Ways to Attract Success

There are many paths to success, but the best one is usually the one that takes the least amount of time. Here are five strategies to demonstrate your worth so that success comes to you rather than the other way around.

Create a digital portfolio

If you want others to follow you, you’ll need a destination. A portfolio can be valuable in almost any industry, however, it is most typically utilized by people in creative fields. It’s a more visually appealing choice for sending potential employers and clients than social media platforms like LinkedIn.

A portfolio is a great method to display your work samples, skills, and knowledge in a format that suits your personal style. Squarespace and Weebly are two of the best and easiest-to-use website builders for these purposes.

Remember to keep your portfolio simple and clean, choose a suitable framework for what you’re presenting, and highlight just your best work. If you do all of that, as well as include the all-important “Hire Me” link, you’ll be more likely to turn interested into action and close the sale.

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Have a social media presence that is active and interesting.

However, before using a professional portfolio to seal a deal, you must first spark people’s interest enough for them to visit your website. A decent social media presence can lead folks there if done right.

What elements determine a social media presence’s effectiveness? Your entries should at the very least be one of three things: instructional, fascinating, or entertaining.

Which category you should focus on will be determined by your industry. An accountant is unlikely to benefit by tweeting math jokes (entertainment). Similarly, a comic who writes about comedy history is unlikely to attract a significant following (information).

You’re not using it professionally if you’re just posting anything that comes to mind, and you risk alienating people who could help you. You need to be a little more considerate.

The consistency of the release is just as crucial as the consistency of the content. If you want to get work off of social media, treat it like a job where you have to “show up” every day.

You can use services like HootSuite or Buffer to plan your posts ahead of time, but if your updates are inconsistent, you’re giving folks a reason to jump ship and indicating that you can’t be trusted.

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Make some noise.

Posting on social media on a regular basis, or even sharing valuable content on a regular basis, isn’t enough. You must make sure that your voice stands out among the millions of others vying for attention. You may do this in two ways: by being one-of-a-kind and by being selectively contentious.

If you can set yourself apart from competitors who offer similar products or services, you’ll be ahead of the game. Examine your skill sets both at work and at home. You can become a one-of-a-kind individual if you have the right blend of interests.

When it comes to comic books, for example, Joe Sergi is the go-to expert.

He merged his legal career with his passion for comic books to carve out a unique niche for himself. Find a strategy to make yourself stand out in the same way.

Controversy can be dangerous, but it’s also necessary if you want to get noticed. Consider your viewpoints on a variety of aspects of your industry and note which ones differ from the majority.

If you can make a strong case for your point of view, write about it on your blog or share it on social media. Yes, you’ll make enemies, but contempt over indifference is preferable.

But, more importantly, you’ll make friends and establish yourself as a go-to person for people who agree to hire you.

Make friends

It’s usually not what you know that gets you a job if you aren’t actively looking for one. The friendships and networks you create can lead to compensated opportunities. The terrifying reality of business is that if the person awarded the job is already on their side, all someone needs are passable skills.

Although “networking” has a negative connotation, it just refers to being useful and pleasurable to be around. Success in networking is similar to success in social media, only you’re talking to one person at a time and looking them in the eyes. If you’re able, take advantage of any events, conventions, or meet-ups for people in your field.

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Make good art

This concept, which is applicable to both creative and non-creative sectors, was popularised by best-selling novelist Neil Gaiman.

Make a habit of doing what you’re excellent at and doing it well. People will find you if you do, and if you follow the other items on this list, because if you don’t, they will lose out. 

Learn first, then practice, and finally, show your worth. It might as well be as simple as that. 
Have you done the instructions below yet? Has it yielded a beneficial result? Please share your thoughts in the section below! 

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