Trace Mobile Numbers in Pakistan with a Complete SIM information System

Trace mobile number Sim Information tool will help to find current mobile/phone numbers, addresses, network providers, and Pakistan with the code 668 to check any sim number information.

Sim Information with Trace any Mobile Number

A telephone tracker can be an extremely useful tool, especially when parents want to control or control their children’s or employers’ movements. A telephone tracker is important to use for any purpose, whether personal, official, or safe. So that’s why we have the best mobile tracker service to track every cell phone worldwide at here.

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SIM Number Live Tracker

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Track Online Cell Phone / Mobile Number Location

Everyone now has a cell phone, so a directory of mobile number records should also be available. Given this, we launched the conveniently and rapidly available mobile registry. It’s a new option of this kind and has begun. You can trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with name and CNIC with Name, Location, and Address using the live tracker sim data tool and see SIM owner Information Online for free.

Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan with Complete Sim Information

How to Trace Mobile Number Detail with Name and Address in Pakistan

This Phone Tracker is a free app that could be used in just seconds to identify mobile telephone numbers/caller / missing caller information.

It is one of best Pakistan’s best tools to track the missed call finder for mobile numbers. As we are well aware, this tracker app is very safe to have and no single data or contact number is store in our database.

Trace Mobile Number Location in Pakistan Free Online

Information of unknown mobile or landline phone numbers can be determined on the TrueCaller app. These details may also include the caller’s name, address, and location.

TrueCaller will also block undesirable calls and fill in your phone book with contacts’ social media profiles. It informs you immediately who will call before you make the call.

Pakistan Phone Number Trace Sim Owner Information

You basically put the GSM number you want to find in our tool using the mobile number live tracker. Then we go to work and trace any mobile number in Pakistan that you enter. The system depends on the telephone you want to monitor and our program gives precise localization data for the link to the internet.

You are presented with the details in the form of a map displaying the handset’s location in real-time in. The system is secure and anonymous and offers the most reliable and productive service, all free of charge or download.

Pakistan Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location, Name & Address

Through the Mobile number tracker, you will find out the city in which the Mobile / Cell number entered is logged in and provides you with details. The registration location can also be tracked. Complete specifics on where the cellular user is during the call or message will be added in the days ahead.

Any phone number is allocated and distributed in Pakistan by any cellular network in Pakistan such as Mobilink, Telenor, Ufone, Zong, Warid, and Zong. Both records of the caller’s name, location, house number, identification number, address, etc.

These are maintained by these providers on a verification basis on the basis of the verification address required while pursuing the SIM card.

Check Verification of Registered SIM Number on CNIC

The Pakistani government is making it mandatory for sim card investors to access or sell sims without identity verification if they consider themselves to be criminals. Telecoms authorities in Pakistan are order to behave as stringently as possible when they dig out someone who uses a SIM card or performs criminal acts from a service.

Find SIM Owner’s Name, Address & Location via Mobile Number

Back to that time when PTA licensed sim card companies to merchandise and the expansion of their enterprises, no regulation or legislation reactivated the sale of those sim cards and no particular record was recorded about who purchased them because of this many illegal activities.

In 2013, authorities took serious actions and agree that the sim must be bio-metrically checked and demanded users ‘ information. This situation led them to seriously take action.

For any buyer of the sim card, PTA made it mandatory to register with the same national identity card name, and only five cards on their name can be purchased. Crime activity decreased in this way.

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Pakistan Mobile Number Tracker with Current Location

We provide Pakistan with the best mobile telephone number tracking tool. You must enter 10-digit mobile phone numbers in the search box shown on this page to obtain the name, location, area, and mobile number address in Pakistan, for any province.

Either you can enter zero or without zero in your mobile telephone number to obtain the results of monitoring cell/mobile phone numbers. You get information from Pakistan cell phone databases by entering your Mobile phone number in the search box.

Check SIM Owner Name by Mobile Number

There are some methods to check sim owner information provided by PTA as follows:

  • One way is to search online via the internet
  • By way of a code service for certain cellular network businesses.
  • You will find out the name of your sim card owner through the service provider

Trace Ufone Mobile Number

It really is an easy way to search your mobile sim number for all the information and also to search your CNIC number. In order to find the mobile number information, Ufone users can also use the USSD code. Dial *336# and form 1 after that. Information of your registered mobile number will be issued.

Get Jazz Number Detail on your mobile

It is a more convenient way to see a number of jazz sims on your CNIC card. A user of Mobilink can access his number verification data and send his CNIC number to 6001.

The user may send a blank text message to 7750 to receive information on the nearest Telenor retailer. And see whether the number has been verifiable biometrically, the user can also send a blank SMS to 7751.

How to check Zong Number Detail

To check their verification status, zong users must text “v” to 7911.


A user of Warid can send their CNIC number to 789 to recognize the amount and check the information on their card.

Persons can get information (required for MNP) from their existing network provider’s SIM by sending “MNP” to SMS shortcode 668. The receiving reply contains the names of the NIC / CNIC and ICCID / IMSI users. If you have only bought a new SIM, data will not be available for a few days. Then, a message with an unknown name and 1111 will be sent to you as a NIC.

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