Who did Zuko Marry?

Aang wedded Katara, Zuko married Mai, the weddings of both Sokka and toph weren’t clearly portrayed. Originally Answered: Why was ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ better than ‘The Legend of Korra’? There are three reasons why I prefer Avatar the Last Airbender more than Legend of Korra.

The time gap between the two Avatar shows The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra means that a number of secondary characters and minor franchise questions were left unresolved. In the Avatar comics, many of the elements were covered, but the mystery remains one aspect: The legend of Korra confirms that Zuko had children which eventually led to the birth of his daughter, Izumi, who had her own two children.

However, her mother was never confirmed in canon, which means that nobody expects her. Let’s look back on all of Zuko’s love interests from the past (and potentials) and try and figure out if they ended up with Zuko.

Who did Zuko Marry

One of the most popular potential ties with the original Avatar fans was Katara and Zuko: The Last Airbender. They both started out as fierce enemies, and Zuko often attacked her and even held her hostage, trying to lure the Avatar away at some point.

At the end of the first season, both found a moment of empathy together, but it wasn’t enough when Zuko decided to join Azula in the final battle. When he joined with them, she was Team Avatar’s last one to trust him, but eventually, she came.

The relationship never came into being – notwithstanding some fans’ requests – and was even tamed as a concept in the “Ember Island Player” self-deprecating. Korra’s legend confirmed that Katara was Aang, not Zuko. Aang.

Zuko also had a flirtation briefly with Jin, a young woman. While hiding in Ba Sing Se with his uncle Iroh and disguising her as a refugee, Zuko thought she was a spy in the episode “Tales of Ba Sing Se.”

The pair went well on one day, especially in the circumstances of Zuko. But a nervous Zuko left after sharing a kiss. After the fall of Earth’s empire in a short story, “Going Home Again,” the two saw each other only one more time in a canon.

She saw Mai, she asked who she was. Who was she? In May, Jin used a knife-throwing trick to terrorize Zuko. The moment directly resulted in a romantic connection between Mai and Zuko, suggesting that he passed his short flirtation with Jin and she probably never saw Jin again.

Mai is the romantic interest of Zuko most consistently. She accompanies Azula on her hunt for Zuko and Iroh. She is one of Azula’s only friends. She eventually helps bring the kingdom down and is able to enter a complete relationship with the restored Prince when Zuko is recognized as Aang’s defeat.

They are one of the only things Zuko recognizes once he returns to the Fire Nation, but he leaves her to join Aang and teach him how to fire before fighting with Ozai. Although she furiously refused to let Azula kill him, Mai refused.

This brought her into prison (and Ty Lee, who shielded Mai from the fury of Azula). But after Ozai and the defeat of Azula, she was released. The series ended with it and Lord Fürk resumed his relationship with the newly crowned Fire.

The two were able to do things briefly – especially when Kei Lo turned on her dad and was informed about their actions by Mai – and she even defended him from Zuko. But the pair broke up their relationship at the end of “Smoke and Shadow.” It was also suggested that she still had complicated feelings for Zuko.

While in the sequel comics they have not yet come together, there is a good chance that they will resume where they left off and eventually had a group. But another surprising person might end up with Zuko.

At first, their association in sequel comics continued, but it quickly became very difficult. When she found out that Zuko had met his dad without telling her about it, she became irritated and her relationship came to an end. She’s even trying to get on with Kei Lo, a kid. But their relationship is seriously affected by the finding, that he is actually working for her father to be a member of the New Ozai Society.

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