Vivo Illustrates How Digital Life will form 6G in 2030

Qin stressed that 6 G is not only going to fit 5G+AI. Rather, 6 G incorporates more access network technology, covers broader space, offers stronger basic capabilities including connectivity, device, storage , and data programs and services ICDT convergence services.

While the 5 G marketing has just begun worldwide, 6 G testing and exploration will be on the agenda of the industry. Two white papers, a 6 G vision, criteria and challenges and online identity 2030 +, were recently published by the Vivo Communications research organization.

Knowledge and expertise shows that the fiber optic communication replacement period restarts every 10 years. Approximately 2030 is scheduled to launch 6G. With less delays than 4 G, the 5 G network has quicker and broader links. What poses the question: and what were the main characteristics of 6 G, relative to 5 G?

The Institute discusses in online life 2030 + potential digital life situations in the 2030s. A second white paper presents tentative views of 6 G ‘s vision and priorities in an overview of the network and terminal current opportunities.

The Vivo Communications Research Institute Head, Qin Fei, said that “the 6 G age is just a couple of years away then it is very hard to provide conclusive answers right now. “However, considering that 4 G and 5 G ‘s core characteristics are connexons and digitalization, we can assume that 6 G’s core functions are connection+ and digitization+ together with knowledge.”

Ten years later, what will the changes bring to the lives of 6 G and other ICTs? In the first half of 2020, a “Image digital life in 2030” case for the 6 G application scenarios, was organized by the Vivo Communications Research Institute.

Upwards of 800 high school graduates and around 20 multimedia experts and practitioners from either the media drew up this event as a huge success. The Institute has looked at forecast studies for 2030 and growth plans for many governmental entities within the next Zhen years in order to create the scenario forecasts more practical. Digital life 2030 + contained their observations and a final overview of their work.

The Institute has examined in this policy document the predicted patterns for the growth of 11 dimensions, closely associated with the life of people in 2030 and beyond. These cases included 60 innovative prototypes for services and products that created a clear picture of digital life for customers and technicians in 2030 and beyond.

Vivo has been carefully following advanced technological advances within the networking industry and the advancement of 5 G standards, as that of the country’s biggest smartphone brand. Vivo is pioneer and strong promoter of technological advances in 5 G production. Back in 2016, vivo improved its work in 5 G finance and economic planning and developed a 5 G core technology and standardisation development center.

Vivo is committed to offering customers with an expanded range of 5 G mobile telephones and an improved 5 G experience on the 5 G networks market. Vivo established a family of 19 telephones with 5 G support covering all prices as evidence of its dedication. The android devices give consumers more options and speed up overall 5 G use.

As of October 2020, Vivo has already been applying for over 2,000 5 G patents and sending to the 3GPP organization over 4,000 5 G deals. A millimeter – wave field test coordinated by the promotion team IMT-2020 (5 G) in Beijing was also completed by Vivo and ZTE in October 2020.

As soon as 5 G was unveiled in 2019, vivo set up a 6 G team of researchers. “The vision 6 G that we are presenting was its free-linking convergence between the physical and virtual worlds,” Qin Fei said. “With a brand of mobile phones, vivo aspires to be a crossroads for these two worlds.” In the future, vivo is focused on terminals for the consumption of information , offering intelligent goods and services that match the needs of the digital lives of consumers.

Vivo has made good strides on research and development of 5 G standards and core technology through a forward-looking approach and steady investment. Vivo is one of the biggest proponents of 5 G technology worldwide.

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