What Is Virtual Communication?

Human nature includes the ability to communicate. Communication is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information from one person to another.

Humans, as the most intelligent mammal on the planet, have developed a variety of communication methods to convey and comprehend one another.

Nonverbal tactics such as gestures, facial expressions, and motions were used before the invention of speech communication. Communication can take many different forms, including oral, written, and virtual.
Today, we’ll look at the concept of “virtual communication” and why it’s become one of the most common modes of communication. We also give you a sneak peek at some of the best virtual communities.

Virtual Communication

Virtual communication is defined as a type of communication that involves the use of technology such as audio and video to communicate with people who are not physically there in front of us.

People can be in the same room, on the same floor, in the same neighborhood, or even thousands of kilometers away. Although virtual communication dates back to the birth of the telephone, it was the introduction of webcams, video conferencing, and rapid messaging that made it a huge hit.

Virtual communication is now used in practically every aspect of our lives, including family, friends, and the workplace, to name a few.


  • Cost-effective: Virtual communication is not only rapid, but it also saves a lot of money. Rather than travelling thousands of miles, we can communicate simply by making a video call. It saves a lot of time and money in a professional setting.
  • Quick: We can send news or information around the globe in seconds utilising any instant messaging application or web conferencing service. It’s a lifesaver in the event of a calamity or while retrieving real-time data.
  • Secure: Because most of the texts we send over instant messaging or web conferencing are encrypted, we don’t have to worry about our messages being intercepted.

Virtual Communication Tools

In the part above, we tell you the virtual communication meaning. Now, let’s discuss more the best virtual communication tools available in the market today.

1. Hangouts

Hangouts were released on the 15th of May, 2013 by Google. Prior to this, the instant messaging and video call sectors were dominated by Google Talk and Google+.

Google stated on March 9, 2017, that Hangouts would be split into two products: Hangouts Meet for video calls and conferences, and Hangouts Chat for instant messaging.

Key Features

  • Up to 150-person group conversations
  • Synced with iOS, Android, and the web
  • Google group video calls up to 10 contacts
  • Concurrent video calls up to 25 individuals for educational reasons
  • Calling, SMS, and voicemail integrations by connecting your Google Voice account
  • Schedule video calls
  • Third-party applications and games Photos, videos, maps, emoticons, stickers, and GIFs are all available.
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2. ezTalks Meetings

Video meetings are the most common application of ezTalks. It became live on May 2, 2017. It works on iOS, Mac, Windows PC, and any Android device. We can share simply an application or the complete screen using its powerful features.

Key Features

  • You may use your Google or Facebook account to log in.
  • A meeting can have up to 500 people and is included in the free plan.
  • Sync with the mobile phone’s contact list • Horizontal screen displaYment is automatic.
  • High-definition video and audio
  • Screen sharing and annotation made simple
  • Chat with a specific person or a group of people in a single meeting.
  • Record online meetings and provide meeting scheduling choices.
  • Participants can be controlled by locking, muting, or removing them from the meeting.
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3. Fuze

Fuze is a cloud-based UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) provider that was founded in 2006. It acquired FuzeBox, a cloud-based audio and video conferencing firm, in November 2015 and rebranded as Fuze later that year.

Text and instant messaging, video conferencing, and business voice apps are all covered. Fuze Meeting is a video conferencing software that is utilised all over the world.

Key Features

  • With photo sharing, you get amazing HD video and audio support.
  • Mac and PC users can share certain applications.
  • It is simple to get started.
  • It has a very beautiful appearance and feel to it.
  • On a long-term basis, it saves money.
  • Gmail and DropBox are both synced.
  • It works on Macs, iPhones, BlackBerrys, and Android phones and tablets.
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4. Skype

Released in 2003, Skype is a popular virtual communication tool that includes video messaging services. Microsoft Corporation acquired Skype Corporation on 10th May 2011.

Key Features

  • Video conference calls through Skype
  • Calls are free of charge (Skype to Skype)
  • Voicemail
  • Calls to landlines and mobile phones are cheap.
  • Outlook add-on for Skype
  • A person can call in using the Skype button on a website.

Skype for Business

  • View the HD video gallery
  • A maximum of 250 people can attend.
  • Presenter has a lot of control.
  • Desktop and application sharing for multiple users

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It certainly makes our life easier to have so many virtual communication tools available at our fingertips. Nowadays, the capacity to communicate digitally and quickly, as well as share information in a matter of seconds, is critical.

Virtual communication creates a communication environment that is cost-effective, time-saving, and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the previous few decades, communication has developed, and virtual communication will soon be the primary mode of communication. We will witness a variety of new items and technologies that will make virtual communication easier and faster.

The invention of the telephone paved the way for communication, and today virtual communication has surpassed all. People all around the world now have access to a variety of virtual communication tools, which makes their lives easier and more pleasant.

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