Telenor Balance Share Code – Telenor Smart Share

Telenor Balance Share Code and how to share balance from telenor to telenor

Telenor Balance Share Code 2020 – Share balance with your family, friend or any other dears who use Telenor network. Now it is easy to sharing the balance from telenor to telenor. Share balance of telenor is valid to all Telenor Sims in Pakistan.

To share Telenor balance just dial the code from your mobile as follows:

Telenor Smart Share Code: *1*1*92345<9234XXXXXXXX>*Amount#

Telenor Smart Share service is facilitate to all the Telenor costumer to sharing balance among from one to another. By using this service, you can share balance to any other telenor users. The method of sharing Telenor balance is very easy and users can avail this service easily.

Here is the procedure of Telenor Smart Share as follows:

  • To share balance through Telenor dial *1*1*92345<9234XXXXXXXX>*Amount# from your mobile. For example, dial *1*1*92345<923451234567>*50#.
  • Confirmation message will be sent by replying with 1.
  • Telenor Smart Share avail Rs. 5.70 including Tax.
  • The range of sharing balance from Telenor to Telenor from 15 to 200.
  • Telenor balance share service can be use 3 times in a days.

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