What Is Motivation And How To Get Motivated

Getting and staying inspired can feel like an uphill battle if you haven’t grasped the ins and outs of motivation.

Fortunately, there are a number of tried-and-true methods for permanently changing your momentum, not just temporarily raising it.

In this guide on regaining and generating motivation, you’ll discover Pakoption’s ultimate formula for developing and keeping motivation, as well as how to get motivated. You’ll also learn how to reclaim control of your life and get ready to pursue your goals.

You’ll develop short and long-term goals that will set you up for success if you have motivation on your side.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the power that drives you to stick to and achieve your objectives. It’s my ambition to run a marathon, achieve professional success, and lose weight.

You wouldn’t want to achieve greatness if you weren’t motivated. Before you can focus on enhancing the finer areas of your life, you must first meet your core motivations.

Maslow’s hierarchy of requirements explains why you’re motivated to meet your physiological and safety needs first, before moving on to love, self-esteem, and self-actualization.

Take care of your most fundamental requirements before getting ahead of yourself and diving into all of the psychological theories of motivation.

The Importance of Motivation

Finding and building motivation is vital as it will allow you to:

Motivation has an exponential effect. In the beginning, it can be difficult to stick with your goals. When you’ve made it past the initial pain period, you’re more likely to keep working towards the finish line. You’ll find that in those moments, it allows you to:

  • Adapt to a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Function productively.
  • Build courage and character.
  • Increase your internal drive.
  • Motivation is also linked to our physical and mental health. When we lack motivation, our well-being will diminish. Our basic needs will stop being met and our minds and bodies will suffer because of it.

You need to have the motivation to go to the gym and work out. You need to have the motivation to be a good parent, partner, and friend. When we start to become less motivated for simple tasks like cleaning our room, this has a butterfly effect that can negatively affect our well-being.

It’s for these reasons that you need to find your motivational drive. It’s a crucial aspect of living a full life and achieving happiness, success, and more.

Why Is It Difficult to Stay Motivated?

The tricky part about motivation isn’t getting started but keeping it going. Thousands of people make resolutions to change their lives every New Year. Only around 10% of people keep their resolutions, and that’s being generous. Many frequent explanations for motivational loss are listed below.

Not Aiming High Enough

If you’re used to keeping in your comfort zone, you’ll miss out on the satisfaction of attaining a life-changing goal. If you push yourself, you’ll be able to generate unshakeable confidence as you crush goal after goal. It will all be worth it when you glance around one day and realize you are living your dream.

Suffering From Procrastination

You’ll lag behind if it’s difficult for you to stay focused and get started.

If you want to fulfill your short-term objectives, you must learn to overcome procrastination. Simple strategies to overcome procrastination include committing to starting a task for at least 3 minutes, making daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists, and rewarding yourself when you finish your work.

Unclear Vision

Uncertainty about the future is a fear that many of us deal with. It can be paralyzing, instead of taking action, we start worrying about “What if?”

“What if it doesn’t work out? What if my dream isn’t truly my dream? What if I don’t succeed?”

If you have trouble creating a vision, then you’re at risk of drifting aimlessly through life. When you find your purpose and passion, you’ll be driven to strive for excellence. You can start the process of discovering your life purpose by asking yourself: “What would my ideal life look like?”

Letting Fear Control Your Mind And Actions

Fear can keep you from realizing your goals. You may be afraid of failing, so instead of taking action and going forward, you are apprehensive.

You must not be held back by your fears. If you don’t learn to control your anxieties, you’ll inevitably miss out on professional, relationship, and self-improvement possibilities. Fear, fortunately, can be overcome.

Looking for the source of your fear is one way to deal with it. Through thorough introspection, you can pinpoint the exact moment that caused the fear that has been impeding your progress.

This will open up a channel for you to speak with your inner self and find relief. The only way to overcome your fear is to confront it.

Feeling Overwhelmed With Work and Responsibilities

Burnout, also known as overworked despair, occurs when you are overworked and unable to attain your goals. When we put our health on the back burner in order to advance in our occupations or interests, we burn out.

It’s difficult to relax and find balance in life when we’re overwhelmed and forget about ourselves. Burning out is a sign of motivation, but you must learn to separate your job and personal life.

When you don’t have this separation, the lines blur, and it might be difficult to find motivation for yourself when you’re continuously exhausted from work. The only way to overcome your fear is to confront it.

Types of Motivation

Achievement-Based Motivation

People who are striving to achieve higher roles, better positions, and better titles are all working through achievement-based motivation.

Those who are utilizing achievement-based motivations are working towards a goal they have in mind; they aren’t necessarily working solely for personal gain.

If you’re a professional that’s looking to expand your horizon, using achievement-based motivation can help you get there while keeping the ego at bay.

Power-Based Motivation

If you want to change the world (or at least some part of it), then you’ll be able to call upon power-based motivation.

Essentially, if you want to be a leader and a visionary, you’ll only be able to succeed with a thirst for power. This could be a negative (think of dictators), but it could also be very positive (think of Martin Luther King, Jr.).

Affiliation Motivation

If you’ve ever been part of a sports team, you have seen affiliation in action. It’s that special team spirit that motivates each player to perform their very best.

Work can be the same too. You just need to make sure you’re part of a harmonious and supportive team.

Competence Motivation

If you’re always trying to learn new things and become an expert, you’re being driven by competence motivation.

Competence motivation is incredibly powerful when you’re trying to build a business and start facing obstacles. Instead of giving up, you’ll continue learning and keep pushing forward.

Attitude Motivation

Imagine trying to tackle a big goal such as learning a new language by starting with a negative mindset. Your defeatist attitude is likely to lead to just that — defeat.

But now picture the same scenario with your mindset switched to positive. With this hopeful, go-getting attitude, you’ll have the motivation to start learning and speaking the language of your choice.

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