Zong Advance Balance Code 2021

All you need to know about Zong Advance Balance Code

We’ll go over how to receive a Zong Advance Loan here, and the Zong Advance Code is *911#. You can use the Advance if your Zong sim becomes unbalanced. You can check your balance on your prepaid Zong phone ahead of time.

The Zong Advance Balance code 2021 is available online. Easy Loan is a quick and easy solution to get Zong balance in an emergency if you don’t have any or have a small balance. Balance is a service that is frequently referred to as a loan or a rescue service.

If you’re short on cash, here’s how to get a Zong Advance Balance Loan. No problem; just follow the procedures to get your Zong Advance Balance. Zong Advance will provide you Rs. 20 advances if your balance is less than Rs. 20.

How to Get Zong Advance Code

Simply Dial *911# to receive a 20 rupees Zong balance at any time and from anyplace! All Zong Prepaid members can get Rs. 20 for free.

Follow the steps below to sign up for the Zong Advance Balance. You can now apply for a loan at any time and from anywhere using the Zong Advance Balance Code 2021. This service is only available to Zong prepaid mobile customers.

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Zong Advance Balance Code 2021

Get a loan to pay off your Zong prepaid phone balance.

Service Mechanics:

  • Dial *911#
  • Send blank SMS to 911

Price Detail:

Upon recharge, the below amount is deducted from the customer account

  • Advance Loan Standard Amount Rs.25
  • Service charges Rs.3.5+ Tax

Good day, Zong users! Today, we’ll show you how to get a Zong loan even if your account is empty. CMPak, also known as Zong, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation. It offers low-cost call and SMS bundles to its customers.

The company goes out of its way to assist its customers in every way it can. As a result, in the event of an emergency, it will also provide you with a Zong loan. Zong will teach you how to achieve expert balance.

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Zong Advance Loan Code

*911# is the Zong loan code. Using this lending service, you can simply receive a Zong advance loan. To receive it in advance, your Zong balance must be less than Rs 10. After using the Zong Advance Code, you must recharge your account within the last 30 days.

Zong loan will be debited from your account each time you reload your SIM card. This loan is subject to taxes as well.

How To Get Zong Advance Balance

  • Dial the Zong advance balance code *911# to get a free balance.
  • You can also send a blank SMS to 911 and wait for a confirmation message.
  • You will then receive a Rs. 25 advance payment in your account.
  • It costs Rs. 3.5 to use the Zong advance Balance loan code service.
  • Text Unsub to 911 to unsubscribe.
  • This service is not available to customers who are on a postpaid plan.
  • The hourly service price is Rs. 3.5. As a result, the next recharge will be reduced by Rs. 28.5.

In Pakistan, Zong has more than 26 million customers. In Pakistan, 4G connectivity has now reached more than 100 cities. The goal is to expand 4G LTE services to more areas of Pakistan, giving customers access to quicker, broader, and higher-quality data.

Terms & Conditions

  • The terms and conditions have been implemented.
  • Visit Zong for further information.
  • There will be a price of Rs. 1 per MB for standard internet use without an internet bundle.
  • Please contact the Zong helpdesk at 310 for any additional details.
  • To check your balance after calling, dial *222 #. Code for a loan Zong
  • It is prohibited to use SIM cards that do not have adequate documentation. -The PTA
  • To report an unpleasant or unjust SMS, text the sender’s number to 9000–PTA.
  • When you use the Zong Advance, your next recharge will be deducted by Rs 20.
  • Dial *911 # from your prepaid phone. When you recharge the following time, you will be charged Rs 3 plus VAT in addition to the advance amount.
  • A Zong Advance Balance of Rs. 20/-would be available to all prepaid members.
  • A 12.5 percent Advance Income Tax is applied to each recharge (AIT).
  • There is a 19.5 percent utilisation rate.


What is the Advance Loan amount?

The total amount of the advance loan is Rs. 30. Customers would receive PKR 15 for every loan transaction, with a maximum of two advance loan transactions per recharge. What are the fees associated with an advance loan?

Service charges are Rs. 3.5+Tax/loan transaction.

Who can avail Advance Loan?

Prepaid users can avail of advance loans.

How to take 2 Advance Loans?

Customers will be required to separately activate both Advance Loans from any given channel (USSD, SMS, IVR, MZA, etc).

Can a customer take a 2nd Advance Loan if they have already taken an old Advance Loan amount of Rs.25?

If a consumer has already used the 1st advance on an Rs. 25 loans, they must recharge at least Rs. 50 to be eligible for the 2nd advance loan option. The consumer can acquire up to Rs. 30 in advance loans in two loan transactions after returning the previous advance loan of Rs. 25 through recharge. What is the amount of the repayment?

Once an Advance Loanee recharges, PKR15 along with the service charges of PKR 3.5+Tax will be deducted for 1 loan. For 2 Loans PKR 30 along with PKR 7+Tax services charges will be deducted.

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