Synchronicity: How to Attract It

Do you believe in synchronicity? When you’re thinking about someone and the phone rings, it’s that person? This is synchronicity, which is defined as a significant coincidence.

This principle applies on a far bigger scale in everyday life, and I’ll show you how to recognize it and use it to your advantage.

These five stages have aided me in making incredible changes in my life. From Struggle Street to Millionaire and beyond, I’ve come a long way. I’d finally figured out how to win at the game of life!

What Is the Meaning of Synchronicity?

Carl Jung, an analytical psychologist, initially proposed the concept of synchronicity in 1920. Throughout his career, Jung coined various definitions of synchronicity. He used the following definitions to describe the term:

  • “principle of causal linking (togetherness)”
  • “intriguing coincidence”
  • “acausal parallelism” is defined as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more occurrences in which something other than chance is involved.”

Just as events can be linked by causality, Jung felt that they can also be linked by meaning.

What Does It Mean to See Synchronicity?

Many individuals believe that synchronicities are divine indicators that we are on the correct route. Similarly, it provides us with counsel when we require it and guides us on the path of spiritual enlightenment. 
However, you must be open and attentive in order to see synchronicities. You’ll find more of them in your life if you pay attention to them. 

Continue reading to find out how to attract synchronicities in your life; I’ll go into more detail later in the post!

Why Do Synchronicities Happen?

According to, Carl Jung noticed that synchronicities occurred frequently among his patients at tough emotional moments, typically peaking just before a psychological breakthrough. Death, birth, or any personal tragedy are examples of life-changing events.

There are various explanations on why synchronicity occurs. Let’s take a look at a few of the most well-known: 

Scientific Point of View

Because it is not founded on experimental evidence, science is unable to explain why synchronicities occur. As a result, they argue that synchronicities are really coincidences and that any unusual event is likely to occur by chance.

Skeptic Point of View

Many people feel synchronicities are nothing more than confirmation bias. To put it another way, if you are constantly on the lookout for something, you will notice it a lot more. 

Skeptics of synchronicity frequently use the term apophenia as an explanation for why it occurs.
Which is seeing a pattern or meaning in random or useless facts by accident.

Spiritual or Religious Point of Views

Spiritual and religious people frequently believe that synchronicities are caused by the universe, God, Angeles, or any higher power.

The universe, God, and Angeles are all generally accepted theories for why synchronicities occur in today’s world. When there is no explanation or scientific evidence for something, it is common to fall back on this notion. 

Examples of Synchronicity

Below are some examples of synchronicity that you may be able to relate to:

  • When you pick up the phone to contact a friend you haven’t spoken to in a long time, that friend calls you right away.
  • Seeing the same numbers again and over again, such as when you check the clock and notice that you do so at exactly 11.11 every day.
  • Seeing the same symbols in multiple locations, such as on social media, in artwork, in magazines, on television, and so on.
  • Meeting someone with the same birthday as you.
  • Driving down a normally congested route and having all of the lights turn green in exact time, allowing you to avoid stopping at any signal.
  • It’s one thing to think about something, and then it’s another to make it happen. For example, suppose you’ve spent the entire day thinking about pizza and how much you want to eat it for dinner without telling anyone, and then your partner brings you a pizza for supper.

How to Attract & Increase Synchronicities

If you are ready to attract, increase, and start using synchronicity more consciously in your life, try the following steps:

1. Form a Clear Intention

Make sure you understand what you want to achieve. Make your statement as specific as possible. Make a note of it. Consider it! Give as much information as you can.

My motivation for taking this action was entirely pecuniary at the time. I decided I wanted to be wealthy, and I set a goal of earning $50,000 a month.

I was a time-crunched, irritable, and cash-strapped mechanic, and the prospect of earning $50,000 per month was out of reach.

But I kept to my plan and set a particular budget, and this shift in mentality led to a series of synchronistic events that led me to my objective.

Once you’ve decided what you want to produce, aligned ‘coincidences’ will begin to show themselves to you. For me, it was meeting three different men who each told me about their success stories and who all made exactly $50,000 each month.

Maintain your confidence in your ability to succeed. Your imagination is the only limit. Accept that your life can improve; you don’t need to know how at this stage; all you need to do is believe it.

2. Stop Resisting Outcomes

You’ve established a clear intention, which is fantastic. So, what’s next? The ‘what ifs’ start to creep in. It’s a self-preservation mechanism that our mind employs to protect us from unpleasant results. You must put up a fight.

When anything happens to throw you off track, it makes you believe you won’t be able to attain your objective, and you lose hope in that clear intention. You no longer suspend disbelief in your far-fetched fantasy, and you return to your linear reality.

This can easily occur during a chat with a friend or family member who is merely attempting to protect you. You have to keep suspending your disbelief. The synchronistic events will occur as a result.

3. Be Playful with Your Perceptions

Every occurrence can be used to further your vision if you look for it. Consider any setback as if it were pre-planned. Rather than being pessimistic and wallowing in your current situation, stick to your decision and see it through.

 Play with it, and begin to see everything as if it were intended to be as if it were getting you closer to your objective. Synchronicity will begin to unfold in front of you; simply follow it. 

4. Trust Your Snap Judgement

You must begin to believe in your gut, your intuition, which backs up your fast decisions. Those early instincts that led you down this road had a purpose.

 When things start to go wrong, people often say, “It’s an omen, get out!” Refuse to believe the bad buzz, be firm in your convictions, and go in with both feet.

You’ll soon be following one synchronistic breadcrumb after another, leading to everything you’ve imagined. 

5. Follow the Breadcrumbs

I hadn’t won anything in the first two weeks of my business effort. This was meant to be my return date to work after the holidays, but my employer dismissed me when he found out I was starting a new business.

I kept going since I didn’t have a job to go back to. By the fourth week, my results had skyrocketed, and I was earning more money per week than I had been banking every month previously. This would not have happened if I hadn’t been sacked.

That was the final breadcrumb in a series of significant coincidences that led to one struggling mechanic’s journey to a successful business and his first pie-in-the-sky goal of $50,000 per month.

Of course, this may apply to any aspect of your life. Goals for weight loss, health, relationships, and a healthy lifestyle Each one must begin with a clear goal, unwavering focus, the capacity to observe events through your preferred lens, and faith in your instincts!

Beliefs can become self-fulfilling. Everyone’s beliefs create reality! It’s one thing when something happens once in a while, but when it happens a hundred times in a row, to people you know and to yourself, it’s no longer coincidental.

The Universe is delivering breadcrumbs to you. That’s the power of synchronicity at work for you.

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