Workaholics’ Fitness Product Hacks

Hey, I recognize you! You, like me, are a workaholic. You work around the clock; you arrive early, leave late, and even when you’re not in the office, you’re still answering emails, researching ideas, and making plans for the next weeks.

It’s difficult for ambitious people like us to switch off and focus on things that don’t pay the bills, like going to the gym.

Workaholics work hard and put lots of effort into progressing their careers, this can be incredibly rewarding. But, it can also leave you with very little spare time and make it difficult for you to juggle all of the other aspects of your life, such as seeing your friends, getting your chores done, and making healthy meals for yourself.

If you’re starting to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and you’ve been neglecting certain responsibilities as a result, it’s worth looking for some solutions.

Here, we’re going to outline three time-saving hacks for workaholics that will make your life easier and help you to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

What I’ve discovered that works best for me is to compress my exercise routines so that I don’t have to devote too much time to go to the gym.

We have a variety of fitness products available at work. Every couple of hours, we all get on the equipment to work different muscle areas, get a little pick-me-up, then get back to brainstorming.

There are at least 10 different ways to use each of the fitness items in our office, and there are even some great ways to work multiple muscle groups at a time for maximum exertion and time efficiency. Take a look…

These Are the Only 5 Things You Need to Cram a Great Workout Session into Your Hectic Work Schedule.

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We bolted gymnastics rings into our ceiling.

They’re out of the way, height-adjustable, and capable of holding up to a thousand pounds. Gymnastics rings can be used at work, in the garage, or even on a tree in your backyard!

However, as I previously stated, we looked for equipment that would increase muscle group usage while taking up the least amount of space.

Because gymnastic rings are inherently unstable, they require more body stabilization than any other machine. You’ll surely feel the workout in your arms, back, chest, and core the entire time you’re swinging, even if you have to hold on for dear life with your hands.

You can do everything on a set, from pull-ups to push-ups, deadlifts to the dreaded iron cross.

We have a treadmill in our back office

With this machine at our office, I don’t have to get up an hour earlier to go for a run and a shower before work. I use our machine at work before going out to avoid traveling across town and battling for a machine after work, as well as missing out on the limited time I have at home in the evenings.

There are a plethora of models available, but what I appreciate about ours at work is that it has a plethora of built-in fitness programs as well as Google Mapping to simulate my regular fair-weather path outside.

I can use my laptop on the built-in workstation to work from the machine.

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An Indo board lives on our lobby rug

The Indo Board can be used to work your complete body. It can be used to balance fun and tricks, as well as to generate blood, sweat, and tears.

It’s entirely up to you to decide. It’s essentially a balance board designed to improve a user’s surfing skills, but if you use it for push-ups or combine it with gymnastic rings, your entire body will be screaming in no time.

The foam roller keeps you going

Have you ever felt sore the day (or two) after a particularly strenuous workout that you thought to yourself, “Man, this isn’t worth it?” You don’t have to be in such pain! Take to the foam roller after your cool-down and a big stretch.

You’re pushing around all the lactic acid that’s built up in your muscles from your workout by using the foam roller to work your tired muscles. After 50 lunges and squats, you’ll be astonished at how unaffected you are the next day.

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Use something (anything) to keep track of what you’re doing

You’ll only be able to tell if your efforts are paying off if you keep track of your progress. Keep a journal, scribble down some notes on your calendar, or utilize an app to keep track of everything for you.

For tailored workouts and tracking, programs like iFit feature a virtual coach, track your heart rate, record your steps throughout the day, and pair up to multiple machines, including most NordicTrack treadmills, bikes, and elliptical machines.

If you don’t have access to them at work, you can keep any of these items at home.

Just keep in mind that you don’t have to go to the gym for two hours at a time, lifting 80 percent of your maximum with three-minute rest periods in between. (After all, who has time for that?)

To maintain your body active and in shape, you can use your body weight and emit high energy for minutes at a time throughout the day.

If you truly want to put a greater emphasis on your health, you can find the time and resources to make the required adjustments. You’re a machine at work; you’ve got this.

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Outsource your chores

According to Airtasker’s data, the average Brit spends 208 hours per year on domestic activities. Consider what workaholics could achieve with all that additional time if they outsourced some of their responsibilities!

Only the wealthiest of people could afford to have their domestic chores done for them in the past. However, there are now a plethora of organizations willing to assist you for a nominal cost, and you can frequently identify and schedule the services you require with just a few taps on your phone.

Laundrapp, for example, could be the ideal option if you’re tired of spending so much time washing and ironing your clothes. It’s a mobile app that allows you to schedule your clothing to be picked up, laundered, and returned at a time and location that works for you.

So, if you’re weary of staring at your overflowing laundry basket or want to free up some time, give it a shot!

Subscribe to a recipe box service

You must eat a well-balanced diet in order to function at your best. Meal preparation, regular trips to the shop, and cooking your meals, on the other hand, might take up a lot of time.

Streamlining this element of your life is a terrific suggestion if you feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want.

Subscription services for recipe boxes are ideal for this because they allow you to automate food delivery, ensuring that you always have the components for a delicious and nutritious tea.

Furthermore, you may select a service that meets your requirements – whether you follow a vegan diet or just have 30 minutes per day to devote to cooking, there will be a service that meets your demands.

The Evening Standard has compiled a list of the 18 greatest food subscription boxes, which will help you find the right one for you. You can also have a quick dinner from mos burger Singapore if you want to be more convenient.

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Use your commute as an opportunity to exercise

If you rarely have time to go to the gym or go for a run, changing up your commute could help you receive the exercise you require.

If you’re stuck for ideas, Coach Magazine provides a guide on turning your commute into a workout that will provide you with the motivation you need.

They advise stretching before leaving the house and running to work. If your commute is too long to run, consider driving or taking public transportation for part of the journey and then jogging the rest.

Time-saving tricks can help us make the most of the extra hours we have at a time when it feels like we’re all workaholics and tremendously busy trying to go ahead and advance in our careers.

It will be much easier for you to keep organized and healthy if you outsource your tasks, automate your food deliveries, and use your commute to get a workout in, so you can always function at your best!

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