Stop Making Excuses for Your Fitness Right Now

“You may either have outcomes or you can have excuses.” “Neither.” – Unidentified

Humans are prone to just doing what is absolutely necessary.

This natural characteristic is referred to as sloth by motivational speakers and efficiency by biologists. Whatever the case may be, the truth remains that humans are evolutionarily programmed to save time and energy whenever possible.

This isn’t always a terrible thing, though. We probably wouldn’t have survived this long as a species if we weren’t built this way.

Calories were worth their weight in gold in the days before stores when we were cavemen. Trying to burn calories in an active manner would have meant definite death for cavemen.

Our fitness excuses make perfect sense in this light. To keep us from burning off our valuable calories and to save time and energy, our reptile brain comes up with plausible-sounding rationalizations.

Unfortunately, because of our current access to high-calorie foods, the exercise excuses that once kept us alive are now causing us to die young.

I’ve included the 10 most popular fitness reasons our reptile minds try to convince us of, as well as why they’re all bullshit.

1. I don’t have enough time.

This is, without a doubt, the most prevalent fitness excuse.

To begin with, when you say you don’t have enough time, you really mean “I don’t have enough time for that.”

Do you honestly believe that if you added up all of the time you spend watching TV and surfing the web in a typical week, you wouldn’t be able to replace any of it with a workout?

A 30-minute workout takes up 2% of your daily time.

Don’t think about how much time you’ll waste if you work out a couple of times a week. Consider how much of your life you’ll be wasting by being unfit and overweight.

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2. I’m way too tired to workout.

When it comes to exercise, your mind is like a spoilt child. If you give in without a fight to its demands, it will perceive you as weak and prey on you frequently.

You’re significantly more likely to skip the following scheduled session if you miss the first. The most important journeys begin with one stride forward, and the most significant failures begin with one step backward.

You must demonstrate to your mind who is in charge. It doesn’t matter if you don’t always have a lot of energy when you go to the gym. The only thing that matters is that you show up and give it you’re all.

Change your sleeping habits, not your workout habits, if you’re too exhausted to workout.

3. But exercise is so boring!

You don’t want to work out because it’s monotonous? So you enjoy cleaning your teeth, showering, arranging your hair, and putting on your clothes? No. We have no choice but to do these things. We accept them as an unavoidable part of life.

People who never skip an exercise consider it as routine as brushing their teeth. It’s pointless to complain about it. To be successful, you must sometimes do things that aren’t as enjoyable as watching your favorite television show.

It’s just a fact of life. You don’t stop working out if you don’t love it; you just work out differently. Crossfit, martial arts, hiking, bodybuilding, powerlifting, running, and swimming are all excellent options.

Consider listening to music. Anything goes as long as you keep showing up. g goes as long as you keep showing up.

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4. I have no motivation to workout.

You’re already halfway there if you think you need the motivation to exercise.

What you truly need is meta motivation, or the desire to train even when you aren’t feeling particularly driven. You’ll never become in shape if you rely on your sentiments to decide whether or not to exercise.

Your feelings, as you are aware, are designed to keep you cooped up in your comfort zone. Your feelings desire for you to be protected rather than successful.

However, there is a strategy you can use to urge yourself to exercise, and it’s backed up by science. The notion is known as the ‘few minutes’ principles.

The underlying premise is that procrastinators typically put off doing particular tasks because the task at hand appears to be too large. When you decide to go to the gym for just a “few minutes,” you’re more likely to complete the activity.

Are you willing to work out for two minutes? That’s all there is to it.

5. I have kids to look after.

One day, your children may have someone else to look after you.

When they have their own children to care for, don’t put them in the position of having to care for an ailing parent. And don’t be the parent that teaches their children that exercise is healthy for them but then ignores their own advice. Kids are more intelligent than that.

Combine the two if you’re having trouble balancing your fitness and your kids. Find a field and spend a few hours playing frisbee, swimming, walking around the lake, and feeding the ducks.

There are so many enjoyable and inexpensive ways to work out with your kids that your imagination is the only constraint.

Your children should be your primary motivation to exercise, not your primary excuse.

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6. I don’t have anyone to train with.

With this fitness excuse, you’re basically admitting that you don’t have anyone to chat to when you work out. You won’t need to speak if you’re well trained.

Don’t get me wrong: having a training companion is fantastic, but you must understand that the majority of people meet their training partners at the gym. Because you don’t have many pals who train, you probably don’t have anyone to train with. What attracts like attracts like.

You’ll start attracting people into your life that respect health and fitness if you start exercising consistently. You must earn your training partners; they are not given to you for free.

7. I don’t feel very well.

When you get into the practice of overcoming your fitness excuses and working out on a regular basis, the notion of skipping a session becomes unbearable. Doctors informed me I couldn’t lift heavy weights for three months after breaking my jaw in two places.

What exactly did I do? Instead, I chose to lift small weights. Train smart rather than hard. We’ve all pretended to be sick at some point in our lives in order to miss a day of school.

Some of the better actors among us may have blurred the borders between genuine and imagined symptoms in their minds. When it suits our objective, it’s easy to exaggerate.

I don’t advocate training if you’re extremely unwell. However, just because you’re weary or achy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise.

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8. The gym is too expensive or far.

You’ve been gravely misled if you believe you need to go to the gym to attain your fitness goals.

The entire globe is your fitness gym. Have you ever seen a Rocky movie training scene? He runs up steps, punches meat, and cuts wood while chasing chickens.

Many people consider these to be their favorite scenes. Something about practicing in the dirt and in the raw appeals to us.

There are entire fitness subcultures dedicated to exercising outside, without the use of any formal equipment. Calisthenics, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Parkour are all exercises that you may have heard of. Look them up on the internet.

Try some traditional strongman exercises like chopping wood, flipping tires, and lifting barrels if you want to bulk up. Remember, if something is important enough to you, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

For the first year of his training, Arnold Schwarzenegger built his own gym equipment out of chairs and sticks. He claims that by doing so, he gained 25 pounds of muscle.

9. I don’t know how to train properly.

You’re definitely capable of finding this out if you’re reading this article. Routines and training advice abound on the internet. This website alone will provide you with far more than you require.

These ten workout recommendations for beginners can help you get more out of your workouts.

However, it’s critical that you don’t become too engrossed in the philosophy of ‘correct training.’ You learn best on the job, like with most things in life. Request that someone in the gym demonstrates the good technique, and then practice by doing.

People enjoy providing advice. You may even find a training partner as a result of it.

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10. I feel intimidated by the fit people there.

This is normal, and it happens to everyone when they first start out. The atmosphere is new, and everyone appears to know what they’re doing. You have the impression that you are in someone else’s home.

The most common reason you feel afraid at the gym is that you don’t attend often enough! You’d become used to the environment and the people if you went on a regular basis, and your fitness would increase.

Everyone understands that training boosts one’s self-esteem. Just keep going with it. It’s something you’ll joke about in a few months.

It is possible for anyone to get in terrific shape. Anyone can get in shape. However, very few people ever do so because they succumb to their innate desire to save time and effort.

Stop making excuses and commit to two months of hard work. After that, you’ll be looking for excuses to exercise even when you have pressing tasks to complete.

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