almost all of them do not put in enough effort to optimize their social media profiles.

You won’t be able to accomplish the desired outcomes or even establish a relevant community if your brand image or social media accounts aren’t correctly optimized.

With so many firms and many more profiles on the market, optimizing every word you write is critical to achieving the greatest outcomes. The one that will create more sales and conversions for your businesses is developing a social media optimization strategy that resonates with your brand and helps you achieve your community target.

No matter what your niche is, social media optimization has a lot of potentials to make your business a major player in the market. However, the only way to get there is to have the correct methods in place. There are no shortcuts or workarounds.

This article talks about social media optimization and the best practices to integrate into your marketing plan. From Facebook to LinkedIn, let’s see what social media optimization techniques you can use to make your brand stand out.

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social media optimization is the process of using social media as a medium to scale your business’s online presence. Whereas some companies think that only creating profiles on all social media platforms is enough for a robust digital side, SMO provides an entirely different outlook. 

With social medium optimization, you need to strategically build your marketing plan to connect on a deeper level with the target audience. 

A well-thought-out social media optimization strategy can help you; strengthen the brand, generate stronger leads, get more visibility in the digital world, and connect with the audience/ community. 

As a company, you need to focus on using social media techniques, which are helping you stand out and make an imprint on the online world. The right social media optimization strategy will improve your social media performance and become more visible in the industry. 

Understanding Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) was the gold standard for digital marketing efforts for many years. While both social media optimization and search engine optimization have the same goal of increasing web traffic and awareness for a company’s website, search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a webpage to users of a web search engine, particularly Google.

More recently, social media marketing has risen to prominence, sometimes merging with SEO and, in other cases, displacing it as the most successful strategy to build a brand, generate leads, boost a company’s online presence, and interact with an audience.

Various social media platforms can be used for digital marketing, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.

Social media optimization often directs the public from these social media platforms to the company’s website, where more information can be provided.

For example, a campaign to raise awareness about a new automobile on social media may direct the visitor to a company webpage that provides information about where local dealerships are located and how to schedule a test drive.

Why is Social Media Optimization Important?

According to a report by Hubspot, 21% of the consumers will unfollow a brand on social media due to repetitive content, and 19% of the consumers will unfollow due to frequent posting. Other reasons include frequent posting, too much clutter, and lack of engagement on the posts. 

Therefore, social media marketers must track engagement on all social profiles to determine how useful and relevant their content is and how much the audience can relate to it. 

The current world that we live in prioritizes consumer experiences and their conversations more than anything, which is why you should think before investing your budget in meaningless tasks. 

Social media optimization will ensure that you are putting your money in all the right places, which will turntables at the right time and provide you with performance improvement. 

10 Social Media Optimization Techniques That Really Matter

For effective social media marketing, you need to strike a balance between Seach engine optimization and social media optimization. This way, you create a healthy and overall solid online marketing strategy. 

To adopt a strong strategy, here are the top social media optimization techniques that you can use to strengthen your online presence:

1. Strategy Optimization

A lack of an effective social media strategy has been quite the hurdle for some time for companies. The lack of strategy is one of the top reasons brands might fall behind in the social media world. 

Around 28% of the businesses feel that the lack of a strong strategy is the main reason that is stopping them from turning into social enterprises. To do that perfectly, you need a social media optimization strategy with a fixed goal and objectives.

An ideal strategy will focus on growth and measurable results.  When you have a strategy on paper, you will stand out and make necessary improvements. 

2. Keyword Research 

Keyword research is one of the most critical things you’ll need for SEO. Finding the terms and phrases that will help you rank on search engines is the goal of keyword research. You can produce content based on the results after you know what your target market is looking for.

Keyword research will also help you find industry-relevant hashtags to incorporate into your article. Consider the following scenario: you own a store that sells organic goods.

People that search for #OrganicWholeFoods or similar hashtags are more likely to become your clients than those who do not.

As a result, you naturally want to show up in such searches. But how would you know how many individuals are looking for it and which ones are the most interested?

The answer is simple, use multiple SEO tools to find the best ones! 

3. Profile Optimization

For search engine optimization, one of the essential things is optimizing your social media profiles. Creating a profile might seem like a pretty easy task, but it is one of the most common areas where businesses fall short in their social media optimization strategy. 

Consider as if your company’s page is the central pillar of your strategy. If it is not concrete, your entire social media optimization strategy will fall apart. 

Here are a few pointers that will help you out while creating a winning profile:

  • Profile picture: Before moving on to the name, a user would always look at the profile picture. To develop brand identity and begin corporate awareness as soon as possible, make sure your profile image includes the company’s emblem.
  • Username: One thing you should be consistent with is your username. A user will be able to simply find your brand’s profile if all of your social profiles are consistent.
  • Bio: Many people are unconcerned about what they put in their bio, which is one of the most serious errors they can make. With target keywords interwoven throughout the content, state precisely what organizationation does. You should also include a CTA link to send readers to your company’s website.

As soon as you have a social media optimization strategy in place, dedicate a chunk of your time to set up profiles. Here are Neil Patel’s social media profiles for inspiration. 

The uniformity across all Neil Patel’s profiles makes it very easy to find him!

4. Use Existent Influences 

It is challenging for startups to make a place in the digital market, especially if you are just starting. Even if you have an incredible social media marketing strategy, it might take a whole lot of effort. 

This is where you should consider getting help from some industry influencers and asking them to help you optimize your social profiles. Choose niche-specific influencers and bloggers to get reviews and mentions and ensure that your brand’s voice is heard. 

5. Content Optimization

You cant succeed in social media marketing if you have subpar content on your website. There are two main types of content that you put on social media:

  • Original content that your team produces
  • Curated content that you take from other resources

In an ideal world of social media optimization, you’ll need a combination of the two.

Original content is content that you create yourself, and it might contain things like useful infographics, writings, reports, photos, and other media.

Pandora’s #VoicesOfPandora campaign, for example, was a component of their Valentine’s Day promotion, and they generated fresh material and graphics to make it a success.

Curated content, on the other hand, is derived from previously published content on the internet.

Make sure that both the curated and original material is relevant to the audience for the best outcomes and engagement. The importance of quality is ten times greater than that of quantity. Figure out exactly what the audience wants and provide it to them.

6. Concrete Posting Schedule 

Posting timings have a significant effect on the engagement of the posts. However, the optimal time is different for different groups of audiences. The best time is highly dependent on the audience. 

Apart from the time to post, you should also focus on the frequencies of the posting. It is best if you track when you get the maximum reach and post on those timings. 

You don’t want to bombard your followers with a million posts a day, and you don’t want them to forget about you either by not posting for days on end. According to a research by constant contact:

  • Facebook: 3–10 posts per week
  • Twitter: 5+ posts per day
  • LinkedIn: 2–5 posts per week
  • Pinterest: 5-10 posts per day

7. Social Media Analytics

Tracking your Social Media Optimization is essential, as it explains how well your strategy is working out. You can use Google Analytics to track the URLs using  

Aside from tracking the traffic, you need to keep an eye on the social media metrics. This would show you the engagement on all posts. 

All social media platforms have different metrics to track engagement, such as likes, shares, retweets, comments, etc. 

Social Champ enables you to track all platform-centric metrics using easy-to-read graphs and charts. 

All reports can also be converted to PDF reports with white labeling options. 

Analyze And Track With Social Champ

Social Champ provides analytics and reports in downloadable PDF form based on platform-centric metrics with a white labeling option!

8. Test Headlines

When you post on social media networks, you are not just putting up a random post. A lot goes behind a viral tweet or a highly shared Facebook post. You need an optimal design with a catchy headline and an engaging, crisp caption. 

Your headlines should be stunning enough to capture attention almost instantly. Make sure that you use a variety of headlines so that it does not get boring or repetitive. Use a fresh one for each post, or set a few that you recycle at all times. 

Similarly, you can set different headlines for multiple social media platforms so that you don’t post the same thing a thousand times in a row. 

Here are some examples of a catchy yet straightforward headline. 

9. Relevant Hashtags

When it comes to social media optimization tactics, hashtags are just as important as the content itself. In some form or another, hashtag integrations are available on every platform, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Hashtags improve the quality of the material and increase its visibility. They make it simple to track and categorize material. And, let’s be honest, they’re a lot of fun to use.

Hashtags improve your social media by allowing you to reach a larger audience with your postings, even if they appear random. To locate industry-specific and relevant hashtags, use Hashtag Manager by Social Champ. You may also create hashtags and organize them in the composer to preserve them for later use.

10. Engaging Visuals And Text

Your social media profile will die faster than a bullet if there is too much text and no images. This is why you should work to improve your brand’s social media image by providing helpful content that other channels will want to share.

You must ensure that your target audience will respond favorably to the material. Use content that is very entertaining, such as memes, tutorials, movies, infographics, and other such items.

One of the best social media optimization tactics is to make sure your material is visually appealing. Here are a few strategies that will help you stand out:

  • Include user-generated content to portray your work and get free content that can be shared on the page. 
  • Use hashtags to increase engagement, but make sure you don’t overuse them and clutter your posts. 
  • Create live streams for the highest levels of engagement.

Try to include a featured image in all your blog posts, which are easily shareable on all social media platforms automatically. 

Wrapping Up

Social media optimization can completely change the way you approach your marketing strategies. Next time you plan a marketing strategy, make sure that you include social media optimization in your plan!

Start taking a strategic approach to your social media posting and see the results! 


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