Take the Happiness Vibrational Wave

What is Vibration?

The following introduction may be a little too simple for individuals who are already familiar with the Law of Attraction. Please bear with me. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Law of Attraction, the principle is simple: like attracts like.

As I like to say, like vibration attracts like vibration. What exactly do I mean? When you boil it down to its most basic level, we’re nothing more than large balls of energy vibrating at a frequency that our senses can detect.

In fact, our entire world is nothing more than a collection of large balls of energy vibrating at various frequencies. The term “perceptible by our senses” refers to a frequency that falls within the ranges of our senses (i.e., we can see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and touch it).

There are many things in our environment that our senses are unable to notice, yet which nevertheless exist. The words “electricity,” “radio waves,” and “ultraviolet waves” immediately spring to mind. Like vibration attracts like vibration in this context means that we attract things that resonate at the same frequency as we do.

We don’t know what frequency we’re vibrating at because we don’t know what frequency we’re vibrating at. The solution is in our emotions. Feeling grateful, for example, has a different vibrational frequency than feeling sad. In fact, we vibrate at a wide range of frequencies, which are intimately related to how we feel.

Feelings like love, admiration, happiness, and optimism are at one extreme of the range. Hatred, rage, despair, and pessimism are on the other end of the emotional spectrum. There are also a variety of frequencies (i.e. sensations) in between.

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Is it the fastest way to manifest, or is it?

With this insight, the quickest approach to materialise everything you desire in life is to align yourself with the vibrational frequency of what you desire before obtaining it. So, if you want money, for example, you must first experience abundance before money manifests.

If you want to find love, you must first be able to love and be loved. etc, To put it another way, you must feel good about whatever want you have before you can have it. While this advise is sound in terms of assisting you in achieving your goals, reality can be quite different.

Case in point, how easy is it for you to feel abundant when the first of the month rolls around and a whole whack load of bills come in? Or how can you get in the frequency of feeling love when it seems like you’re the only person in the world, who is single on Valentine’s Day? How healthy can you feel when you’re in any sort of pain?

It’s very tough. Not only can it bring you down about that particular subject, but it can also bring you down, period. So, is there a remedy for this all too common issue? Fortunately, there is, and that’s what this Life Hack article is about.

Riding the vibrational wave

It goes like this: I call it surfing the vibrational wave. Find a way to feel good about something other than your object(s) of desire, then ride that good feeling into your object(s). So, if you want money but aren’t feeling good about it, adjust your focus and try to feel good about something else that is easier to feel good about.

Perhaps you enjoy your job, your children, your home, or the way you look, or perhaps you enjoy watching Sunday Football. It doesn’t really matter. Return to the subject of money after you’re in a good mood (and only then).

And when you do, be careful not to jump into an area of that subject that has a high negative emotional charge. Keeping with the example of money, if you get down every time you pay your bills, don’t pay your bills right after getting yourself in a good feeling place.

Find something else about the subject of money that you at least feel neutral about (ideally you’d like to visit an aspect of money that you feel good about, if possible). And then start to think about money in such a way that makes you feel good.

Examples can include, “I have a steady income ensuring that I can at least pay for the fundamentals of life” or “Money is the engine of a lot of amazing things in this world including; charity, medicine, academic research, helping people etc.” or “Money has given me many amazing experiences in my life like vacations and schooling and times out with friends”. You get the point.

And when you do, avoid jumping into a part of the subject that has a lot of negative emotional charge.

This is something you can accomplish with any subject. If you want to be in a relationship, don’t worry about your bad ex-partners, for instance.

Consider your fantastic friendships (a relationship is still a relationship) or the times your life was enriched via contacts with other people, or go online and identify 20 people who would be of interest to you (on a dating service).

Focus on a relational element that is at the very least neutral, if not favourable. When it comes to your health, start focusing on the areas of your body that are working properly once you feel well.

Maybe you can walk without difficulty, or your senses are all operating perfectly, or you can go to the bathroom by yourself, or all of your organs are functioning normally without your involvement.

How to raise your vibration

So, how do you arrive to a place where you’re happy? There are a variety of ways to accomplish this. One of the quickest and easiest ways is to express gratitude for what you have. Even just 5 minutes to jot down everything you value in your life will have a significant impact.

There are many more options. The following article lists 33 techniques to make yourself happy (or raise your vibration in the law of attraction speak). Getting outside in nature for a while, trying something new, disconnecting (after reading this article, of course), and other activities are examples. You’ll begin to notice a change in your mood, and once you do, you can ride the wave to your desired object.

And if you follow the recommendations in this article, you’ll notice a change in your attitude toward that particular issue in general. You’ll start to feel a little better about money, a little better about relationships, and a little better about your health, which is precisely what you want.

It will begin slowly, but if you stick with it, you will begin to feel better and better, and you will soon have a good attitude toward your objects of desire, at which point you will be well on your way to manifesting your goals.

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