These Websites Will Teach You To Code For Free

Programming, often known as coding, is an important subject that many people are mastering these days. Learning to code may become increasingly important as technology advances and the demand for developers grows.

It is not just a highly sought-after skill by firms all around the world, but it is also one that you can master for free. There are websites where you can learn a variety of programming languages for free and at your own pace.

For anyone interested in learning how to code, here are some websites that will gladly educate you:

1. Coursera

Coursera is a platform that provides free college-level classes to its users (certificate-earning courses non-withstanding). While they provide a wide range of courses in a variety of disciplines, languages, and professions, they also have a sizable collection of lessons dedicated to learning to code.

You can sign up for a free account, choose classes based on start dates, and proceed at your own pace. Coursera is a terrific alternative for those who want to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule, with classes available practically all of the time

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2. Github

For programmers, Github is like a reference book. Indeed, it’s a veritable hive-mind of programming-related books, as well as an unbelievable number of user posts — exhibiting their own programming endeavors, as well as lessons and queries.

In fact, many industry specialists would advise you to create a Github profile to showcase some of your own work if you are a professional programmer.

Users can browse at their leisure, participate with the active community, ask questions, and learn as they go. When it comes to learning to code, it is a comprehensive and important resource.

3. CodeAcademy

Of course, no list on this topic would be complete without CodeAcademy’s inclusion. More than 24 million individuals are learning to code for free on the highly simple and interactive site, which also offers a variety of languages to learn, including CSS, Javascript, PHP, HTML, and many others.

This website has grown in popularity for a reason: it has been demonstrated to be useful while also being enjoyable to use. You work your way through each lesson, and CodeAcademy keeps track of your progress.

Overall, this is one of the most user-friendly sites, with plenty of possibilities for individuals who want to learn how to code professionally.

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4. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform created for professionals who want to study or improve their job abilities. While some courses may need payment, they also provide a wealth of free programming instruction in the form of videos.

Although Udemy is geared toward learning to code in a commercial setting, it does provide courses that are well-designed and the videos are easy to follow.

Udemy is a terrific platform for those who want to start their own business or improve their professional abilities, and there are always a lot of options.

5. MIT Open Courseware

For those interested in learning, MIT, called the school for tech geniuses, offers free online versions of its courses. They come in a variety of various areas of study and topics, just like Coursera, but because it is MIT, the focus on technology and coding is rather strong.

All of the courses include lecture notes, videos, and a wealth of additional resources to help students grasp the gist of what’s going on.

They also give homework to individuals who like to learn in a typical classroom setting. The quality is, of course, excellent.

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6. edX

edX is a platform that was created by Harvard University and MIT in 2012 – talk about excellence! In fact, new coders should take Harvard University’s Introduction to Computer Science course, which is currently accessible.

EdX, which began with just two schools in 2012, currently has over sixty institutions and offers cutting-edge technology courses. For individuals who prefer a more traditional schooling experience, edX is another option to consider.

7. Khan Academy

Khan Academy, one of the first online-learning platforms, focuses on technology, math, and computer science — all for free! The courses are presented in the form of step-by-step tutorial videos and have been shown to be highly effective by the million or so users who visit Khan Academy on a daily basis.

You can choose from a variety of programming languages, just as on the other sites, but the platform itself is quite open and simple to use.

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8. Code Avengers

Isn’t all of this starting to sound a little too much like work? What about a site that teaches you how to code for free, but in a more enjoyable and friendly way?

Write Avengers, a New Zealand-based firm, is all about interactivity, as it teaches users how to code games, apps, and websites in a variety of languages.

Each course takes roughly twelve hours to complete and is accessible in several languages. Even if twelve hours seems excessive, compare it to four years of schooling and the cost — yes, exactly.

9. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp is for you if you want to have a nice time while also doing something useful for humanity (not just yourself). Professionals and students collaborate to help students improve their coding abilities with the purpose of creating free apps.

Where does the compassion that makes you feel good to come from? Nonprofits have access to your code. How’s that for a motivator?

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10. Hack.pledge

Surprisingly, this site is a developer community committed to assisting people who wish to learn how to code. What’s more intriguing is that the instructors include some of the world’s most well-known programmers, including Bram Cohen, the creator of BitTorrent.

Who better to learn from than the experts?

No matter which site you select, they all offer the experience and knowledge for those interested in learning to learn how to code at no cost. If you’ve been making any excuses, they’ve just gone out the window. Get coding and have fun with it!

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