When You’re Feeling Lonely, Try These Surprising Activities

Did you know that individuals in Korea record themselves while eating their dinner? People are even paying money to see these videos! Is this one another indicator that we’re all becoming lonely?

The average adult’s network of friends and coworkers has diminished over the past three decades, according to a survey of more than 170,000 people published in the Psychology Bulletin in 2013. It’s no surprise that many individuals are feeling more lonely than ever.
However, loneliness is not a direct cause of loneliness. In a crowded environment, it is possible to feel lonely.

According to John Cacioppo, co-author of Loneliness: A Handbook, loneliness is actually more deadly than isolation because it raises a person’s death rate. Human

1. Just Show Up

To prevent feeling lonely, a blonde woman goes out. Get out there and talk to people.
Attraction is bred through familiarity. After each chat, same-sex strangers felt greater attachment toward one other, according to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Conversations in internet chat rooms are no different.

Even if you feel uneasy or don’t like someone at first, don’t be afraid to talk to them. When you show real interest or curiosity in others, they are more likely to reciprocate.

2. Go On A Solo Date

On a table, a cappuccino and a slice of cake
A solitary date can be anything you want it to be.

You’re aware of the issue with the group and couple dates? The vexing problems of “So what do we do?” and “Where do we eat?” When you go on a date with yourself, you know you’ll go somewhere you’ll enjoy, and you won’t have to wait for others to make a decision.

3. Know The Difference Between Loneliness and Isolation

In a bay, a man stands alone, staring at the rising light.
Loneliness is a feeling brought on by a painful memory. Because the brain tends to overanalyze things, even brief feelings of loneliness can turn into longer periods of isolation as a result of thoughts like “Why do I feel so alone?” and “Am I a loser no one loves?” When this happens, just notice the feeling and don’t overreact.

4. Attend Meetups

In a meetup group, five pals avoid loneliness.
Find a meeting group in your city at meetup.com. There are meetup groups for every interest, job, city, and pastime, so it’s difficult not to find one that interests you.

Meetup.com users are eager to meet new people and are quite pleasant, so it’s a great method to meet new people.

5. Watch A Movie

The outside of a London neighborhood cinema.
It doesn’t matter if you watch a movie by yourself or invite some friends to join you. What matters is that you immerse yourself in an engaging story that will help you forget about your negative thoughts. Watch a chick picture or a superhero film—pretty much anything besides a tearjerker—and stock up on chocolates and popcorn.

6. Volunteer

In a garden, a man and a woman are planting flowers.
Concentrating on the needs of others diverts your attention away from depressing ideas. When you’re feeding the destitute, reading to children at an orphanage, or dancing with grandmas at a salsa class, it’s difficult to feel lonely. Helping the less disadvantaged will make you feel really grateful.

7. Adopt A Cute Pet

KIM’s English Spaniel, who is always smiling.
You’ll feel better if you have a pet cat or dog. Pets’ playful nature, as well as the difficulties (and fun) you’ll have to teach them, will make you forget about your problems.

Even a goldfish or a lovely parrot may brighten your day. Learn more about the incredible health advantages of pets and consider adopting a new pet soon.

8. Identify The Cause Of Your Loneliness

A hand rests on a drizzly window.
“How do you deal with loneliness?”
I can’t tell you how many individuals Googled that phrase when they were feeling lonely. Regrettably, it isn’t the ideal question to pose. Would you seek a prescription from a doctor before they examine your symptoms?

Instead of randomly trying things in the hopes that one would work—and then losing hope and feeling worse when it doesn’t—best it’s to figure out what’s causing your loneliness first. What could have made you feel lonely this time if you were previously content in your own company?

Do you ever feel lonely because of your friends? Is it possible that it’s your job or your surroundings? The source of your loneliness will reveal itself.

9. Read Fiction

While alone, a woman reads a fiction book.
Please don’t choose a Dummies guide to overcome loneliness. When you’re depressed, reading self-help books will only make you feel worse. Instead, read an excellent book.

You will gain confidence and a sense of adventure by losing yourself in a good story or identifying with a strong character.

10. Take A Bath

What inspires you to come up with new ideas? Isn’t it in the shower? Taking a good, lengthy, and soothing bath instead of sinking in self-pity is a terrific approach to enjoy your alone time.

Prepare a drink of red wine, chocolates, and magazines for the ladies. Have a manly boat with you and take a bubble bath like Chandler!

11. Take A Random Bus, Train, or Flight Somewhere

Taking public transportation to an unfamiliar location encourages you to do two things: interact with strangers and change your surroundings. This can help you avoid loneliness as well as heal your wanderlust.

12. Dance (Naked)

We can sometimes feel lonely because we are alone. So take advantage of this opportunity to perform things that you can only do while you’re alone, such as dancing naked or leaping on the bed in your shoes. You’ll have a nice laugh if you do weird things by yourself.

13. Go For A Quick Run

A lone runner sprinting alongside a lake
It has been scientifically shown that running makes you happier. According to a 2006 study published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, even 30 minutes of walking will instantly improve your mood.

14. Watch a Funny Show

Shows like Friends and Seinfeld were popular for a reason. They have the ability to make people chuckle! They can even make people laugh when they don’t want to or when a situation they’ve experienced is mentioned in the script.

If you’re feeling lonely and need a good laugh, watch the Friends episodes “The One with the Unagi” and “The One with the Embryos.”

15. Get Coffee

Go to a coffee shop that is not close to your apartment or workplace. Then order coffee and take a seat at the bar or at the large table in the center where you can mingle.

Make a remark about someone’s tie, shoes, or bag. Start a discussion. Don’t worry if you’re bad at small talk, because chances are you won’t see that person again.

16. Practice #JOMO

Social media can be beneficial, but it can also be harmful, depending on how you use it. Take a break from it for a while.

When your default behavior is to keep scrolling instead of talking to whoever’s with you, or taking a picture of everything you eat instead of eating it, then it’s time to experience the joy of missing out (JOMO) – a practice promoted by Randi Zuckerberg. Yes, she’s Mark Zuckerberg’s sister.

17. Make Your Bed

You will feel better and more in charge of your life if you make your bed in the morning and do a quick two-minute clean down in your kitchen at night.

According to Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, one of the most important habits of happy people is making their bed.

18. Look Through Old photos

If you’re feeling fancy, make some snacks or tea and canapés for an afternoon high-tea. Reminisce with a friend, your mother, or your sister about the good old days.

Remembering your wild activities and most embarrassing moments caught on tape will bring back fond memories and help you forget about your loneliness.

19. Get A Camera

Get a camera, then go out and start photographing the world around you. Filling your life with beautiful things, whether it’s a sunset, a barking dog, or a laughing infant, might help you forget about loneliness.

20. Attend Classes For A Fun New Exercise Like Air Yoga, Pole Dancing, Or Trampoline Jumping

It doesn’t matter which workout you do. The goal is to get you moving while attempting something new in a supportive environment such as a group class.

21. Start A 5-Minute Gratitude Journal

It’s difficult to be unhappy when you know you have so much to be grateful for. When you don’t know what to be grateful for, write whatever comes to mind. It can sometimes assist you in determining why you are lonely in the first place.

22. Watch Inspiring Ted Talks

Ted Talks are both motivating and educational. I’m not sure why, but viewing a few Ted Talks makes me feel less alone and powerless.

Sherry Turkle’s “Connected, but Alone?” and Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Success, Failure, and the Drive to Keep Creating” are two of my favorites.

23. Plan A holiday

Planning a fantastic Christmas getaway is the best way to combat loneliness and overwhelm. Looking for flights, hotel deals, and things to do in a remote destination will lift your spirits and divert your attention away from your negative thoughts. You don’t always need to book a trip; sometimes just thinking about it is enough.

24. Create Something New

Are you wondering how to avoid feeling lonely when you prefer to be alone? Boredom is a necessary component of loneliness. What is one of the most common causes of boredom? I’m bored and have nothing to do.

So, keep yourself busy! Make an experiment with a new recipe. Make a scrapbook of your memories. Complete that DIY project you’ve been putting off for a long time.

25. Do Something Craaazy

2 guys on a boat to avoid feeling lonely
Dress up like a tourist and participate in all of your city’s corny tourist activities. Eat the local delicacy, visit the tourist traps, and discover new places you’ve never heard of.

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